Toughsat T-100


The Toughsat T-100 is a self-contained, multi-purpose satellite communications trailer. It combines Ground Control’s powerful Toughsat XP satellite solution with a easily transportable trailer, quickly deployable at any location to provide a robust, high-speed internet and communications solution.

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Mobile Satellite Internet Trailer

Constructed of aluminum and stainless-steel, the T-100 trailer was designed from the ground up to accommodate our flagship Toughsat XP mobile satellite equipment and to be road-durable to operate in any extreme environment.

The lightweight suspension is perfect for long travels or bumpy roads in any kind of weather. The reinforced generator cabinet houses an optional 1000 or 2000 watt ultra-quiet generator, and the electronics cabinet is shock resistant with high-grade locking doors.

The large rear storage bay is perfect for adding additional electronics or for transporting any customer required equipment. Owners of the T-100 rave of its performance and ease of use. The T-100 is built to be used… and used often.

Simple Operation

Operation is as easy as starting the generator, switching on the power inside the rackmount case, and pressing the ‘Deploy’ button on the Toughsat TS2 ACU (antenna control unit). The mobile satellite dish will deploy, lock on satellite, and automatically create a Wi-Fi access point for high-speed internet in about 3.5 minutes.

No other interaction is needed for full operation, and there’s no special licensing or certification required to operate. Stowing the dish is just as easy – just press the ‘Stow’ button.

Toughsat T-100 Contents
  • Heavy-duty all-weather construction, fully designed and manufactured by Ground Control.
  • Bundled with our high-performance satellite service providing 5 Mbps x 20 Mbps internet speeds.
  • Service pricing for available Public Safety Organizations. SAFECOM-complaint.
  • The trailer may be deployed and operated by anyone with little or no training.
  • Stabilization jacks are not required for normal use.
  • The 6RU rackmount electronics case may be moved 50 feet from trailer (such as a tent or structure).
  • The 6RU rackmount case has 2.5RU space for customer-added equipment. (8RU cases available.)
  • Trailer suspension rated for light load mobility and can be towed by any vehicle without issue
  • Designed to operate in extreme weather, including very high winds
  • Lockable cabinet door with heavy-duty latch assemblies
  • Trailer Dimensions: 138″L x 66″W x 58″H (Stowed Dish – Exterior Dimensions)
  • Rear Storage Bay: 62″L x 24″H x 46″W (Interior Rear Bay Dimensions)
  • Weight (loaded): Under 1400 lbs (includes spare tire, gas & dolly)
  • Hitch Ball Size: 2 Inch
  • Removable Tongue Length: 23″ (when removed, trailer is 115 inches long)
  • Trailer Lights Plug/cable: 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector (male)
  • Optional Generator: Honda EUi Ultra Quiet 1000 Watt Generator (upgradable to 2000W)
  • Utilizes the Toughsat XP mobile satellite system as standard; other satellite systems may be used
  • TS2 Dish ACU 1 RU with integrated Linksys 4 Port Wireless Router
  • iDirect Evolution X7 Router – Satellite Modem – 1RU
  • Power Conditioner 1 RU (with 8 AC plugs)
  • 2.5 RU available for customer use (front side rack)
  • 6 RU available for back side rack equipment mounting
  • 50′ (15.3M) Quick-disconnect cable run (between dish and ACU)
  • Normal Power Draw: 90 to 100 watts
  • Power-Up Surge & Extreme Cold: 300 watts (Actual watts may be less. Buffer is built into this number)
  • Warranty: Standard 1 year parts and labor on all equipment
3 GB
12 GB
Price Per Month (USD):
Service Speed:
3 Mbps x 1 Mbps
20 Mbps x 5 Mbps
3 Mbps x 1 Mbps
20 Mbps x 5 Mbps
Inclusive Data:
3 GB
3 GB
12 GB
12 GB
Overage Fee:
$0.19 per MB
$0.19 per MB
$0.14 per MB
$0.14 per MB
  • The Toughsat XP Mobile Satellite System (May also use any dish we offer).
  • The Toughsat TS2 Controller (1RU) with integrated 4-port wireless router.
  • The powerful iDirect X7 Satellite Router.
  • AC Power Conditioner (1RU) for 8 – 120 VAC outlets – Good for keeping power clean.
  • Rackmount case (6RU) for electronics that is easily moved (larger case sizes available).
  • 50′ (14 meters) ACU cable (electronics case may be located in a structure or tent).
  • There are quick-release straps for securing equipment inside of large storage area.
  • Four easy-crank stabilization jacks – Good for high winds and uneven terrain.
  • Self retracting security belt for crowd-security control.
  • Spare tire (located inside storage bay).
  • Removable and lockable trailer tongue. The ball is a standard 2″.

Standard Warranty

Toughsat XPs are protected with a standard one-year parts and on-site labor limited warranty. Our field technicians, located in hundreds of locations throughout North America, will drive to your rig’s location (in most locations) and perform needed repairs, all on our dime.

Extended Warranties Available

12-Month Extended Warranty – Add one extra year of parts and labor to the standard warranty for either the Toughsat mobile satellite systems.

24-Month Extended Warranty – Add two extra years of parts and labor to the standard warranty for either the Toughsat mobile satellite systems.

Lifetime Electronics Warranties Available

For a small monthly fee of $24.95 placed on your monthly VSAT service, Ground Control will replace any failed radio electronic component of your satellite system, which includes the satellite gateway router, the LNB, and the 3-, 4- or 6-watt BUC (transmitter). As long as the radio insurance fee is current with an active iDirect account with Ground Control, any radio equipment that fails to operate through standard use will have that part replaced.

*Please see our iDirect Service Plans page for all airtime options.

Dual Matrix – Dual Satellite Network

The Toughsat series – Toughsat XP, Toughsat Flyaway, and T-100 Trailer – may utilize the SES2 satellite service in North America. Users can also choose Intelsat’s Galaxy 18 service, or our Dual Matrix option which allows you to switch between the two services as preferred / needed.

Map shows the Intelsat Galaxy 18 satellite and SES2 footprint, and their shared coverage areas.


Questions about the Toughsat T-100?

If your organization needs a powerful WiFi hotspot that works anywhere, under any circumstances, the T-100 might well meet your needs. It’s not just powerful, delivering 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps internet speeds, it’s also the easiest to use multi-functional trailer that we know of.


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If you are looking for mobile, high-speed satellite internet, then the Toughsat T-100 is a great option. While we designed and manufacture the Toughsat series at our plant in California, we work with partners across the world to ensure our customers get the best possible service.

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