Solving Connectivity Challenges for Renewable Energy

If you manage wind farms, solar power sites, or hydroelectric plants in distant locations and require a cost-effective and reliable method to collect sensor data, satellite IoT can help. Ground Control offers affordable satellite solutions that deliver real-time data without depending on cellular or fibre connections. We can help you access your critical renewable energy data, no matter where it is in the world.

Ground Control designs and builds satellite transceivers, many of which are hybrid satellite / cellular, so you benefit from lowest-cost routing while still having real-time visibility of your assets. We work with multiple satellite constellation operators to make sure we can offer you the best combination of coverage, latency, price and interoperability.

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Reduce energy wastage

Wind farms illustrate a situation where the energy produced could end up being surplus and possibly go to waste. By implementing the RockREMOTE Rugged solution, the range of telemetry applications can be extended, allowing for real-time monitoring of power generation. This proactive approach helps prevent overloading and wastage, ensuring efficient utilisation of energy resources.

Extract data from the most remote locations

Don't settle for gaps in your data coverage, or delays as you wait for engineers to physically visit your remote renewables sites. With satellite IoT devices built into your sensor arrays, or working with LPWAN gateways, you can have accurate, real-time telemetry and SCADA data, wherever your assets are in the world.

RWE's hydrology stations monitor water levels, precipitation, air and water temperature and relative humidity, allowing them to prevent water wastage and maximise the amount of renewable energy they supply to the grid. Here's how satellite IoT made it possible.

Reduce the cost of data retrieval

In remote areas, accessing reliable connectivity can be a challenge, and the installation of new fibre connections for data retrieval is often prohibitively expensive. Leveraging the Inmarsat network, the BGAN M2M service is specifically designed to facilitate connectivity for monitoring and control applications in unmanned locations. A notable device within this service is the Cobham Explorer 540, which empowers users to select the optimal carrier for any given location. Additionally, it seamlessly transitions between cellular and satellite networks, employing intelligent routing logic to minimise costs.

Improve data security

While the renewable energy sector faces the ongoing threat of cyber attacks, there remains a crucial need to transfer vital sensor data between on-site RTUs and SCADA systems. This data exchange plays a pivotal role in preventing and mitigating outages and disruptions to the energy supply, even in remote locations. Recognising the paramount importance of data security, the SCADASat by TSAT solution provides a private network that circumvents the use of the internet and is the secure solution for remote monitoring, control, and surveillance of renewable energy grids.

Working with renewable energy providers to enhance data visibility and monitoring through reliable IoT technologies

No requirement for local infrastructure

Ground Control satellite solutions can often be powered by battery or solar energy, so there's no requirement for cables or communication towers to provide quality, reliable service with maximum uptime.

Resilient, reliable technology

Never worry about adverse weather, power outages, natural disasters, or network congestion disrupting your real-time data retrieval. Satellite communications are extremely reliable.

Experts with 20 years experience

Ground Control service 4,500 customers across 120 countries worldwide. With complete satellite connectivity solutions for any renewable, power or energy situation and applications, can help connect your data, assets and people.

Pole-to-pole coverage

Fibre and cellular coverage can be limited. Only satellite has truly global reach, which allows Ground Control to reach your hydroelectric plants, wind farms and remote energy sites with ease.

Overcome Your Renewable Connectivity Challenges

When it comes to retrieving precise data from distant renewable sites, Ground Control is the solution. With our reliable connectivity, available around the clock and accessible from anywhere, you can achieve seamless data monitoring without any interruptions. We also offer hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity solutions to cater to your specific needs.

No matter what communication or connectivity requirements you have, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to get started.