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Golze Engineering provides continuous in-flight weather data to general aviation aircraft. Their ADL system displays a moving map overload with radar, strikes and satellite weather data. This includes wind speeds, temperature, METAR and TAF. In addition, you can send and receive short text messages and emails

Ground Control provides the Iridium satellite modem and modest antenna requirements needed for Golze Engineering’s in-flight weather monitoring products. They serve aircraft operators across the globe with cost-effective Iridium-enabled communications to regularly update aviators on changing weather conditions during their flight time.

While alternative dedicated solutions for in-flight weather exist for North America, Golze Engineering serves the rest of the world, where such services are not available, with its affordable solutions.

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  • Aircraft Monitoring


  • Aviation

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Our team provides technical experience and know-how to enable businesses to adopt satellite successfully, and we share this openly via opensource code, and example code. Our products enable rapid hardware prototyping, and simple APIs within our platform Cloudloop to transfer data to AWS.

We have the scale to access great pricing, and we promote self-service through the Cloudloop platform.

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