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MCD-4800 - A Portable Satellite Internet Hotspot - Photos - Documents - Accessories - Specs - Service Plans

No pointing and no setup - simply turn it on - The MCD-4800 is WiFi access point that works almost everywhere on the globe

The MCD-4800 "The Football" is an integrated satellite technology manufactured by Ground Control

MCD-4800 BGAN Footbal
MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal "The Football" - Complete Package
(formerly BGANTMCD-4800)
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MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal
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Press Release - High-Res Photos

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A No-Pointing Wi-Fi Global Satellite Internet Hotspot

The MCD-4800 is an auto-pointing BGANMag-Glass satellite terminal and is easily operated by anyone requiring no training or certification to use.

  • Satellite Internet connectivity - globally - All locations (except polar)
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot for all in-range devices up to 100 meters (328 feet!).
  • Broadband speeds of 464 Kbps (94.5% as fast as the fastest BGAN).
  • May be operated by anyone. Online in about 1 minute.
  • Operates stationary or in-motion, on land or open ocean.
  • Weighs 25 lbs and will run for up to 5 hours on internal battery.
  • Internet, Phone, SMS Messaging, Voicemail - A Mobile Office.
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MCD-4800 Brochure


MCD-4800 Closed

MCD-4800 On A Oil Supply Ship
MCD-4800 Fan and Dome
MCD-4800 defence use
Mining use of the MCD-4800
Oil Rig uses MCD-4800
MCD-4800 Open Case
Emergency Communications
MCD-4800 Front Panel
Power Button
WiFi Antenna
MCD-4800 Hand Carry
More High-Res Photos

Auto-Pointing Multi-Purpose Instant Anywhere Broadband Internet & Phone

The MCD-4800 "Mobile Communications Device", also known as "The Football", is an auto-pointing BGANMag-Glass satellite terminal that requires no user training to operate. Simply place the weather-tight case on the ground, or on a boat deck, or on any surface with a clear view of the sky, rain or shine, anywhere in the world and turn it on - no pointing necessary. Within a minute the MCD-4800 becomes a powerful WiFi hotspot accessable by any wireless device within a 100 meter range for up to 5 hours on internal battery power. This auto-pointing solution uses the high performance Hughes 9450 in-motion BGAN terminal integrated with our proprietary mobile electronics for a ruggedized self-contained, in-field, user-friendly global communications link. New Features

MCD-4800 Video

Using the MCD-4800 Auto-Pointing BGAN Terminal

The MCD-4800 Front Panel

MCD-4800 Exterior Panel

While the MCD-4800 is primaily used as a wireless hotspot, the front panel includes a weather sealed Ethernet port and a phone port for a standard phone. The charge port has a watertight seal for several external power sources such as a portable solar panel, external battery, or vehicle power adapter. The display shows current system status and remaining battery power and a light sensor allows the display to be backlit at night (backlight may be enabled/disabled). The MCD-4800 only has one button, the power button located inside of the case. New features in 2016 now shipping

Global Service for the MCD-4800

MCD-4800 Coverage Map - BGAN

The service area of the MCD-4800 is global except for extreme polar regions. If the system is located within any of the colored regions above, you may connect at broadband speeds. The MCD-4800 uses BGAN service plans available from Ground Control or other BGAN service provider for Internet, phone, SMS messaging and many other communication services. For more information on the MCD-4800 service area, please visit the BGAN coverage map.

Built For Extreme Environments

The MCD-4800 is enclosed in a watertight hardened plastic Pelican case, and the case lid does not need to be opened in order for it to fully function. It operates in heavy rain, and will transmit with 20mm of ice buildup before transmission issues. We recommend the case lid be slightly opened for venting for long duration use in warm weather to avoid heat buildup inside the case.


  • No pointing or aiming. Simply turn the unit on under an open sky.
  • Connects automatically with any one of 3 BGAN satellites for near 100% global service.
  • Broadband speeds of 464 Kbps down by 448 Kbps up (standard class 2 BGAN)
  • The MCD-4800 uses the Hughes 9450 in-motion BGAN terminal.
  • Does not require user interaction. No software to run. Establishes AP "Hotspot" automatically.
  • Ruggedized. Operates in extreme conditions. Case does not need to be opened to operate.
  • Operates stationary, or in-motion such as on top of a vehicle, or a vessel on the ocean.
  • Up to 100 meters (328 feet) WiFi range for laptops, smartphones...any wireless capable device.
  • Compact size 17" x 13.75" x 6.75" (432 x 349 x 171 mm) and weighs 25 lbs (10.9 kg).
  • External all weather Ethernet (RJ-45) and phone (RJ-11) connection ports.
  • Up to 5 hour battery life (rechargeable) for normal use.
  • May be plugged into a vehicle 12V power port for continuous operation or charging.
  • Operates from -15F to 131F (-26 C to +55 C) temperatures.
  • Internet service can be usage based, or pre-paid using standard BGAN Service Plans.
  • Includes standard analog phone. The RJ-11 jack is assigned an international phone number.
  • Calls are $0.99 cents per minute to any standard phone worldwide. Free incoming calls.
  • SMS messages are $0.50 cents w/free incoming messages. iPhone texting capable.
  • ISDN (64Kbps) and group 3 Fax capable.
  • No rain fade - Operates in heavy rain, and will function with up to 20mm of ice buildup.
  • Internal temperature control fan - cools internal electronics during high temperatures.
  • Watertight, crushproof, dust proof reinforced plastic case.
  • The MCD-4800 operates globally, except for extreme polar regions. BGAN coverage map
  • Portable - Ships UPS, FedEx, flight carry-on luggage anywhere.
  • Full IP compatibility - Internet, SMTP email, file transfer (FTP, and VPN).
  • Global public / static IP addresses are available from Ground Control.
  • Powerful firewall rules... at no additional cost with Ground Control service.
  • VPN (IPSec) or private networking available (MPLS, Leased). BGAN security options
  • Optional 62 watt foldable solar panel available, increases runtime, or recharge.
  • Optional external batteries available that add 3 hours to runtime.
  • Custom engineering available... such as adding special equipment inside a larger case.
  • 1 year standard warranty. 3 year and 5 year warranties available.
  • The MCD-4800 is a Ground Control integrated manufactured solution, supported by us 24/7.

New Improved "Gen II" Features for the MCD-4800

  • Internal power button - Lighted on/off button (replaces external keyed power switch).
  • Internal components ruggedized.
  • WiFi antenna now accessible - Optional high-gain antenna for increased WiFi range.
  • Improved AC/DC charging system:
    > One power supply replaces the two chargers used in Gen 1 model.
    > Fast charge time of 4 hours on a discharged battery.
    > Built-in automatic maintenance mode for long term storage charging.
  • Backlit display for night use. Shows power remaining. Can be enabled/disabled.
  • High contrast daylight display for easy reading in any light.
  • Easy BGAN SIM card insertion & removal. Requires no tools.
  • New partner options - click here
  • Press Release - High-Res Photos

MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal "The Football"    
Holding an MCD-4800   MCD-4800 Satellite Connection and WiFi Hotspot
The MCD-4800 is a compact 25 lbs (11.4 kg) hardened watertight "Flyaway Case", easily transported and operated by anyone. An excellent solution for oil rigs, mining, public safety, military, global travel, ocean going vessels, or any other communications need that requires an easy, instant, no-hassle global broadband hotspot.
The MCD-4800 uses the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network for broadband Internet connectivity. It then creates a 100 meter (328 feet) Wi-Fi access point in seconds for any wireless device to connect. Wi-Fi is helpful if users wish to be inside or move around a structure untethered from the case.
MCD-4800 Front Panel Display   MCD-4800 On The Ocean - WiFi Hotspot
The external panel includes a sealed RJ-45 Ethernet port, an RJ-11 phone port, a light sensor to backlight the display at night, a charge port, and a battery status display... all are fully sealed from any weather.
The MCD-4800 case does not need to stay opened in order to operate. Simply press the power button (inside the case) and 60 seconds later it will become a wireless hotspot anywhere on the globe for up to 5 hours on the internal battery.
MCD-4800 Inside Case   WiFi Antenna In Case
The power button for the MCD-4800 is inside of the case. Simply press the button to turn the system on. No other action is required for establishing a WiFi hotspot. The SIM card tray is also easily accessed from just inside the case lid.
The 802.11 WiFi antenna is mounted next to the dome. Antennas use an RP-SMA connector and can be fitted with an optional 15dBi high-gain antenna for increased WiFi range.
MCD-4800 SSID WiFi Signal Range   MCD-4800 Gadget and Web Interface
Connecting a wireless device such as laptops, smartphones or tables to the MCD-4800 is as easy as selecting it from available access points. Wireless security is configurable from a web interface and includes MAC address filtering.
The MCD-4800 main interface is accessed via any connected browser. Status screens show battery life, internal temperature, and links the Hughes 9450 web interface for usage totals, parameter configurations including streaming services, static IP configuration, and SMS messaging.
BGAN Usage Statistics Page
  MCD-4800 Ethernet Port - Weather Sealed
Track Online Usage Realtime - The web interface interface gives you realtime usage statistics that shows and approximate amount data transferred, phone calls minutes made during a signel session, as well as over the lifetime of the terminal. Click here for a larger Usage Statistics Screen.
A watertight cap protects the RJ-45 Ethernet port from the elements. A laptop or router may be connected directly to the MCD-4800. Public IP addresses are available. Ethernet lengths can be up to 328 feet (100 meters). Specially designed waterproof Ethernet connectors are available for this RJ-45 port to use with your Ethernet cable.
MCD-4800 Phone Connection
  MCD-4800 Connectivity Diagram - Phone
While the MCD-4800 is designed for Internet connectivity, it does include a standard analog phone. The phone port is issued an international satellite phone number. Any connected phone may make and receive calls from anyone on the planet for $0.99 cents usd per minute.
Calls are easily made between other terminals, satellite phones, cell phones or standard landline phones anywhere in the world, and incoming calls are free, although the calling party is burdened with the cost of calling. Local numbers from any country can be assigned to the BGAN terminal using this service.
MCD-4800 Vechicle Charging   MCD-4800 External Batteries
The MCD-4800 may be powered continuously (or recharged) from a 12 volt vehicle power with the included mini-inverter. The watertight connector from the charger is screwed to the front panel for an all weather seal.
Military grade external batteries are available for the MCD-4800, providing additional external power for up to 3 hours. Here is a link for purchasing these accessories.
MCD-4800 Solar Panel Solution   Long-Range Phone Solutins for BGAN Terminals
In no-power locations, we recommend the optional 62+ watt foldable solar panel ($1,199) that directly connects to the MCD-4800. Recharge time is 10-12 hours in full sunlight. If the MCD-4800 is on, the solar panel will provide up to 75% of the power needed, extending the 5 hour battery life up to 20 hours in sunlight. more
An optional long-range cordless phone case may connect with the MCD-4800 phone jack and provide long-range phone connectivity up to 2 miles (3.2 km), or 12 building stories. The base station and handset phones operate for 2-3 days on battery in any weather. More information on BGAN long-range cordless phones.
MCD-4800 The Football on an Ocean Oil Rig   MCD-4800 Ocean Maritime All Weather Connectivity
The MCD-4800 is an excellent solution to ocean faring vessels and oil-rigs. Here an IT specialist uses a wireless connection to establish connectivity. Wi-Fi may be shut off, and an Ethernet cable connection can be used for a more secure connection.
The MCD-4800 can operate with the lid open or closed (for rain or ocean spray) with no signal strength reduction. The case is fully watertight when closed. In this picture, a ship offloads supplies to another rig.
MCD-4800 Football BGAN on the water   MCD-4800 The Football - Maritime WiFi Emergency Case
The MCD-4800 is an in-motion BGAN terminal, which makes it perfect for use on the water. The internal antenna's turning speed is rated at 40 degrees per second, which is faster than most vessels will pitch and roll on the ocean.
Since the MCD-4800 is inside of a closed hardened case (even while operating), is ideal for harsh marine environments. An excellent primary or secondary Internet connection from land or sea.
MCD-4800 Military Defense Use   MCD-4800 Package Contents
The MCD-4800 requires no training to operate. The Quickstart guide is attached to the lid and gives simple step-by-step instructions to operate and recharge for the first time user. The case when closed is weather tight and has an IP66 rating (powerful water jets from any direction).
The MCD-4800 contents include an AC/DC charger, a mini-inverter for a 12 volt vehicle power port, a standard analog phone, international plug adapters (UK, US, AU, EU, & China), a USB flash drive with manuals, and bags to hold the equipment. Click for larger photo.
MCD-4800 The Football Global Wireless Access Point   MCD-4800 In Rain
The case comes in several colors, including this one in tan, which is popular with government agencies.
The MCD-4800 measures a very portable 17"L x 13.75"W x 6.75 "H (432 x 349 x 171 mm). It is completely sealed from the elements when closed.
Colors of the MCD-4800 WiFi Case   Emergency Use of the MCD-4800 The Football
The MCD-4800 is available in 6 case colors (including OD green). Desert Tan is the default color.
The MCD-4800 can be a real lifesaver since it requires no training to operate. Simply turn it on under an open sky for high-speed Wi-Fi Internet and phone anywhere on land or sea. High-Res Photos

MCD-4800 Systems

MCD-4800 Contents

MCD-4800 Complete Package Contents

  • MCD-4800 BGAN terminal flyaway case
  • AC/DC power supply charger
  • A standard corded analog phone
  • Mini-inverter for running off a vehicle power port
  • Laminated Quickstart guide
  • International plugs U.S., U.K., European, Australian, China, N. Europe - Info
  • Miniature compass, to help in finding obstacle to the BGAN satellite
  • USB flash drive with user manuals, mobile status gadget, software
  • Carry bag to hold contents of system components

MCD-4800 BGAN Service Plans - global use
BGAN Sim Card The MCD-4800 Uses BGAN Service Plans Below

MCD-4800 Accessories
MCD-4800 Solar Kit
60+ Watt Foldable Solar Panel - MCD-4800 Charger & Universal Charger
This lightweight 60+ watt solar panel will connect directly to the MCD-4800 for both power assist and recharging the internal batteries. Recharge time is 10-12 hours in full sunlight. If the MCD-4800 is turned on, the solar panel will power assist with up to 75% of the power needed, extending the 5 hour battery life up to 20 hours in sunlight. This panel also includes a "universal" cable kit to charge other devices that can be powered/recharged from a vehicle power port. Click for larger image

Price $1,199 USD
Large Image

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD Accessory Case Hardened MCD Accessory Case
This optional Pelican case for accessories included with the MCD-4800, is an upgrade from the existing fabric case that ships with the MCD-4800. All colors are available (tan, OD green, yellow, orange, silver, black), normally matching the color of the MCD-4800 ordered unless requested otherwise.

Price $149 USD

Please Order
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Handset Phone for MCD-4800
Handset Phone from Cobham (formally Thrane & Thrane)
While the MCD-4800 includes a standard corded phone, this handset phone from Cobham does not use a cradle.

MPN: 403625B    SKW: BGANAE004
Handset Phone Brochure
Price $154 USD

Please Order
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Directional Antenna
Directional 10 dBi Wireless Antenna
This directional antenna extends the wireless range of the MCD-4800 in one direction (a focused angle 66 degree wide by 16 degrees vertical from the face of the antenna). This RP-SMA antenna folds down for for closing the MCD-4800 case lid.
Price $49 USD

Please Order
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MCD-4800 Waterproof Ethernet Connector
RJ-45 & RJ11 Watertight Caps for Ethernet and Phone
Make your own watertight cables with these watertight caps that connect directly to the faceplate of the MCD-4800. While standard Ethernet cables may connect to the MCD-4800 front panel, these caps will make your Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet cable or RJ11 phone cable have a watertight connection to the MCD-4800 case. Requires standard RJ-45/RJ11 crimper tool to make.
Price $14 /each

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-4800 Ethernet Connector - Sized
5-10-25 Meter Ethernet Cables with Watertight RJ45 Connector
While standard Ethernet cables may connect to the MCD-4800 front panel, these UV resistant heavy-duty black Cat5e Ethernet cables have one end with a quick connect adapter that makes a watertight seal to the MCD-4800 front panel.
10 Meter MPN: BGANAMCD11
25 Meter MPN: BGANAMCD12
5 meter $75 /each
10 meter $85 /each
25 meter $105 /each

Please Order
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MCD-4800 Ethernet Connector - Sized
5-10-25 Meter Phone Cables with Watertight Phone Connector
Using the same high quality UV resistant cable is used for these pre-made phone cables have an RJ11 connector for connecting with your phone system. The watertight cap seals the cable to the MCD-4800 front panel.
10 Meter MPN: BGANAMCD11RJ11
25 Meter MPN: BGANAMCD12RJ11
5 meter $75 /each
10 meter $85 /each
25 meter $105 /each

Please Order
by email or phone
MCD-4800 Vehicle Charger
DC Vehicle / Battery Power Cable
3 meters (10' feet) DC power cable - Power or recharge the MCD-4800 from any vehicle power port or battery or any DC power source. Includes quick-connecting alligator clips & vehicle power port connector. Input - 12VDC (vehicle battery) Output 24VDC. This accessory is helpful for charging the MCD-4800 in no-power locations. Click for larger image.

Price $249

Please Order
by email or phone

External Battery Kit
KIT - BB-2590 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion External Battery
Kit includes the rechargeable BB-2590 external battery to power the MCD-4800 for an additional 3 hours (per battery). Kit also includes "Battery Connector Cable"
(MPN: BGANAMCD06) that connects battery to MCD-4800, and the "Battery Recharger" (MPN: BTC-70791-LR) for recharging the BB-2590 battery.
Battery Technical Information

Battery Recharger Information
Price $977 USD

Please Order
by email or phone
Rechargeable Battery for the MCD-4800
BB-2590 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion External Battery
Extra BB-2590 batteries. Allows the MCD-4800 to operate for an additional 3 hours. 6.8 Amp hours. Requires Battery Connector Cable
(MPN-BGANAMCD06) for battery connection to MCD-4800. Also Requires Battery Recharger for BB-2590 (MPN: BTC-70791-LR) for recharging the battery.
BB-2590 Battery Technical Information

MPN: BB-2590 (aka BB-2590/U)
Price $465 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Recharger for External Battery
Battery Recharger for BB-2590 External Battery
AC-DC Battery Recharger (110 to 240 VAC). May use international power plug adapters for recharging from any AC power source from any country. (Plug adapters are shipped with MCD-4800). Will recharge BB-2590 within 10 hours.
Battery Recharger Information
MPN: BTC-70791-LR
Price $317 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Single Use MCD-4800 External Battery
Non-Rechargeable BA-5590 External Battery
Single-Use lithium sulfur dioxide battery. Allows the MCD-4800 to operate for an additional 3 hours. 7.2 Amp hour. Meets MIL-B-49471/3A for voltage, leakage, mechanical or thermal shock, vibration, insulation. This battery will Require Battery Connector Cable
(MPN: BGANAMCD06) below to connect battery to MCD-4800.
BA-5590 Battery Technical Information

MPN: BA-5590/U
Price $155 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

External Battery Connector - MCD-4800
Battery Connector Cable
36" (3 feet) connector cable between an external battery (type BB-2590 or BB-5590) and the MCD-4800. Includes voltage regulator for smooth operation. Click for larger image.

Price $195 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Mini-Inverter for MCD-4800
150 Watt Mini-Inverter - Vehicle Power
Connects the MCD-4800 AC-DC charger to any vehicle power port.

Price $55 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Long Range Cordless Phones for BGAN
Long-Range (2 mile / 3.2 km) Cordless Phones with Watertight Base Station Case
Connect the Durafon Base Station Case to the phone port of the MCD-4800, and the included handset phones can travel up to 2 miles away from the base. Operates for days on internal power. If you need to have phone communication at distance from the MCD-4800, this wireless voice solution untethers the user from being physically connected to the BGAN terminal.
Long Range Cordless Phones for BGAN

Price $1,995 USD

More Information
(and purchasing link)
Gen 2 Battery Replacement
Gen 2 - MCD-4800 Internal Batteries (Includes 2 packs)
Each MCD-4800 includes two high-capacity NiMh (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery packs inside of the case. Kit includes instructions for replacing packs with existing batteries.

Price $349 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Gen 2 MCD-4800 Charger

MCD-4800 Replacement AC/DC Charger - Generation 2
The "Gen 2" charger for the MCD-4800 works for both fast charging (under 4 hours), and "maintenance mode" charging for long term storage. It replaces the two previous chargers used in the Gen 1 model. Keep it plugged in for long term storage to maintain battery at 100%. This charger is not compatible with Gen 1 MCD-4800 terminals.

Price $233 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Fast Charger for the MCD-4800
Generation 1 MCD-4800 Replacement Quick-Charge AC/DC Charger
Price $167 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Trickle Charger for the MCD-4800
Generation 1 MCD-4800 Replacement Trickle-Charge AC/DC Charger
Price $125 USD

Please Order
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International Power Plugs
Replacement Universal Power Connectors
International plugs including U.S., U.K., European, Australian, China, N. Europe.

Price $27 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-4800 Keys
Extra MCD-4800 Keys
Keys are used in earlier versions of the MCD-4800. Customers that have lost or require more keys may order them here in sets of 2. Must have an MCD-4800 account to purchase.

Price $20 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-4800 Warranty
MCD-4800 3 Year Extended Warranty
This is a 24 month extension on the standard 12 month warranty. Standard & extended warranties include replacement parts & labor.

Price $1,942 USD

Please Order
emailor phone

MCD-4800 Warranty
MCD-4800 5 Year Extended Warranty
This is a 48 month extension on the standard 12 month warranty. Standard & Extended warranties include replacement parts & labor.

Price $2,950 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

 The MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal Specifications
MCD-4800 Contents The MCD-4800 integrates with Hughes 9450 BGAN terminal enclosed in a hardened Pelican 1450 case (Flyaway Case) with our proprietary electronics and software. System components include an AC/DC power-supply / charger with international plug adapters (US, UK, AU, EU, China, N. Europe), 12V vehicle mini-inverter, compass, cradled analog phone, laminated Quickstart Guide (affixed to case lid), users manuals, software, an MCD-4800 gadget App on a USB flash drive, and a small ruggedized bag to hold all components.
Terminal Capability Internet (an open TCP-IP network to the Internet backbone), Email, Phone & Fax, VoIP, ISDN (64Kbps), FTP, SMS messaging, video streaming, VPN, private networking options available
Data / Internet Speeds Rated up to 464 Kbps down x 448 Kbps up with a standard IP data connection. Class 2 BGAN
Antenna Type Class 11
Global Service Inmarsat BGAN I4 network - Operates with any BGAN service provider. Ground Control Standard BGAN Service & BGAN M2M Service
BGAN Rx/Tx Frequencies L-band, Rx @ 1525.0-1559.0 MHz, Tx @ 1626.5-1660.5 MHz
EIRP 15.1 dBW
Network DHCP, NAT, Public/Static IP's available
Firewall At teleport - Whitelist and blacklist supported free - More information
Wireless LAN 802.11b - Up to 100 meters WiFi range. Up to 11 concurrent wireless connections
WiFi Connected Devices Up to 11 wireless devices may connect to the MCD-4800 simultaneously
Wireless Security WEP 64 & 128 bit, MAC filtering options for up to 10 devices
External Port - LAN RJ45 Ethernet with POE (Power Over Ethernet)
External Port - Voice RJ11 - Circuit switched (4kbps 3.1 Khz Audio)
Issued international phone number (Inmarsat satellite phone 870 country code)
External Port - Power Charge port for AC/DC power supply or optional foldable solar panel
Optional External Port 1 ISDN 64Kbps (RJ-45), Would replace external Ethernet LAN or phone
Optional External Port 2 FAX group 3 RJ-11 (with compatible group 3 fax machine) - Would replace external phone port
Streaming Services 1:1CIR 32Kbps, 64Kbps, 128Kbps - Streaming Information
Exterior Case Dimensions 17"L x 13.75"W x 6.75 "H (432 x 349 x 171 mm)
Weight MCD-4800 Case 25 lbs 4.3 oz (11.46 kg)
Internal Battery Life Up to 5 hours normal use
Power Draw The MCD-4800 draws 32 watts of power at idle, and 65 watts when transmitting.
Recharge Time Less than 4 hours (from fully discharged) using 110 to 240 VAC (worldwide)
Onboard Battery Type NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) - Material Safety Data Sheet
Regional Power Plug Compatibility Includes international plug kit for U.S., U.K., European, Australian, China, N. Europe - Info
AC/DC Power Supply - Charger Input 110 to 240 Volts AC. Output 28 Volts DC @ 8 Amps
Humidity 95% RH at +40°C
Operating Temperatures -15° F to 131° F (-26˚ C to +55˚ C) operating
Rain / Water / Dust: IP66 when closed (withstands powerful water jets from any direction)
Wind If case is secure, it is not affected by wind
Ice 20mm buildup before signal loss
Max Turning Rate (Azimuth) 40° per second
Turning Acceleration 50°/s2
Case Colors Available Desert tan (default color), yellow, black, silver, orange, OD green
Manufacturer Support The MCD-4800 is integrated satellite technology manufactured by Ground Control and support by us 24 x 7
Warranty 1 year standard warranty. 3 year and 5 year Extended Warranties available
Made In The USA The Hughes 9450 transceiver and the MCD-4800 case are U.S. manufactured
Inmarsat Type Approval The Hughes 9450 has been type approved by Inmarsat
Hughes 9450 Compliance FCC ID: K3YHNS9450, CE: CE0470, Class 2 BGAN terminal, Declaration of Conformity
PDF Brochure & Specs The MCD-4800 Brochure & Specifications

MCD-4800 Documentation

4800_Brochure_Link02 MCD-4800 The Football User Manual Hughes_9450_BGAN_Terminal_Users_Manual MCD-4800 Quickstart MCD-4800 Gadget

MCD-4800 Brochure

MCD-4800 User Guide

Hughes 9450 BGAN
User Manual

MCD-4800 Quickstart

MCD-4800 Gadget

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