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Ponsse specializes in cut-to-length mechanized wood harvesting machinery. Using this method, trees are processed in the forest according to their intended use, which is more efficient as it removes overlapping work stages. It also enables flexibility over thinning and regeneration models, as the forestry machines are easy to manoeuvre, and trees are harvested one by one.

Founded in 1970 in Finland, Ponsse’s machines are now available to purchase or rent across the globe. Forestry machinery is subject to harsh environmental conditions, and forestry operations are, in places, heavily regulated. With this in mind, harvesters and forwarders are equipped with sensors which capture their location in real time, and monitor the status of various onboard systems. Collectively, these systems enhance operational safety and contribute to sustainable forest management.

If the machine is outside of cellular coverage, Ponsse can deploy a customized RockBLOCK Plus to transmit the telemetry data. This enables Ponsee’s customers to have confidence that, no matter where they deploy their machinery, they can confidently locate it and its condition.

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  • Machine Telemetry


  • Forestry