SES2 Footprint – North America Ku-Band


This SES-2 footprint shows the recommended EIRP angle (ranging from 42 to 52), and the elevation angle (0° – 10°).


More on Dual Matrix Service

Ground Control’s two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix Service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to.

Dual Matrix – Dual Satellite Network

More on Satellite Orbit Heights

Satellites in geostationary orbit are geosynchronous with the earth; they’re moving at the same speed as the planet, and so appear to be stationary to us. As they’re in much higher orbit, they can ‘see’ much more of the earth, so fewer satellites are needed to cover a large territory.

Satellite Orbit Heights

Products (optionally) using SES-2 satellite service