RockSTAR Burst


RockSTAR Burst is a ruggedized, handheld satellite-enabled pager. It allows one-way messages to be reliably delivered anywhere in the world in close to real-time. A one-to-many global data broadcast service can support a wealth of applications, but with zero RF footprint and secure message encryption, it’s particularly well suited for covert teams.

Global Satellite Paging, Zero Radio Frequency Footprint

RockSTAR Burst is contained in a handheld, rugged and resilient casing. It offers a unique global paging capability from a compact personal message receiver. The device is distinct from typical pagers that rely on terrestrial towers, as it receives messages directly from Iridium’s global satellite network.

Although the RockSTAR Burst is designed for outdoor environments, the Iridium Burst® satellite transmissions are capable of penetrating buildings, partial obstructions, and various adverse weather conditions to deliver messages directly to the device. This makes it ideal for command and control, fanned broadcast messaging in emergencies, environmental disasters, or military situation management.


Instant Targeted Messaging

The supporting platform, Cloudloop Burst, provides the tools to ensure broadcast messaging is made simple, and with assured accuracy.

  • Messages are fanned out to devices in near real time – often in fewer than 20 seconds
  • All messages sent are encrypted. Pre-defined message user groups ensure messages are sent to authorized receivers; 2-factor authentication can be added
  • With zero RF footprint, send messages covertly to teams on the ground
  • Delivers data in any format or messaging to an unlimited number of devices within a targeted geographic region at a fraction of the cost of comparable data services
  • Full platform support is available from our experienced Technical Support team
Cloudloop Burst
  • Lightweight, rugged, reliable and waterproof
  • Messages fanned out to devices in near real-time – often in fewer than 20 seconds
  • Send messages to covert teams without any on-ground RF footprint
  • All messages sent are encrypted. Pre-defined message user groups ensure messages are sent to authorized receivers. If required, add in 2-factor authentication
  • Organize data flow with the Cloudloop Burst application to control subscription groups and send messages
  • Truly global communication system via Iridium Satellite, capable of receiving messages anywhere on Earth
  • Bright OLED screen for information display, modify depending on light conditions
  • USB connection for charging and for data transfer
  • Long battery life (over 25 hours on a single charge)
  • Powered by: Internal battery, rechargeable via USB
  • Equipped with an Iridium burst transceiver, designed to operate as a receive-only device. Its software ensures that no radio signals are emitted in any state
  • Zero RF emission feature has been crucial in its adoption by militaries in sensitive environments
  • Size: 144 x 76 x 36mm (plus antenna)
  • Weight: 303 grams
  • Waterproofing: IP-67 (submersion up to 1m for 30 mins)
  • Other Certifications: FCC and CE MIL-810 F/G (ruggedness)

RockSTAR Burst is fully integrated with Ground Control’s platform, Cloudloop. The Cloudloop Burst service gives you the ability to select your broadcast areas and geographically pinpoint your targeted messaging.

Cloudloop Burst Key Features

  • As a global one-to-many Data Broadcast Service, select from pre-defined zones, coverage areas or target your receivers based on Latitude/Longitude and Radius
  • The display log displays a log of all sent messages
  • The filter for sent messages enables selection of delivery strategy, such as BCA (Broadcast Coverage Area), Zone or Area and an additional deep dive into specific zones or BCA IDs
Cloudloop Burst Targeting Services
Cloudloop Burst Targeting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

RockSTAR Burst uses the Iridium Burst® satellite service for data message transmission. Message send is managed through the Cloudloop Burst service on the Cloudloop platform. At the heart of RockSTAR Burst is an Iridium 9602 transceiver.

Can RockSTAR Burst send e-mail or SMS messages?

No, the RockSTAR Burst is a one-way receiver device.

Does the unit work indoors?

Yes, the high-powered satellite transmissions penetrate buildings, partial obstructions, and weather phenomenon to reach devices.

Why does my RockSTAR Burst not stay at 100% when on charge?

Lithium Ion batteries should not be kept permanently at 100%, and so when the RockSTAR Burst is fully charged, a battery protection circuit will start working, and will allow the battery to run down to 95% and then top it up again.

If you have the unit on charge for a prolonged period, you may find it is showing something like 96% rather than 100%. Do not worry about this, it is perfectly normal, and it is the battery protection system doing a good job.

Want to know more?

RockSTAR Burst is used for alert systems that warn of impending natural disasters, as a private network for traffic alerts; advertising updates, global corporate messaging, and for command-and-control military field unit communications.

For more information on how the RockSTAR Burst Device and Cloudloop Burst service can support your needs, either complete our online form, or call us to be connected directly with one of our expert team. Call +44 (0) 1452 751940 (Europe, Asia, Africa) or +1.805.783.4600 (North and South America).