Mobile Satellite Internet

From our Toughsat mobile satellite internet system (manufactured by Ground Control),
which delivers 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps internet speeds, to the budget-friendly Explorer 323,
these devices will ensure you remain connected to the internet, wherever you travel.

Some are designed to be used while the vehicle is in motion - called 'Satcom on the Move',
or SOTM; others are designed to be easily transportable but need to be stationary when in use.

World Map Ku-Band VSAT Coverage Map
World Map Inmarsat Coverage Map
World Map Iridium Coverage
World Map Kymeta1

Coverage Maps

Ku-Band VSAT Coverage Map (Toughsats)
Inmarsat BGAN Coverage
Iridium Certus Coverage
Kymeta GEO Coverage
These maps give an approximation of where each of the above terminals - the Toughsats (Ku-Band), BGAN devices (Inmarsat), Thales (Iridium) and Kymeta - can provide you with good coverage. If you have any questions, get in touch - we're here to help.

You're in safe hands

We're here to help

If you'd like any help choosing the right mobile satellite internet terminal or airtime, please call or email us, or complete the form, and our team of experts will be happy to help.

We have over 20 years' experience in satellite connectivity, and with a broad range of products, airtime and support services, we'll make sure you're paired with the right solution for your needs.