Satellite Asset Tracking

If you, your team or assets are travelling out of mobile network
coverage, satellite is the only practical means of keeping track.
We cover everything from animal tracking to military
deployments, helicopters to international fishing fleets.

Truly Global, Real-Time Asset Tracking

When assets and workers regularly travel off-grid, pole-to-pole coverage via satellite can make a material difference. Continue to drive efficiencies and increase safety and security, everywhere.

Aircraft Tracking

Aircraft Tracking, small plane, location pin and Iridium satellite

Our carry-on carry-off RockAIR device is specifically designed for aircraft tracking. Leveraging the Iridium satellite network and cellular connectivity when available, you are able to receive continuous, accurate GPS coordinates.

Remote Worker Tracking

Remote worker tracking, engineer with RockSTAR device

When you have workers in remote, hostile environments, you can’t compromise on your team’s safety. Ground Control’s RockSTAR enables you to track, communicate with, and coordinate your remote workers when they’re outside of cellular connectivity.

Vehicle Tracking

Satellite vehicle tracking with the RockDASH

Effortlessly monitor the locations of your vehicles and assets in real time using the RockDASH, a portable device powered by Iridium satellite technology. Stay connected with your drivers no matter where they are on the globe, while also benefiting from route navigation assistance.

Vessel Tracking

Satellite Vessel Tracking with the RockFLEET

Our services provide fleets with a virtually real-time view of each vessel’s location, and we’ve worked closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that RockFLEET’s data output is compatible with government requirements across the globe.

Discover Cloudloop Tracking

Ground Control’s Rock tracking devices are fully integrated with Cloudloop Tracking, our global asset tracking platform. It provides real-time and historical visibility of various assets, including people, vehicles, aircraft, and vessels. Users access a map-based interface to gain precise insights into asset locations, speed, and heading. The platform delivers instant notifications for alert button usage, speed monitoring, altitude monitoring, and simple event tracking such as signal loss, take-off, and landing.

Cloudloop Tracking is primarily aimed at small businesses, suitable for fishing fleets, flying schools, rented machinery, and adventure racing. For those considering the integration of Rock tracking devices into their own tracking platform, it serves as a valuable reference application. If you need a more sophisticated tracking solution, we would be delighted to introduce you to some of our tracking partners, including IndigoSat, TracPlus, v2track and SkyTrac.

Learn More About Cloudloop Tracking

“For us, the key benefit of the RockBLOCK 9603 is reliability. We don’t need to worry about what’s over the horizon – we know we’ll be able to communicate with our drones. It’s an essential part of our dual-redundancy system, and has never let us down.”

Toby Moores, CEO

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