Look Angle Calculator

This tool is designed to assist in locating potential obstacles, such as buildings or trees, that could obstruct the line of sight between a satellite dish and an orbiting satellite. By inputting a street or city address anywhere in the world, the look angle calculator generates a detailed aerial view of the installation location. The tool then provides the compass heading that points directly towards the satellite, along with the elevation angle, which is commonly referred to as the “look angle”. This information is critical in determining the optimal placement of the satellite dish.

To use this tool, users will need to provide the name of the satellite or its longitude, as well as the address where the installation will take place. The tool will then generate a detailed map of the area, showing any potential obstacles that could affect the line of sight between the satellite and the installation location. This information can help users choose the best location for their satellite dish and ensure that they receive the best possible signal strength.

Elevation: is how high from the horizon the satellite is (90° is vertical)
Azimuth (magn): is simply the compass heading to point the dish toward
LNB Skew: is used for installers in fine tuning the LNB radio axis
Your Location: the GPS coordinates (in decimal form) of the address.
Service provided by DishPointer.

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