Designed to save space, economize on power usage, and make your satellite IoT data transfer as cost-effective as possible, the RockREMOTE Mini provides networking and data transfer in a compact unit.

With its rugged, IP67 waterproof casing, versatile interface options, and underpinned by Iridium’s Certus 100 and IMT services, it gives you everything you need for global, midband data connectivity.

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Resilient and Energy Saving

This device fits in where you need it to. Measuring 182mm x 74.5mm x 53mm, it’s smaller and lighter than other competitive satellite IP devices, and it will save you design space.

The key requirement for the Mini was to keep the power consumption very low. We are aiming for ‘best-in-class’ here, with less than 0.25W in receive mode. In addition to its optimized power consumption, it has two power supply options: a 10-30V supply, or power over ethernet (PoE). Enabling a piggy-back off existing power sources, reducing cabling.

With water resistant IP67 casing, it will happily withstand harsh weather conditions, temporary submersion in water, or the dirt and dust of outdoor or industrial environments. With thoughtful mounting options (including bulkhead or on a pole), it’s easy to use in both fixed or mobile settings. Ensuring your telemetry transfer or system failover anywhere across the globe.

The RockREMOTE Series of Satellite IoT Devices

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Developer Friendly Integration

RockREMOTE Mini is fully integrated into Cloudloop, Ground Control’s Satellite IoT Platform, providing the tools and dashboards for full IoT system management and monitoring. Alternatively, utilize our API to design your own IoT data solution. We’ve completed the integration work to popular cloud providers including Azure and AWS, Google Storage, and delivery methods including HTTP Webhook, Email and MQTT.

Configuration of the device’s ethernet LAN and the WAN is accomplished via Bluetooth (BLE) using a companion app or developer API. Serial interfaces (RS232 or RS4xx), plus general purpose I/O give a broad range of connection options to sensors and actuators, enabling easy integration with existing infrastructure and satellite data connection without requiring significant modifications.

Take a look for yourself at our developer docs, example coding, BLE-configurable API framework and developer-friendly API.

  • Cloudloop platform provides account, subscription, device and IoT data management tools
  • Developer API, guidelines and example coding available for all functionality in Cloudloop
  • RockREMOTE Mini has a configurable firewall
  • Wireless configuration of the Mini using a smartphone app via BLE. Remote configuration via Cloudloop
  • Remote device management with Cloudloop Device Manager (CDM)
  • Over-The-Air firmware updates
  • IP67 rated: designed for permanent outdoor installation in harsh environments
  • Omni-directional, with no antenna pointing required; ideal for fixed deployment in hilly or woody locations, or for on-the-move applications
  • Simple to deploy, IP-based over Ethernet with PoE capability or utilize Iridium Messaging Transport
  • Iridium Certus 100 TCP/IP: 22Kbps up / 88Kbps down
  • AT command set for IMT message exchange

Physical & Environmental

  • Size: 182.10 mm x 74.49 mm x 53 mm
  • Weight: 550g
  • Mounting: fixings for deck/bulkhead and pole mounting
  • Iridium antenna cable: various options ranging from 0.5m to 9m
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C <95% RH
  • Ingress Rating: IP67
  • EMC Compliance Tested: CE & FCC & IC
  • Power cabling – included in 2m, 12 core I/O cable


  • Iridium: Certus 100: IP (22/88 Kbps) and IMT (100 KB per message)
  • GNSS: GPS, Glonass, Bei-dou, Galileo, QZSS


  • Ethernet adapter 8-way cable to RJ45 plug
  • Serial RS232 or RS4xx
  • Digital – General Purpose I/O. GPIO port 2 inputs, 2 outputs. GPIO group is isolated from the product circuitry. Connection via 12way cable assembly
  • Circular 12 pin – Power, Serial and I/O
  • Circular 8 pin – Ethernet (2m terminated cable provided)
  • SMA connector to external antenna for GNSS
  • TNC connector to external antenna for connection of recommended Certus 100 antenna
  • SIM card slot for standard (2FF) satellite


  • Voltage required 10-30V DC or PoE
  • Power:<10mW >
  • PEAK current draw: <1.66A @12V, 833mA @24V, 10% duty cycle during Iridium transit

These are some example prices for airtime. For full details of our Iridium Certus 100 airtime, please visit our Certus 100 Service Plans page.

Low Usage
Mid Usage
High Usage
Included Data:
1 MB
30 MB
200 MB
Price Per Month:
Overage Fee / MB:
Low Usage
Mid Usage
High Usage
Included Data:
1 MB
30 MB
200 MB
Price Per Month:
Overage Fee / MB:

The following items are supplied with your RockREMOTE Mini device:

  • The RockREMOTE Mini
  • 12-way cable assembly

Optionally, you may also have been provided with:

  • An appropriate Certus Antenna (see Accessories)
  • An appropriate Certus Antenna cable – 9m LMR 400 or 4.5m LMR 240 (see Accessories)
  • Mast mount antenna mounting bracket
  • Ethernet cable

RockREMOTE Mini is already in use within the heavy machinery industry to transmit telemetry from autonomous machinery and remote generators. The Mini supports effective predictive maintenance as well as being a failover method for controlling devices remotely.

Iridium’s global LEO satellite network ensures, low latency data transfer, with speeds of 22 Kbps up, 88 Kbps down. Providing reliable premium satellite connectivity anywhere on earth where you can see the sky.

With RockREMOTE Mini’s broad spectrum of capabilities supporting M2M, tracking, telemetry, remote monitoring, and SCADA application, we see it being used to support a wide range of IoT applications and developing systems.

RockREMOTE Mini Use Cases

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RockREMOTE Mini provides the capability to ensure your data transfer over satellite, using IP or message-based transmissions. It's versatile, rugged and offers connectivity in dark territory, which lacks infrastructure or cellular connectivity.

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