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VSAT Satellite Internet

Professional Grade Satellite Internet Service

VSAT – “Very Small Aperture Terminal” – is a satellite ground station that allows businesses and individuals to transmit and receive data, voice and video via satellites. The dish antenna will always be smaller than 3.8 meters in this classification.

Many VSAT dishes are designed to be fixed: not moved after installation. Examples of this are the iDirect VSAT satellite equipment, and the SCADASat solution. The Toughsat is designed to be stationary when in active use, but is otherwise mobile (attached to a vehicle, trailer, or carried by hand). And the Kymeta u8 is a rare in-motion VSAT device.

Ground Control manufactures a number of auto-deploy antennas at our plant in California, and we work with various trusted modem and HUB technologies.

All Ground Control VSAT plans offer:
  • High speed
  • Low contention
  • Low latency
  • Net neutrality
  • Multi-user access
  • Application friendly
  • Highly predictable connections

Ground Control Uses iDirect Service

Much of our fixed and mobile satellite equipment uses the highly optimized iDirect satellite service that has consistently delivered outstanding performance with all forms of TCP-IP traffic, such as VPN, VOIP, phone, and video streaming.

iDirect service plans

Dual-Matrix VSAT Service

One service plan connects with two completely different satellites and satellite networks for numerous benefits such as redundancy or signal obstacle avoidance. Designed for our mobile dishes, a one-button push is all it takes to select and connect with a different satellite.

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Best-in-Class and Cost-Effective

Our mission is to provide the highest-performing equipment and services for cost-conscious buyers.

As a manufacturer of satellite products, we continually test, refine, redesign, and improve our solutions so that your focus can stay on your task at hand, and not on us. However, if anything does go wrong, our team of experts is here to fix it 24/7.


Once you’ve chosen a fixed or mobile satellite antenna, Ground Control will help you find the best location for dish installation. A certified technician will install and integrate a satellite system normally within one business day. With fixed installations, placement may be affected by obstacles between the satellite and the dish, so a site survey may be required. You may do your own site survey by using our look angle calculator once you know which satellite you’ll be connecting with.

Look angle calculator

One Provider - One Support - One Solution

As a global provider of satellite access, we can simplify the process required to establish connectivity. Ground Control is an end-to-end solution provider, from one-system installations to broad multi-site company networks.

Our experienced team will review your requirements, propose solutions, install, integrate, and support your long-term business strategies, 24/7.

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If you'd like any help selecting the right VSAT service for your business, please complete the form or call / email us; we are experts in satellite communication for business, government and personal use, and both manufacture our own satellite dishes, as well as working with the best manufacturers in the industry.