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November 1, 2021

5 Ways to Reduce Data Transmission Costs in the Oil Well Lifecycle

Consulting firm McKinsey projected that the Oil and Gas industry could add up to $250 billion of value to their upstream operations by 2030. How? By leveraging technology to improve connectivity, optimizing drilling and production output, and improving maintenance and field operations.

In this webinar, hosted by Ben Travers and Liz Wilson of Ground Control, we explore five ways in which this optimized connectivity can be achieved – whether that’s through lowering costs through better device monitoring, choosing the best communications strategy for each application, or by implementing emerging technology such as edge computing.

Satellite connectivity is already widely used in the Oil well lifecycle, because there’s no more reliable and secure way of getting your data from remote locations back to your engineering or HSE team. But it’s fair to say that it’s viewed by some as expensive and a necessary evil.

However, as more and more satellite companies have started offering commercial services, competition has expedited both the diversification of airtime services, and lowered the cost. It’s time for Oil companies to revisit their current set up and see if they could save money by adopting different forms of connectivity at different stages of the oil well lifecycle.

If it sounds complicated and expensive to review your current connectivity infrastructure, there’s good news here, too; devices are available now which will integrate with your legacy set up, extending their lifecycle, while conferring you the benefits of better connectivity at a lower price.

If you’d like to learn more about Ground Control’s satellite connectivity solutions for Oil and Gas companies, please get in touch; we have over 20 years’ experience in helping companies like yours get the optimal combination of airtime, hardware and services.

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