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  Satellite Consulting - Integrating Satellite Into Any Network
Ground Control works with 1000's of organizations to develop comprehensive satellite networks.

If your organization is considering integration of satellite service with your network, Ground Control has experienced satellite consultants that understand expected services as well as offering additional services not considered by management. You do not need to be an expert in satellite networking to speak with our consultants. We can quickly develop a comprehensive plan with associated costs and real-world roll-out schedules for presentation.

Satellite Consulting Services

Satellite Networking & Service

Satellite Networking Maps

pointer North American & Global Satellite Service & Networking
pointer Advanced Networking - Routing / Failover / On-Demand / Redundant Satellites
pointer Design RFP proposals & contract development for primary or 3rd party firm
pointer Satellite VPN - Robust VPN equipment solutions to maintain security of data
pointer Annual / Seasonal / Unlimited / Month-To-Month service contracts available
pointer On-Demand / Streaming / Emergency Service Plans Available
pointer Variable CIR - Unshared channels for unencumbered data traffic
pointer QoS - Quality Of Service - We design protocols to set priorities on various traffic over satellite
pointer Service Level Agreements (SLA) - Guaranteed delivery of services options
pointer Leased Line Provisioning - Connect client satellite sites to headquarters - Private Networking
pointer Online Activity Portal - Track usage / signal quality with all clients on satellite network
pointer Co-Location Service - Locate networking equipment at our various hardened satellite teleports
pointer Point-To-Point Satellite Networking - Avoid all terrestrial connections
pointer Mesh Satellite Networking - Satellite As Router
pointer Hybrid Satellite Networking - Use various forms of satellite communication with your network
pointer 24 x 7 Support with U.S. based experienced satellite technicians

Satellite Equipment - VSAT
Satellite Equipment List
pointer Ku-Band / Ka-Band / C-Band / X-Band / L-Band - Ground Control services all forms of sat links
pointer iDirect Satellite Solutions - iNfinity / Evolution satellite routers - Global use
pointer Fixed Satellite Dishes - Small or large, we can easily match equipment with location
pointer Radios / Mounting / Anti-Icing - No matter the location, we have solutions in any weather
pointer Mobile Satellite Equipment - Ground Control is a leader in mobile satellite solutions
pointer Portable Systems - Laptop sized solutions for global satellite communication
pointer Maritime Systems - World-Wide reach on the open seas
pointer Installation Services - We have extensive installation services globally
pointer Maintenance Agreements - Long term support of all in-field equipment

Phone & Video Conferencing Services
VoIP Over Satellite - Video Conferencing Image
pointer Integrate VoIP Phone service over satellite - Works identically to any phone on any desk
pointer PBX - Use internal PBX system to route voice calls over satellite.
pointer VoIP Phone Portal - Track usage, voicemail, contacts
pointer Cellular Over Satellite - Extend cellular service to weak or no-signal company locations
pointer Video Conferencing Over Satellite - Offer robust video conferencing solutions
pointer Satellite Phones - Iridium and IsatPhone for global portable voice communication

Industries We Specialize In
pointer Oil and Gas
pointer Federal State and Local Governments
pointer Emergency Service Organizations
pointer Military
pointer Media and News Services
pointer Private Organizations

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