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SCADASat - Client Owned Satellite Network For Critical Telemetry Ask A Satellite VoIP Expert
SCADASat Topology
SCADA-SAT Critical Infrastructure Telemetry
Service Available for North America
For Critical Infrastructure Telemetry
  SCADASat Brochure
SCADASat Brochure
A Private WAN for Commercial & Government use of new or existing serial or TCP-IP devices.

Oil & Gas, Utilities, Farming, Facility Security, Any kind of remote asset.

A Client Owned VSAT Hub
SCADA-SAT places a VSAT hub at your HQ for full control of a private satellite network to any SCADA or M2M site. SCADA-SAT is designed to operate with existing TCP-IP & serial devices with real-time visibility of the telemetry at the byte level using unique diagnosing tools
As a private satellite network external intrusion is mitigated since the satellite link is dedicated and does not touch any terrestrial network. SCADA-SAT also mitigates internal intrusion with thoughtful security controls complete with user permission rolls & rules combined with client site specific access limits. SCADA-SAT offers the highest level of intruder protection required today by industry.

Low Capital Investment & Salability
The SCADA-SAT solution is the lowest cost for establishing a private satellite network specifically engineered for SCADA and M2M telemetry making it suitable for even small single-site installations. There will be room to grow to any size over time on the initial equipment.

Remote SCADA Satellite Site

Client Satellite NOC

Cyber Secure - Mission Critical
SCADA-SAT complies with IEC 61850 standards and AES-256 encryption and authentication and the fact that it’s isolated from the Internet or any other network. A SCADA-SAT satellite network rides over a dedicated space-segment of one or more satellites for redundant fail-over reliability, including remote-site to remote-site (point-to-point) mesh type communication.

AES-256 Encryption

Powerful Network Management Tools
Windows based Graphical User Interfaces allow for easy network administration and diagnostic tools for SCADA and M2M telemetry.

SCADA - M2M - Telemetry Diagnostic Tools for Satellite

SCADASat Satellite Telemetry

SCADASat Top Features
Pointer Integrates with existing TCP-IP & Serial SCADA M2M devices.
Pointer Ultimate in security - A closed “private” satellite network.
Pointer Network management tools designed for SCADA & M2M.
Pointer Low cost of entry for private satellite hub & sites.
Pointer Scalable to any size.
Pointer Support from Ground Control when requested.
Pointer Multiple out of the box security tools.
Pointer Redundant & resilient network - Star & Mesh together.
Pointer Easily upgrade from existing private wire / LTE network.
Pointer Own and control your own network & satellite segment.

Getting Started
For more information for hardening your critical assets, please speak with one of our satellite professionals at 805-783-4600, or email us at

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