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Fleet Broadband Accelerator Software and Manual
Increase your Browsing page loading and Email speeds tremendously with all Fleet Broadband terminals on Ground Control's network by installing this utility. NOTE - This utility does not work on systems that are not part of the Ground Control / StratosNet network. More Information

General FleetBroadband Manuals & Guides
Sailor 150 Users Manual
Sailor 150 Installation Manual
Sailor 250 & 500 Users Manual
Sailor 250 & 500 Installation Manual
Sailor IP Phone Handset Manual
IP Phone Quickstart - General Information
Configure Fleet Broadband with a Static IP
Fleet Broadband Best Practices Manual

LATEST FleetBroadband LaunchPad Support Software
Launchpad Installation Software Version 5 (Windows XP and Vista, Win 7)
Installer for Java
(Requred if prompted)

For the most recent release of Fleet Broadband software, please visit the Inmarsat support pages

Manufacturer Terminal(s) Version OS File

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