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Hughes 9502 Rent-To-Try... And Purchase If Successful
Rental - $10 to $15 per day + service used @ $20 per Megabyte
If you wish to try a new Hughes 9502 before you buy, consider a new condition 9502 terminal that may be purchased during the rental period if testing is successful.

Hughes 9502 Rental
Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN Terminal Rental
SKU#: BGANT9502RENTAL MCN: 3500509-0001
Rent-To-Try @ $10 a day for 2-Piece
Rent-To-Try @ $15 a day for 1-Piece

9502 system contents include the Hughes 9502 two-piece terminal, antenna and 10 meter antenna cable, mounting arm and AC/DC power supply - more
$10 to $15 /day
Please email to rent

Rent the Hughes 9502 M2M terminal to prove the satellite technology with your unmanned or manned equipment. This rental system ships new with everything required to establish an active BGAN M2M Internet connection. Service will be billed post-rental. All documentation on the 9502, including the SMS Remote Control Command Guide, is included on a thumb drive, and of course is always available.

9502 Rent-To-Try System Includes
Hughes 9502 2-piece BGAN M2M terminal for $10 a day or
Hughes 9502 1-Piece BGAN M2M terminal for $15 a day.
Active BGAN M2M Sim Card with or without Static IP
Usage billed at $20 per Megabyte used - post rental
10 meter antenna cable with type N to TNC connector
12-15 volt DC power supply to run off AC wall power
9502 Fixed Mounting Kit arm + antenna bracket
USB thumb drive with all 9502 documentation

Renters may choose to purchase the new 9502 system for $1,357 which includes the AC/DC power supply and the mounting bracket. A new BGAN M2M service plan may also begin immediately after purchase.

Please call or email for rental.

Hughes 9502 Rental Contents
Hughes 9502 Antenna
BGAN M2M Service
Headphone Port
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