Toughsat Mobile VSAT Series

The Toughsat Mobile VSAT series are complete Ready-To-Go systems that may include high-speed
iDirect Internet service from Ground Control or any iDirect service provider of your choice worldwide.
Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat Mobile VSAT systems at our plant in California.
Dual Matrix Dual Coverage

Toughsat Coverage Options in North America

We leverage two different satellite service providers for Toughsat airtime in North America; SES2 (coverage within the white line) and Intelsat Galaxy 18 (coverage within the red line). You can choose either option, or we offer a dual matrix service which means you can switch between both services.

We also have options for coverage almost anywhere on the globe, so please get in touch if you wish to use the Toughsat outside of the USA and Canada.

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The Toughsat Flyaway

The Toughsat Flyaway can be quickly deployed at any location to provide a robust, high speed communications solution. It can be mounted in all locations that a mobile VSAT system could be mounted: on the ground, on top of a vehicle, or even in the back of a truck.

Simply place the Toughsat on the ground and remove the lid. Connect the transmit and receive coax cable along with the power cable and select DEPLOY - it's that simple. Once the antenna is in position, install the Toughsat reflector which requires no tools. Hit deploy again and you are minutes away from a WiFi environment.

Bundled with our high performance iDirect service, your Toughsat will provide up to 20 x 5 Mbps internet speeds. You also have access to dedicated streaming packages by the hour or by the day for critical live video transmission.

The T-100 Mobile Communications Trailer

Watch the Toughsat T-100 trailer go from in transit to being set up ready for transmission in minutes, demonstrating the ease of use of this powerful, self-contained, multi-purpose satellite communications trailer.

Manufactured by Ground Control at our plant in California, the Toughsat T-100 provides the speeds and bandwidth needed for robust internet and communications.

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