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Hughes 9201 M2M SCADA Terminal and Enclosure Brochure
Hughes 9201 M2M
Hughes 9201 M2M Specs
Hughes 9201 M2M Specifications
  Hughes 9201 M2M Fixed Location BGAN Terminal
The Hughes 9201 has been discontinued, and has been replaced by the Hughes 9502
Hughes 9201 M2M
Manned / Unmanned Remote Communication

Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M
NEW - The Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M - $1,235
The revolutionary 9502 is the upgrade to the Hughes 9201 M2M and is is ideal for unmanned remote installations that transfer small amounts of data. The 9502 operates on 4 watts of power (solar installations), with an always-on no-overhead network with numerous features for M2M / SCADA applications.
Learn more: Hughes 9502 BGAN or BGAN M2M Service

Legacy Information on the Hughes 9201 M2M:

The Hughes 9201 is configured for M2M (Machine to Machine) use by creating a persistent network connection, ideal for unmanned remote operations where any IP capable device (Such as SCADA devices) needs to be monitored or controlled. Most BGAN terminals are not capable of a persistent connection, so idle connections drop after several minutes of non-use. The Hughes 9201 keeps a persistent always-on data connection.

Auto Context Activation automatically sets up a data context with the network for the user device that is connected to the Hughes 9201-M2M. The user device can use either a static local IP address or obtain a dynamic DHCP local IP address to set up the automatic context.

Auto On/Auto Power Cycle enables the Hughes 9201-M2M to automatically restore power to itself and turn back ON if the site loses power or experiences a brief power interruption, eliminating the need to send personnel to the site to manually reboot.

Point Once provides the installer with a quick and easy method of installing, pointing, and activating the terminal without the need for a laptop in the field.

24/7 Keep Alive Link Supervision is designed into the Hughes 9201-M2M firmware to autonomously supervise and maintain the data connection, even when there is inactivity of data being sent for over 12 hours, so that the customer’s remote terminal unit (RTU) doesn’t have to facilitate that task.

IP Watchdog for “always-on access.” The IP watchdog monitors the health of the data connection and takes various steps to always keep it active on the network. If the data connection goes down (regardless of whether it is a network or terminal fault) and nothing is able to re-establish the connection, the terminal will initiate a reboot command to get back online with the network.

Internal Battery Back-up. The Hughes 9201-M2M can be equipped optionally with a 9-cell, extended-life, Lithium-ion battery pack for backup power should the site power fail

Easy install hardware. Simply affix to any pole.
Instant On Communication.
The Hughes 9201 uses standard BGAN service and not the new BGAN M2M service.
The Hughes 9201 can use the new high-usage BGAN Link service for $0.36 cents per MB!
Auto context activation features allow PDP contexts to be activated without user action.
Charged only for the data transferred (usage only access plan).
BGAN Service Plans can pool multiple BGAN units under the same account Info.
Operates in extreme climates -14°F to 140°F (-25˚ C to +60˚ C).
The 9201 uses very low power (3.74 watts in idle mode. 36 hours on internal battery).
It easily survives in severe winds that would misaligned a satellite dish.
It operates on the "L band", and has almost no rain fade issues.
It will operate with up to 25mm of ice before transmission issues.
The integrated Auto-On and Auto-Power Cycle is excellent for resolving remote errors.
It has a low profile (the enclosure is a junction box) so it may reduce theft or vandalism.
If runs indefinitely if power source is available, (via AC or DC 12V adapter or solar).
The Hughes 9201 works globally (except for the poles) for up to 492kbps up/down speeds.
Full IP compatibility - Internet, SMTP email, file transfer (FTP, and VPN).
Global public (static) IP addresses are available.
Wi-Fi enabled terminal accessible via wireless G from laptops or smartphones.
UMTS IP-based services.
VPN compatible Cisco–VPN Client V1 or V2.6.3, Nortel–Contivity VPN Client V04-15.06,
Netscreen– Remote Client 8.1, Checkpoint–V4.1, SonicWall.
Many devices (such as SCADA sensors) are very low data intensive, or can be configured
   so as to save on BGAN service fees. Also since remote configuration from headquarters are
   easily performed, changes are made as needed.

 BGAN 9201 M2M Terminal Technical Specifications

 BGAN Service Plans (global usage)
BGAN Sim Card
The Hughes 9201 M2M uses standard BGAN Service from Ground Control

The 9201 may also use the new super high-usage 5 to 15 Gigabyte per month BGAN Link Service that brings costs down to $0.36 cents per Megabyte transferred. more

Link to BGAN Coverage Map
Global Coverage
BGAN systems can connect from anywhere to any one of three orbiting satellites globally. more
Hughes 9201 M2M Enclosure
  Hughes 9201 Unmanned Enclosure  
The Hughes 9201 M2M SCADA ready terminal is placed in an all weather enclosure. The enclosure may withstand up to 25mm of ice build-up before it becomes unable to transmit/receive.
The compact M2M enclosure is perfect for monitoring remote OR local assets... BGAN services charge only what you transmit or receive. A low speed, sporadic transmission is very cost effective using this solution.
  Hughes 9201 Remote Assets BGAN   Hughes 9201 M2M Earthquake  
Her a Hughes 9201 M2M terminal is mounted without the enclosure next to a power source. The 9201 itself is rated for outdoor usage and the enclosure is not required for all jobs.
Using a single solar panel and pole mounted battery bank, this Hughes 9201 M2M is used to establish a persistent Internet connection to monitor earthquake detection equipment.
  Hughes 9201 M2M SCADA Sensor   Hughes 9201 M2M SCADA Remote Terminal  
The low profile of the Hughes 9201 keeps it a low vandal target for theft. Mounting on a pole allows monitoring of any kind, even video if you have a IP capable video camera.
The Solar / Battery bank pole mounted solution uses Guy Wires to help secure the system in sever winds.
  Hughes 9201 in field   Hughes 9201 inside of a tent  
The Hughes 9201 is the fastest BGAN terminal available (tied with the Explorer 700). The difference between the standard 9201 and the 9201 M2M is the M2M has firmware that maintains a persistent network connection for use by any connected IP device. Besides this, the M2M terminal behaves the same as any 9201. More information on Hughes 9201
The Hughes 9201 terminal is quite versatile and used for crystal clear phone calls done simultaneously while transferring data, such as connecting to the Internet from a laptop. The Hughes 9201 is also an wireless "G" hotspot and multiple systems may connect to it directly. Detailed information on the Hughes 9201

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