i-Comm Secure


The i-Comm Secure is an encrypted communications device, linking assets via a WiFi or LAN connection, with full remote management and supervision. It complements our range of cellular communication products, and is ideal for utilities, IoT, retail and many other applications where PSTN services are being withdrawn, and cellular connections are unavailable or undesirable.

Advanced secure communications

The i-Comm Secure provides a secure network tunnel for communication. Using a standard RS232/V24 interface with power via interface or external PSU. Its small size and light weight means it needs no additional fixing in most applications.

i-Comm uses Ground Control’s iPAM Intelligent IP application and data management system, providing an always-on link to the connected asset. iPAM manages addressing and routing to provide a static IP:Port for communication regardless of i-Comm address environment.

The service is secure and appears exactly the same as our cellular service to customers, so the communication process is identical. Core services running on UK-located AWS Scalable Servers, with redundancy for high tier reliability.

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Key Features
Tech Specification
  • Replaces obsolescent PSTN services where cellular is not an option
  • Secure encrypted serial to IP bridge and connection manager
  • Transparent TCP/IP connection for full interoperability with existing systems
  • IP Transport Layer Security and AES encryption
  • WiFi connection. LAN expansion option (additional unit)
  • Flexible powering options
  • Secure, light touch configuration
  • Remote configuration and status via app or browser
  • Full management and analysis via iPAM platform
  • Remote upgradeability
  • Communication: IPv4/IPv6 stack with TCP and UDP protocols, and Wi proprietary secure communication technologies
  • Encryption and security: TLS 1.2 and AES encryption
  • Network interface: WiFi connection or LAN via separate secure WiFi / LAN bridge. Static IP or DHCP
  • Interface: Industry standard 25 way D-Sub socket, V24 RXD, TXD, DCD, DTR, RTS, CTS, RI and DSR 1200 – 9600bps, even or no parity. Other configurations available on request
  • Configuration: Local via serial port, remotely via browser and app
  • Updates: Remote upgrade via iPAM system
  • Enclosure: Custom moulded fire resistant ABS housing
  • Weight: 90g
  • Operating conditions: -30 to +75°C operating; –40 to +85°C storage. Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
  • CE / UKCA Certification: EMC, LVD and all applicable standards

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Our team of industry experts designed and manufactured the i-Cell range to meet the discerning needs of Utilities and Retail organisations needing a solution to the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks.

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