Satellite Trackers for Search & Rescue

Aircraft are often fitted with a number of features which have safety and rescue in mind. These can range from, but aren’t limited to, phones, GPS, trackers, emergency controls, and even tools as simple as a flare gun.


The Challenge for Aviators

While an aircraft may be kitted out with phones and other communication devices, flight routes are often out of GSM range so cannot guarantee signal. Reliable transmission of location on a regular basis is essential though, should the worst happen.

What’s more, in an emergency situation, pilots need a quick and simple system to fire out an SOS – from messaging to accurate position information – in order to get the life-saving help they need as soon as possible.

The Sam Rutherford rescue

In May 2019, Sam Rutherford and co-pilot Alan Simpson were ferrying a Piper Malibu propeller aircraft from West Virginia in the USA to Britain.

Unfortunately, they were caught in blizzard-like conditions near Makkovik, Canada, and the plane came down leaving the pilots hurt and stranded on a mountainside. While Simpson was unconscious and later sadly died of his injuries, Rutherford was able to use his tracker to send an SOS back to his wife in Belgium to send for help, which also tracked their position for the rescue team.

It took a nine-man team and a few weather-related setbacks to take on the Herculean task of rescuing the men. Rutherford acknowledges the RockSTAR – satellite tracking device, was a big contributor in saving his life that day.


“Within an hour, an hour and a half, I was getting messages [across]. From a morale point of view that was a total game-changer.”

Sam Rutherford, Pilot

Built with Ground Control

Our devices help deliver peace of mind to aviators, pilots and passengers everywhere and anywhere.

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