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Cloudloop is a single place to manage your contracts and analyse your usage. We currently support:

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Cloudloop makes integration easier

Cloudloop makes it easier for systems integrators and engineers to access their data faster and quicker. By using Cloudloop versus the traditional integration methods, customers reduce time to market, offload complexity and operational management, and benefit from competitive plans.

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Cloudloop enables M2M and IoT

Simplifies management of your airtime and devices, with bulk activation, deactivation, and suspension. It is an API-first platform with low latency APIs for message consumption. It features native messaging, and data storage to simplify integration and debugging for developers.

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Cloudloop is connected to AWS

Cloudloop's AWS integration enables it to deliver data directly to customers. Cloudloop has the concept of a “Route”, and this is where we route messages to a different delivery end point (in this case, AWS). Simple self-service set-up and installation via a Terraform package.

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The Cloudloop platform puts you in control

Cloudloop makes it easy for you to see how many minutes your terminals and satellite phones are using, how much data you have left on your airtime plans, and what your current billing looks like. Analyse the data, set allowances, review alerts where users have gone over a pre-specified level – you’re in control.

  • Users can see data usage, and costs in real time as well as view historical reports
  • Allowance alerts make you aware when your devices are approaching their data limits
  • View each device’s usage at any time
  • Interface your own system with Cloudloop
  • Choose how you’d like the data delivered from your devices

Cloudloop is owned and operated by Ground Control, a Tier 1 Iridium Reseller. We have been working with Iridium for over 10 years, and have extensive experience with commercial and government customers, as well as NGOs, charities and the scientific community. In short, you are in safe hands.

Easy to integrate with your own systems

While some customers prefer to use the Cloudloop online UI, we make it easy for you to activate, suspend, deactivate and review billing information programmatically via your own system. Using our fully featured API, you can take full control of your Iridium SBD, Certus, Satellite Phone and Inmarsat BGAN contracts and billing and integrate them with your own platform.

In fact, Ground Control are the only Iridium Service Provider who will deliver your SBD data directly to and from your own Amazon SQS queues. We provide a CloudFormation stack which creates your queues and takes care of cross account permissions.

"At long last I can see reliable itemised usage costs for all our Iridium devices!"

John Bilger