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SCADASat - Client Owned Satellite Network For Critical Telemetry Ask A Satellite VoIP Expert
SCADASat Topology
SCADA-SAT Critical Infrastructure Telemetry
Service Available Worldwide
For Critical Infrastructure Telemetry
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  SCADASat Brochure
SCADASat Brochure
A Private WAN for Commercial & Government use of new or existing serial or TCP-IP devices.

Oil & Gas, Utilities, Farming, Facility Security, Any kind of remote asset.

A Client Owned VSAT Hub
SCADA-SAT places a VSAT hub at your HQ for full control of a private satellite network to any SCADA or M2M site. SCADA-SAT is designed to operate with existing TCP-IP & serial devices with real-time visibility of the telemetry at the byte level using unique diagnosing tools
As a private satellite network external intrusion is mitigated since the satellite link is dedicated and does not touch any terrestrial network. SCADA-SAT also mitigates internal intrusion with thoughtful security controls complete with user permission rolls & rules combined with client site specific access limits. SCADA-SAT offers the highest level of intruder protection required today by industry.

Low Capital Investment & Salability
The SCADA-SAT solution is the lowest cost for establishing a private satellite network specifically engineered for SCADA and M2M telemetry making it suitable for even small single-site installations. There will be room to grow to any size over time on the initial equipment.

Remote SCADA Satellite Site

Client Satellite NOC

Cyber Secure - Mission Critical
SCADA-SAT complies with IEC 61850 standards and AES-256 encryption and authentication and the fact that it’s isolated from the Internet or any other network. A SCADA-SAT satellite network rides over a dedicated space-segment of one or more satellites for redundant fail-over reliability, including remote-site to remote-site (point-to-point) mesh type communication.

AES-256 Encryption

Powerful Network Management Tools
Windows based Graphical User Interfaces allow for easy network administration and diagnostic tools for SCADA and M2M telemetry.

SCADA - M2M - Telemetry Diagnostic Tools for Satellite

SCADASat Satellite Telemetry

SCADASat Top Features
Pointer Integrates with existing TCP-IP & Serial SCADA M2M devices.
Pointer Ultimate in security - A closed “private” satellite network.
Pointer Network management tools designed for SCADA & M2M.
Pointer Low cost of entry for private satellite hub & sites.
Pointer Scalable to any size.
Pointer Support from Ground Control when requested.
Pointer Multiple out of the box security tools.
Pointer Redundant & resilient network - Star & Mesh together.
Pointer Easily upgrade from existing private wire / LTE network.
Pointer Own and control your own network & satellite segment.

SCADASat is Powered by TSAT
TSAT Brochure
TSAT 3000 Spec Sheet

Getting Started
For more information for hardening your critical assets, please speak with one of our satellite professionals at 805-783-4600, or email us at

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