Precision farming

Increase productivity and control with smart farming technology

Agriculture has changed extensively over the last 20 years. Now – with the use of IoT technology enabling smart and precision farming – agricultural productivity improvements can be made in a cost-effective way.

Asset tracking, environmental sensors and smart agriculture technology, enable farmers to reduce waste, enhance productivity and utilise resources including water, electricity and fuel.


Working with farmers and agriculturists to deliver smart farming practices through reliable IoT technology.

Remote connectivity

Many farms are located out of reach of consistent, reliable cellular connections. A blend of radio and satellite-based IoT bridges the gap to record, transmit, and interpret data signals.

Increased productivity

IoT smart farming solutions are built to monitor crop fields with the help of sensors to monitor and manage light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture and crop health.

Real-time tracking

With automated and on-demand location updates via inbuilt collar tag devices, farmers can see a precise view of where cattle and livestock are in the field, at any time of day or night.

Helping farmers in remote areas

Ground Control are already helping established Agritech organisations working with farmers in remote areas. These solutions enable our customers to report on critical crop data from remote locations and can be delivered rapidly, in order to meet seasonal requirements.

The RockSTAR can be used to mark 'interesting finds' using the waypoint options, meaning the remote workers can 'tag' locations and come back to them later. Using the Core management system, headquarters can monitor their progress and see those remotely marked 'tags'.

Early, effective environmental warning systems

Temperature too high? Is the water too low? Are cattle too inactive? Enabled by satellite IoT, farmers are fully in the know with real-time monitoring, tracking and sensor intelligence across the complete farm network. Growers and farmers can make adjustments based on accurate real-time data to ensure healthy crops and livestock. Not only can these adjustments improve the overall control and management of the farming landscape, but expenditure can be saved through the effective monitoring of temperature, irrigation requirements, and livestock health.

Optimum harvesting for optimum productivity

Smart farming enables farmers to make smart, informed decisions to enhance productivity. Via environmental sensors, data including light, temperature, humidity, and soil quality is collected in real-time. Farmers can then make smart, informed choices about the optimum time to harvest each year for maximum efficiency and productivity. As a result, crop yields are increased, livestock produce is enhanced and both time and money are saved. Smart farming significantly helps growers and farmers in several ways, including precise forecasting, data-driven decision-making, and more. The technological advances of smart farming result in a positive impact on the bottom line of most farmers.

Smart irrigation to save time, money and waste

Smart irrigation technology uses weather data or soil moisture data to determine the irrigation need of the landscape at any given time, from anywhere. As such, water waste can be reduced and crop yield improved through satellite-based water monitoring and management systems. Data and irrigation analytics, collected via these remote sensors, assist farmers to manage irrigation in real-time to conserve natural resources and maximise irrigation effectiveness.
IoT smart farming solutions

Satellite solutions for farming


RockBLOCK enables farmers and growers to track and monitor livestock send from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky. It works far beyond the reach of Wi-Fi and GSM networks.

RockBLOCK 9602


Highly adaptable, the RockREMOTE guarantees robust communication and provides the vital link to ensure that critical data and analytics keep flowing when the grid stops and cellular connectivity is out of reach.



Farmers should stay connected with the farmhouse for their safety. Satellite phones enable the team to remain in contact, at all times. Personal tracking device - the RockSTAR - sends location updates, up to every 15 seconds.

RockSTAR Professional

Smart farming for farmers and agriculturists

Here to help

When you need to get data from the field to know the right time to harvest, instruct an irrigation system to start or stop, or see where your livestock and cattle are any time of day or night - and from anywhere - you need 100% reliable connectivity, and that’s where Ground Control can help. With hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your communication or connectivity needs, we can help.