First Responders


Instant, reliable communications & connectivity

First Responders don’t know what situation they’re stepping into. Delivering robust interoperable communications and connectivity, Ground Control ensures personnel on the ground are able to orchestrate the emergency response in the most effective and safe way possible, focusing fully on the task at hand – saving lives.

First responder emergency vehicle

Supporting emergency response teams with voice, data and video delivered via satellite connectivity.

Deliver situational awareness

Mitigate unnecessary risk by providing real-time situational intelligence to emergency teams in the field, via robust, secure internet access points.

Improve emergency response coordination

Use satellite-enabled, interoperable communications, to disseminate information among relevant teams and response disciplines, no matter the circumstances.

Keep personnel on the ground safe

With location updates every 15 seconds, provide team leaders and the Command Centre with a precise view of where personnel and assets are in the field.

Flexible service packages for Public Safety organisations

Having serviced the Public Safety sector for 20 years, we're proud to support front line workers and understand that many organisations do not require 24/7 connectivity. As such, we’ve created two discounted, occasional use service packages. The high-speed Emergency Mobile Responder (EMR) and Public Safety BGAN service package(s). Both ensure you only pay for the access you need, without compromising on service quality.

Early, effective warning systems

Satellite transceivers like the RockBLOCK Plus are a great example of how IoT applications can be used to protect lives. The RockBLOCK can be used to monitor specific warning indicators including water levels and humidity. When paired with a sophisticated monitoring system, the RockBLOCK can also trigger an alarm if and when warning indicator data exceeds appropriate parameters, ensuring safe evacuation.

Drone video backhaul

With satellite connectivity, teams can control emergency drones and utilise the near real-time video to support public safety, medical assistance and detect additional threats for example wildfires and floods. Due to the coverage of a drone, this data saves invaluable time and helps safeguard the lives of Emergency Responders.

Practice safe preparation

In recent years, the number of IoT applications to save human life has exponentially increased. Just a couple of examples include digitally connected gear with built-in sensors that measure air quality, toxins and motion, and protective clothing which continuously monitors vital signs. The latter can be particularly valuable during training exercises.

Drive resilience during recovery

First Responders’ main concern will always be public safety in the immediate crisis. But when the focus shifts, and survivors' basic needs must be met, connectivity remains crucial. Rapidly deployable networks through satellite systems ensure teams are able to maintain effective communications and support basic infrastructure during the recovery phase.

Satellite solutions aiding the emergency response

Here to help

With over 20 years experience facilitating emergency preparedness and response across the globe, we understand that in a crisis, every second counts. We’re constantly evolving and adapting our Public Safety offer and systems to best support teams on the ground. Which is just part of the reason Ground Control has been a trusted name in Emergency Responder satcom since 2002.

Whatever your communication or connectivity needs, we can help.