Satellite-Based Aircraft Tracking

Ensuring the health, safety, and security of your company assets and personnel is critical to any
aviation-based organisation’s success. Only with truly global tracking is your company able to
safeguard assets, protect aviators and passengers, and manage logistics.

In remote regions where terrestrial communications are limited, we provide global satellite
coverage allowing you track the location of your airplanes, helicopters, remote workers, or
other assets in real-time.

Plane Tracking and Monitoring made Simple

While an aircraft may be kitted out with phones and other communication devices, flight routes are often out of GSM range so cannot guarantee signal. Reliable transmission of location on a regular basis is essential though, should the worst happen.

In an emergency situation, pilots need a quick and simple system to fire out an SOS – from messaging to accurate position information.

Presenting the RockAIR

Designed specifically for Aircraft Tracking, our dashboard-mounted RockAIR device delivers truly global tracking and two-way communications. Supporting hybrid satellite and cellular connectivity, switching seamlessly between networks. This combination of GSM and Iridium provides a cost effective, and truly global, method of tracking and communicating with your aircraft, wherever they may be.

Featuring complex geofencing capabilities working on many vertices; the device will monitor its location relative to these geofences, and can have different behaviour attributed to each fence. For example, a specific transmission frequency when inside each fence.

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“Collaborating [with Ground Control] on the RockAIR, meant we could use all of our customer and industry insight, to ensure the device was capable of delivering true peace of mind to our customers.”

Todd O’Hara, CMO

Track your Pilots and Fleet with Cloudloop Tracking

Our tracking devices, including the RockAIR, are fully integrated with the Cloudloop Tracking platform. This provides you with the ability to track your aircraft anywhere on the globe, and features speed and altitude monitoring, plus event tracking (signal loss, take-off, landing).


With Cloudloop Tracking, you’ll get crucial insights into your assets’ whereabouts. It’s ideal for aircraft owners, flying schools and scenic flight operators with relatively simple requirements.


  • Historical position reporting
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Speed and altitude monitoring
  • Event tracking
  • Instant notification when the alert button is used
  • Map-based interface

Ground Control’s Aviation Tracking Partners

Cloudloop Tracking is a simple, effective tracking platform that works out of the box with Ground Control tracking devices. For customers with more sophisticated requirements, we work with several partners who have built application-specific software platforms that leverage the tracking and communications data provided by Ground Control. These companies include V2Track, TracPlus, SKYTRAC, and IndigoSat. They’re definitely worth reviewing if you have a particular use case in mind.

If you have a fleet management software solution and would like to integrate Ground Control’s devices into your platform, please get in touch. We have fully featured APIs, and provide partners with cost and time-saving tools such as data pooling via our Cloudloop platform.


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