Cloudloop Data

Organize Your Data Flow With Ease

  • Unified device-agnostic automatic message formatting for Iridium SBD and Certus IMT
  • Supported devices include RockBLOCK and RockREMOTE, Ground Control tracking devices and Iridium Edge Solar
  • Simplified store and forward IoT messaging between your satellite devices and the cloud
  • Select from integrated destinations, or build into your own platform and choose where and how your data is consumed
  • Realtime visibility of messages sent to and from devices
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Oversee your data management

With full control over how your destinations are configured, choose between a range of fully integrated end points.

  • Selecting one or several destinations. Messages can be fanned to multiple end points without knowing the minutiae of each protocol
  • A straightforward data panel view that can be filtered and sorted to deep dive into data flowing to and from your ‘things’
  • View header and meta info, unique identifier information such as IMEI, and message payloads
  • Toggle between raw and decoded data when it’s available
  • View each message status, message retries and control the flow of data through your IoT system
  • Where available, IMT automated message batching and percentage of data compression are visible in the data storage panel

Designed with scalability and interoperability front of mind, our multi-vendor platform integration connects you and your things to other established cloud providers, IoT dashboards and delivery mechanisms. We want our platform to grow with you.

Built to make developers and integrators' lives simpler

We recognise that many customers want to consume their data in their own system or platform. That’s why everything you see and do in the Cloudloop interface is available as a simplified and well-documented API.

  • JSON formatting to all major delivery destinations
  • The freedom to group ‘things’ around the way you work, e.g. separate things into Production and Development environments
  • Configurable data retention policy. We will default your storage to save forever, but you can set to archive after a day. If your VPN or connection goes down, we can still have you covered
  • Utilizing ‘Things’ rather than named devices simplifies the API. Personalise your ‘things’ within the data panel
  • Built by developers for developers

Developer tools and guidance are available in documentation throughout all sections of the platform. Everything is at your fingertips to connect you to your IoT data stream.

Cloudloop Data Dev Docs

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Cloudloop Data is the latest development in our Cloudloop suite of services, all designed to help customers and partners derive greater value from your satellite hardware and airtime.

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