Global Vessel Tracking

Vessel tracking improves maritime safety, enabling quick response to emergencies.
It helps to optimize routes for fuel efficiency. It can deliver compliance with regulatory
requirements, and it improves transparency in the supply chain. And with very limited
cellular coverage at sea, satellite-based solutions are essential.

Ground Control specializes in hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity, delivered via
ruggedized, fully waterproof devices that are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Fleet Tracking via Satellite and Cellular

Maritime is one of the biggest users of satellite connectivity, for the obvious reason that there’s limited cellular coverage outside of population centres. So while almost every vessel will have some means of communication via satellite, Ground Control’s devices are tailored towards tracking and IoT requirements. They’re low power, low cost, and highly reliable, using the L-Band spectrum that’s not affected by weather conditions.

Presenting RockFLEET

We designed and build the RockFLEET ourselves, and many of us are users, too! Designed for permanent installation on assets such as yachts and small to medium sized fishing boats, the device has an optional LTE Narrowband unit. This allows the use of terrestrial mobile phone networks when possible, automatically switching to the global Iridium satellite network when these are unavailable, for a truly cost-effective solution.

Currently enabling vessel management systems, catch reporting and yacht racing across the globe. Whether you’re looking for tracking and basic two-way messaging for personal use, or need to collect VMS data for an entire fleet, the RockFLEET is a low-cost, practical and versatile solution.

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“The RockFLEET device is a high-quality product that’s proven easy to install and operate, but still offers the sophisticated data and coverage that the Queensland fishing industry requires.”

Peter Bolger, CEO, Pivotel

Track your Fleet with Cloudloop Tracking

Our devices, including the RockFLEET, send data direct to Cloudloop, our multi-faceted platform for subscription, data and device management. Cloudloop Tracking is part of this ecosystem, and allows you to see the current and historical positions of your fleet on a map-based interface. In addition, we have well documented APIs, so you have the option to integrate directly into your preferred platform. Meaning users can overlay the physical location of each vessel with weather forecast data, start and end destinations and much more, for an enriched view of fleet operations.


With Cloudloop Tracking, you can see where your vessels are in real-time, no matter where they go on the globe. It’s designed for simple tracking requirements, ideal for small-medium sized fishing fleets, yacht leasing / rental, and personal boat owners who want to provide their loved ones with reassurance regarding their location.


  • Gain real-time and historical vessel visibility
  • Speed monitoring – analyse asset speed over time
  • Simple event tracking (signal loss, start, stop)
  • Organise assets into groups
  • User-friendly with easy setup

Ground Control’s Vessel Tracking & Monitoring Partners

Cloudloop Tracking is designed for simple, generic tracking requirements. If your needs are more advanced, we work with several partners who have built application-specific software platforms that leverage the tracking and communications data provided by Ground Control. These companies include Dualog, Atos and Predict Wind. They’re definitely worth reviewing if you have a particular use case in mind.

If you have a vessel management software solution and would like to integrate Ground Control’s devices into your platform, please get in touch. We have fully featured APIs, and provide partners with cost and time-saving tools such as data pooling via our Cloudloop platform.

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