VPN Over Satellite

In the past, the greatest hurdle for using VPN over a satellite connection was the loss of speed performance due to the high-latency nature of all satellite communication. Today, many VPN solutions have latency tools that work with satellite, and we recommend you speak with a Ground Control sales representative to confirm your VPN is satellite compatible.


Ground Control has very low latency

Ground Control’s premium iDirect satellite network is ideal for VPN because it comes close to the absolute minimum possible latency over satellite (476 milliseconds). Our network consistently has a latency between 500 to 650 milliseconds where consumer grade satellite services are twice that figure (between 1000 to 1500 milliseconds). Lower latency = increased VPN performance.

Dedicated, hybrid and standard shared services

There is more than one kind of satellite network to run your VPN over. We have dedicated unshared networks, or less expensive shared networks, or a hybrid of the two where just VPN can be routed through a dedicated channel, and all other traffic is on a shared channel. Ground Control will help you match the best network design to your performance requirements. Information on Dedicated / Hybrid Services.

Satellite networking with Ground Control

Ground Control’s North American Teleport is capable of offering your organization numerous connectivity solutions at an affordable rate. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative for more information regarding your satellite requirements.


Total private satellite network

An alternative to a VPN, which uses the Internet, is a Total Private Network (TPN), which places a terrestrial leased line from your network directly to our satellite NOC. A Total Private Network does not require a VPN to operate, and as such performance can be increased. Dedicated, unlimited networking solutions from Ground Control.


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