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  Foldable Solar Panels - Charge your BGAN

Universal Foldable Solar Panels
There are a number of large 60+ watt foldable solar panels on the market today that can charge your BGAN and other equipment in no-power locations. Make sure to get a foldable panel system that includes a standard 12V vehicle power port (barrel plug) that can be used to charge no only your BGAN, but other electronics.

62 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

BGAN Vehicle Adapter

If you have a Hughes BGAN, make sure you purchase a 12 volt vehicle adapter so that it is able to receive power from your foldable solar panel (Hughes requires 18 volt DC). Other BGAN terminals can take the direct DC voltage from the solar panel using one of the various laptop charge plugs often included with many foldable solar panels.
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Solar Adapter for Laptops

Foldable Solar Panel Purchasing Options
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