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Locate is as an advanced and intuitive emergency incident management platform, developed in 2016 to address a spectrum of critical needs and help organizations across the globe keep their people safe. Their platform excels in swiftly identifying critical events, locating users, facilitating global mass communication, and orchestrating a prompt response.

One of Locate Global’s pivotal strengths lies in its global communication capabilities. By combining their incident management platform with Ground Control’s advanced satellite hardware, they can deliver a powerful, integrated solution, connecting stakeholders worldwide, bridging geographical gaps, and fostering a collaborative environment crucial for effective crisis management.

> Seamless Connectivity: Ground Control’s satellite technology ensures reliable communication and data transmission, even in the most remote locations.
> Real-time Incident Management: Locate Global’s platform provides real-time tracking, reporting, and resolution of incidents, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.
> Enhanced Coverage: Clients benefit from expanded geographical coverage, enabling them to operate confidently across the globe.

This global reach ensures that information flows seamlessly, empowering decision-makers with real-time data for an informed and strategic response. In times where every second count, Locate Global’a platform instils confidence – delivering a dependable framework that organizations can rely on during their most challenging times.

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