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Flat panel satellite dish with boom
Front view of Kymeta Flat Panel
In-Motion Flat-Panel Satellite Dish
Side view of Kymeta Flat Panel Satellite System
Kymeta Flat Panel Satellite Antenna   - Documents
Page updated August 31, 2020
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The Kymeta Series Low-Profile VSAT Solutions
Do you require a low-profile satellite solution that delivers super high-speed Internet while parked or moving from any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform?... then the Kymeta U7 and U8 series flat-panel satellite terminal does deliver up to 5 Mbps by 2 Mbps speeds for North America, Europe or the Middle East.
Kymeta Flat-Panel Satellite Dish

It's about time this satellite form-factor is available to the general public!

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The Kymeta satellite systems service North America, Europe and the Middle East.

A Flat-Panel Broadband Hotspot - SOTM Satcom-On-The-Move
The Kymeta low-profile, low-maintenance terminal delivers consistent high-speed bandwidth in a form factor that has been lacking in the satellite Industry for years. These antennas are future-tech using hundreds of tiny electrically steerable liquid crystals that aggregate together forming the beam width of a standard VSAT satellite dish... Amazing. This easy to use multi-purpose communications terminal gives the speeds needed for mobile work regardless of where they are located.

Kymeta Video

Simple Operation
Operation is as easy as providing power to the terminal and turning it on. The satellite system will automatically lock on satellite and create a wireless hotspot (or Ethernet) for very high-speed Internet. No other interaction is needed and there is no special licensing or certification required to operate. And since there are no moving parts, there is nothing to deploy stow or maintain... Simply drive off.

Kymeta Flat Panel Antenna Features
All weather design for mounting on any mobile or fixed surface.
No moving parts. Nothing to deploy or stow for far fewer maintenence issues.
Simply turn it on for high-speed connectivity
High-Speed Internet up to 5Mbps x 2Mbps In-Motion or while parked.
Low-Profile... Mount high-speed Internet on vehicles/trucks/RVs that need the speed.
No certification or licensing required... May be used and operated by anyone.
No certified installer required for installation and activation.
Robust construction - Hardened and proven to work on land or maritime environments.
Rated to work in extreme temperatures between -25 °C to +55 °C
Establishes a wide area Wi-Fi access point automatically in seconds (U8 model only).

Kymeta U7 Brochure Kymeta U8 Brochure    
Kymeta U7 Brochure Kymeta U8 Brochure    

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