Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

With trucks, ships and trains moving in and out of cellular connectivity, fleet managers
need a robust backup when cellular is not available. Satellite connectivity is global and reliable
making it the obvious choice - and it's why land transport and maritime industries are expected
to make up 58% of all satellite IoT device usage by 2027.

In remote regions where terrestrial communications are limited, we provide global satellite
coverage enabling continuous vehicle tracking and two-way communications.

Tracking, Monitoring and Communications for Logistics

In addition to continuous tracking and two-way communication capabilities, Ground Control also supports data transmission from various fleet sensors. By processing data related to location, motion, temperature, speed, and fuel consumption, logistics companies can plot the most fuel-efficient and safe routes and provide better customer service. As connectivity is a critical element of this process, the reliability, ruggedness and interoperability of the devices used is key.

Meet RockDASH

The RockDASH tracker is designed for carry-on carry-off use in vans, trucks, trains and other land-based fleet vehicles, and has an optional LTE Narrowband unit. This allows the use of terrestrial mobile phone networks when possible, automatically switching to the global Iridium satellite network when these are unavailable, for a truly cost-effective solution.

With 5 switch inputs for connection to on-board sensors, it’s easy to capture data on vibration, temperature and pressure, enabling predictive maintenance and powering vehicle management systems.

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“We wanted to offer our customers a choice of hardware for their tracking and communication needs, and chose to integrate with Ground Control because of their justified reputation for reliability, and the ease of integration with our software. They make it very easy for us to work with them, and in turn, our customers get a very competitively priced and powerful fleet tracking and communication solution.”

Kylan Diprose, Director

Track your Drivers with Cloudloop Tracking

Our devices, including the RockDASH, are integrated with our Cloudloop subscription, device and data management platform. With easy to use APIs, partners and customers also have the option to integrate this data directly into their ecosystem. Meaning other services such as traffic and weather patterns can be layered over the data supplied, for an enriched view of fleet operations.


Part of this rich feature set is an online map-based interface which shows you the current and historical locations of your fleet. Cloudloop Tracking delivers vital insights into the whereabouts of your assets, wherever they go, based on hyper-accurate GPS readings from your Ground Control tracking device.


  • Historical position reporting
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Speed monitoring and event tracking
  • Instant notification when the alert button is used
  • Map-based interface

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