What is VSAT?

VSAT – “Very Small Aperture Terminal” – is a satellite ground station that allows businesses and individuals to transmit and receive data, voice and video via satellites. The dish antenna will always be smaller than 3.8 meters in this classification. VSAT systems are compromised of three elements:

  • The dish antenna
  • A transceiver
  • A satellite router, or modem.

Ground Control manufactures a number of auto-deploy antennas at our plant in California, and we work with various trusted modem and HUB technologies.

"As a manufacturer of our own line of mobile satellite antennas, and a provider of state-of-the art satellite services, we have the experienced team to help you create and implement a broad array of satellite communication solutions."

Jeff Staples, President, Ground Control USA

Professional Grade Satellite Internet Service

All Ground Control VSAT plans offer:

  • High speed
  • Low contention
  • Low latency
  • Net neutrality
  • Multi-user access
  • Application friendly
  • Highly predictable connections

Dual-Matrix VSAT Service

One service plan connects with two completely different satellites and satellite networks for numerous benefits such as redundancy or signal obstacle avoidance. Designed for our mobile dishes, a one-button push is all it takes to select and connect with a different satellite.

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Public Safety Satellite Plans

Public Safety organizations have access to special unlimited use satellite services at lower prices for both our fixed and mobile satellite systems. Packages include the Red Phone designed for voice communication when everything else is offline.

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VSATs in Action

Toughsat XP
Hazmat Vehicle

A Hazmat vehicle with a Ground Control .98 Meter Toughsat XP Satellite system.

Toughsat XP
Mobile Command Station

The Malheur County Sheriff in Oregon deploys a Toughsat XP for a mobile command station.

Toughsat XP
Taskforce Rig

The Toughsat XP on top of a Department of Health and Human Services task force rig.

Toughsat XP
Small Satellite Trailer

Any of our mobile satellite dishes are easily installed at your location, even on top of small trailers.

Toughsat Flyaway

The Case-Based Toughsat is contained in three pieces, and is easily transported or shipped and operated by one person.

Toughsat XP
Fire and Rescue Rig

This Fire and Rescue rig is outfitted with a roof mounted Toughsat XP and next to is a deployed Flyaway Case system. Both systems operate identically.

Toughsat XP
Small Footprint

The Toughsat XP has a fairly small footprint on top of a roof. The boom will swing over most items.

Toughsat XP
Vehicle Clearance

The Toughsat XP .98 and 1.2 meter dishes show to below 12". Great for vehicle clearance issues.

Toughsat XP
Mobile Command Post

The Emery County Sheriff mobile command post with a Ground Control mobile dish during the Utah mining disaster.

National Guard

The Illinois National Guard uses a Tractor-Trailer combination allowing them to create two mobile command posts.

Rig with Two Dishes

This rig packs both a 2.8 meter dish and a smaller mobile dish mounted on a plate above an air conditioner.

Toughsat XP
Mobile Emergency Command Vehicle

A Toughsat XP .98 Meter system on a Mobile Emergency Command Vehicle.

Command Truck

This Mississippi Command truck with a stowed mobile dish providing support for a landing of Air Force One.

Command Vehicles

Command Vehicles can have a variety of looks inside. Please contact a Ground Control sales representative for options.

Mobile Command Post

A Mobile Command Post may all connect to the wireless network if within a 100 foot radius of the mobile command vehicle or trailer.

First Responder Command Vehicles

First responder command vehicles, like these shown here can set up communications from any location.

Toughsat T-110
Mount Lights, Antennas, Video Cameras

The Toughsat T-110 option comes with a 30' tower to mount lights, or antennas, or a video camera for creating a custom solution. Stows to a height of '84".

Toughsat XP

Our flagship Toughsat XP mobile satellite system is shown here in the Fly-And-Drive solution for portable high-speed connectivity on any roof rack.

Toughsat Flyaway
SUV or Roof Rack Mounted

The Flyaway case-based Toughsat mobile satellite system is a portable .98 meter dish with an integrated wireless "G" access point. The case can fit inside of an SUV or on top of a roof rack.

1.8 Meter Dish

This 1.8 Meter satellite dish can be located in very remote locations where satellite signal strength may be weaker.

Fixed Dish

This Ground Control 1.2 meter satellite dish uses a 6watt BUC (transmitter) for 20 MBps (Megabits per second) download speeds by 2 Megabits per second upload speeds in North America.

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