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Satellite Look Angle Calculator

This tool helps find obstacles, such as trees and buildings, between a satellite dish installation location and an orbiting satellite. Type in ANY street or city address (globally), and the look angle calculator will zoom into an overhead aerial view of your installation location and draw a line showing the compass heading toward the satellite. It will also list the elevation angle (aka "look angle"), so you can locate a perfect installation location.

All that is needed is the satellite's name (or its "longitude"), and any installation address worldwide.

The Satellite Look Angle Calculator, developed by Dishpointer, has been partially down since November 21, 2013. The draw line to the satellite is not being included in the map below. You can help us by contacting Dishpointer at this link and stating how great this tool is, and to please fix the draw line.

Select satellite or longitude >
Type in ANY installation address>
Press "Enter" on keyboard

Elevation: is how high from the horizon the satellite is (90° is vertical)
Azimuth: is simply the compass heading to point the dish toward.
LNB skew: is used for installers in fine tuning the LNB radio axis.

Location: are the GPS coordinates (in decimal form) of the address.

This page when first loaded shows satellite "Galaxy 18" at 123° West Longitude, which is a popular Ground Control North American satellite. You may select any satellite from the pull down list, and then type in your installation address to find the pointing angles.

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