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HughesNet - Direcway - Software Download

This page hosts new and legacy software downloads for HughesNet (Direcway) platform.

HughesNet Routing Configuration
Router IP Address - Defalut Gateway IP plus 1 (Static IP Users Only)
Default Gateway - IP address of the modem (shown on HN7000 "System Info" screen)
Subnet Mask -
DNS - or


DirecWay Installation Software
Type File = Zip file (
Size = 28.1 Megabytes ... Uploaded Feb 3, 2004
Windows ME, 2000, XP

DirecWay Installation Software
Version DAK_4.0.3.9
Type File = Zip file (
Size = 26.2 Megabytes ... Uploaded Nov 7, 2002
Windows ME, 2000, XP

DirecWay Service Pack C - Increase your speed
Version - Upgrades from Hughes
Type File = Executable (4039upgrade.exe)
Size = 952 Kilobytes ... Uploaded 7-31-2003
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
Must have software loaded and running before you
run this upgrade installation package.

Windows XP Registry Tweak
Windows 2000 Registry Tweak
DirecWay Registry Speed Tweak
Version - Registry file tweaker to increase Direcway upload/download speeds
Type File = .zip
Size = 574 Kilobytes ... Uploaded 2-4-03
For Windows XP and 2000 systems Only
Run this registry file to tweak your XP/2000 system to speed up your connection
speed. 256MB minimum RAM is needed. Software has only been tested
with XP systems. Use this tweak at your own risk.

LAN Client Configuration (Optimizer) for Network Client Computers
Version - LCCU
Type File = Executable (LCCU4035.exe)
Size = 118 Kilobytes ... Uploaded 1-17-03
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
The LAN Client Configuration Utility (LCCU) will help ensure that all the client computers on your local area network are optimized for use with DIRECWAY (Two-Way systems only). We strongly advise you read the Owners Manual before attempting to use the LCCU. - Does not work with Direcway 4020s.

LAN Client Configuration Manual
Version - LCCU
Type File = PDF (LCCUManual.pdf)
Size = 599 Kilobytes ... Uploaded 1-17-03
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
The Manual for the LAN Client Configuration.

FAP Monitor - (Fair Access Policy)

Version - Web Link to
Name -
Size = 1.71 Megabytes ... Uploaded 2-4-03
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
Link to page that discusses the FAP policy at Hughes as well as a link to a very handy software utility that shows you your current FAP usage.

DirecWay 4020 Installer Software

Version -
Type File = Zipped File
Size = 30MB ... Uploaded 1-24-03
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
4020 Installer Laptop Software




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