What we do

New and innovative technologies are being employed by mining companies to enhance operations and ensure sustainable production. Investing in connectivity at every level improves workforce safety, sustainability and drives down production costs.

Ground Control are at the forefront of providing satellite connectivity to mining operations. Mobile and rapid deployment satellite communications allow mining staff to always be connected and deal with expected events while away from the mining compound.


“With greater focus on environmental responsibility from both investors and local governments, satellite communication is ideal for use in monitoring the surrounding environment to ensure and prove compliance with mining permits. Monitoring needs to continue long after the mine has mine closed. Simple satellite connectivity allows monitoring from afar” ~ Matthew Ellison, Ground Control Solutions Architect

Advances in technologies see frontline staff remain connected and supported while performing their daily tasks. The use of augmented reality glasses has greatly enhanced working practices with the benefit expanded to remote sites with no or unreliable cellular coverage.

Our services deliver connectivity for remote support for technicians and crews maintaining machinery in order to minimise downtime and avoid costly shut downs. Our vehicle telematics improve safety and minimise running costs, while the satellite broadband connects remote mines to head office and the supply chain. Moreover we enable environmental monitoring, water and air quality to protect indigenous people from the mines’ activity.

Our services include hardware, software and services to support mining operations around the globe:

  • IP and serial M2M connectivity
  • Resilient failover communications
  • Secure data paths with encryption
  • 24/7 support services.