At Ground Control, we believe in providing our customers with top-notch support.
That's why every customer gets access to our experienced and knowledgeable support team.
With decades of satellite communications service between them, they can assist you with everything
from selecting the right device to installation, and you can enjoy unlimited lifetime support.

Services We Offer

Device & Airtime Selection

It's pretty common for our support team to be engaged pre-sale, as they have a huge amount of technical expertise and in-field experience. They can offer you first-hand advice on the best device and airtime for your requirement.

Network Design & Installation

We can, and do, physically install devices for customers, and we're frequently asked for advice on device placement, which we're happy to provide. We also offer consultancy services on network design and implementation.

Customer Training & Support

If you want to train your team to point and install your satellite communications' devices, we can help. Why not learn from the experts? We're also here from 7:30AM - 4:30PM PST every working day to help you out.

Device and Airtime Selection

How are we going to get your data to you in the most efficient way?

To ensure the most efficient delivery of your data, our team of solutions architects will collaborate with you to assess your security requirements and traffic type. We’ll evaluate how frequently you’ll need to transmit data and from where, as well as any additional systems we need to interface with, including IP, serial, or message-based systems. Our support team is also available to assist you in selecting the appropriate airtime and devices to suit your needs, regardless of whether you’re a new or existing customer.


Network Design and Installation

Our support team is well-equipped to provide you with reliable and expert advice regarding network design. Not only that, we can also take on the responsibility of designing and implementing your network on your behalf. This means that you can rest assured that your network will be up and running without the need to train your team on unfamiliar technology.

In addition, we frequently receive inquiries about installation advice, particularly on the best placement of devices to optimise communication with the satellite. We offer both desk-based surveys and on-site testing with multiple devices to determine the best location for your preferred setup.

Our support team is also experienced in testing common data loggers and sensor gateways with our devices. If you inform us of your existing infrastructure, we may have worked with it before and can assist you in implementing it smoothly.

Customer Training and Support

Contacting the support team during office hours is free and unlimited for Ground Control customers; call us on +1 800 931 5559 or email

The support team are here to help with device set up, configuration, usage and trouble-shooting, and we can also train your team remotely or in-person, if you’d like to develop this skill set in-house. You can contact us for help using our Subscription, Device and Data management platform, Cloudloop, or any of our legacy platforms.

Optionally, we can hold stock of hardware for emergency repairs; a popular choice for our customers who operate critical national infrastructure.


The Ground Control Difference

Almost everyone has a support team. But we think we’re unique in a couple of important ways. Firstly, we really do have decades of experience within our global support team; the team leaders in the US and UK have 20+ years experience each! You’re getting expert advice from people who have been there and done that.

It’s also in our attention to detail. Every third party device we send out, we test beforehand to ensure it’s working flawlessly and using the latest firmware. We don’t want you to have to install updates as soon as you lay hands on your device. And every own-brand device such as our Rock series of products gets soak-tested before dispatch.

We want to make your project a success, and we’ve the skill, hardware, airtime and platform to ensure that it is.

Want to Know More?

Ground Control's satellite communication devices support IoT, tracking and portable satellite internet applications, so if you're looking for advice on any of these areas, please get in touch - we're here to help.

Call or email us, or complete the form, and someone from our very experienced team (did we mention they were experienced?) will come back to you within one working day.