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Fleetbroadband service is global
(except for polar regions)
Sailor FB150 $5,100 USD
Antenna Dia 27.5 cm x 29.2 h
150 Kbps Speeds
Sailor FB250 $8,859
Antenna Diameter 27.5 cm x 33 H
284 Kbps Speeds

Sailor FB500 $13,499
Antenna Dia 68.7 cm x 79.8 h
432 Kbps Speeds
FleetBroadband Inmarsat Coverage Map
Seamless Worldwide Coverage
FleetBroadband service is global using any service plan. Moving into different satellite coverage areas requires no user interaction and does not interrupt service. Worry free connectivity.

   FleetBroadband Monthly Service Plans
Monthly Plan Voice SMS Overage Monthly Cost
75 Megabytes
($9.33 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 $14.99 per MB $700 usd
250 Megabytes
($4.71 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 $4.75 per MB $1,178 usd
1 Gigabyte
($1.53 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 $2.52 per MB $1,534 usd
4 Gigabytes
($0.45 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 $0.99 per MB $1,810 usd
8 Gigabytes
($0.30 per MB)
$0.50/min $0.50 $0.49 per MB $2,438 usd
20 Gigabytes
($0.15 per MB)
$0.50/min $0.50 $0.49 per MB $2,990 usd
40 Gigabytes
($0.10 per MB)
$0.50/min $0.50 $0.38 per MB $3,975 usd
  FleetBroadband Monthly Plan Details - SKU: FLEETBWM
   Minimum term on 75, 250, and 1 GB plans is 12 months. Minimum term for 4, 8, 20 and 40 GB plans is 24 months.
   Purchase is of FleetBroadband SIM card. This SIM may be used in any FleetBroadband terminal.
   Unused Megabytes do not rollover to the following month.
   Voice and SMS usage will be billed monthly. Incoming voice calls and SMS texts are free.
   Voice charges are to any cellphone or landline worldwide - Here are non-standard calling rates.
   A 2nd "Dual" FleetBroadband SIM Card is available free on all plans - 2nd Sim card must be on same vessel - more
   All plans renew month-to-month at end of their commitment term.

   Prepaid Service Plans - 12 Month Valid Period
Prepaid Plan Voice SMS Data Valid Period Overage Prepaid Cost
0.9 Gigabyte
($9.33 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 12 months $14.99 per MB $8,400 usd
3 Gigabytes
($4.71 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 12 months $4.75 per MB $14,136 usd
12 Gigabytes
($1.53 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 12 months $2.52 per MB $18,408 usd
50 Gigabytes*
($0.43 per MB)
$0.90/min $0.50 12 months $0.99 per MB $21,720 usd
100 Gigabytes*
($0.29 per MB)
$0.50/min $0.50 12 months $0.49 per MB $29,256 usd
  FleetBroadband Prepaid Plan Details - SKU: FLEETBWP
   All prepaid plans are valid for 12 months. Megabytes/Gigabytes in plan may be used at any time during the valid period.
   *The 50 and 100 Gigabyte Plans require a 2 year commitment term and renew at the end of the first year.
   Voice charges are to any cellphone or landline worldwide - Here are non-standard calling rates.
   Voice and SMS usage will be billed monthly. Incoming voice calls and SMS texts are free.
   Purchase is of FleetBroadband SIM card. This SIM may be used in any FleetBroadband terminal.
   A 2nd "Dual" FleetBroadband SIM Card is available free on all plans - 2nd Sim card must be on same vessel - more
   All plans may be designed to renew at the end of the term automatically.

  Optional Add-On Services for FleetBroadband
  Include a local phone number (from most any country)
       Gives your Fleetbroadband phone a local number from most cities in the world.
$10 per month + minutes
More Info
  Add A Static - Public IP
       Static IP's, or "Global IP's" are often used for VPN's. Available for all FB SIMs.
$25 Monthly, $75 Quarterly,
$300 Annually

  Add a 2nd SIM Card (Crew SIM) And Double The Service
       A 2nd SIM Card or a "Dual SIM" allows a single vessel to configure a 2nd SIM with stringent
       usage controls (for a crew SIM) such as only email, and/or voice calling and/or strict Firewall
       rules and/or disable any service(s). Simply swap SIMs and reboot. A 2nd SIM may also be
       placed in a 2nd FleetBroadband terminal on the same vessel that shares the service at no
       additional cost - double your speed. (must be on the same vessel to avoid suspension).

  Firewall - Whitelist - Blacklist Rules
       Limit Internet traffic (and expenses) to only chosen destinations.
More Info
  Steaming Services CIR 1:1
       An unshared data channel for stable live video broadcasting.
       Streaming Services billed at (all per minute rates)
       Streaming Services are available for all plans, except the Small Vessel Plan.
       Please request Streaming Services be enabled for use at time of activation.
Streaming Services
8Kbps = $0.46/min
16Kbps = $0.94/min
24Kbps = $1.41/min
32Kbps = $3.92/min
64Kbps = 5.34/min
128Kbps = 15.70/min
256Kbps = $31.41/min

MCD-4800 Offshore  
MCD-4800 - Global All-Weather Maritime Hotspot
Simply place the closed MCD-4800 waterproof case under an open sky rain-or-shine on land or at sea anywhere on the globe and turn it on... in under a minute it becomes a broadband WiFi satellite Internet hotspot. Service plans plans run about $5 per Megabyte transferred using standard BGAN service.
MCD-4800 Information

Mobile Broadband Freedom
With Fleetbroadband, once the antenna and controller are mounted, just turn it on. In seconds, you can connect to the Internet at broadband speeds and make crystal clear calls simultaneously. You may connect one or more computers to the network, or connect a wireless router to provide service to authorized in-range devices such as smartphone and iPads. Use a standard corded or cordless phone and make or receive calls from anywhere. You can even have a local number from most any location. Fleetbroadband may be operated by anyone globally without licensing or certification.

Other FleetBroadband Features
High-Speed Internet connectivity that works just like terrestrial networks.
Operates on any vessel type.
No special requirements for installation (even self installation).
Self-contained. Requires only power and a clear view of the sky.
Works with standard corded or cordless phone. Terminal jack is assigned a phone number.
Easy to operate. No complicated networking. No IT specialist to keep it functioning.
SMS messaging, ISDN services are supported
Multiple lines supported (up to 9) for a one time activation fee.
Server Side Firewall Controls - User defined whitelist/blacklist - Free from Ground Control
Highly reliable. FBB L-Band antennas operate very well in sever weather and rough seas.
Worldwide unbroken ocean-to-ocean coverage. Coverage Map Details

Global Internet In A Case - Land & Sea Comms
Ground Control manufactures a 100% global Internet case that uses the Iridium satellite network. Dubbed the MCD-Pilot, this multi-purpose case can be used on any surface, moving or stationary, anywhere on the planet... especially polar regions not covered by geostationary satellites. It is a WiFi hotspot that provides up to 128 Kbps Internet speeds, 3 phone lines and operates up to 20 hours on internal battery. A 100% global-ready office - more info

MCD-PILOT Global Case

Make Any FleetBroadband A Wi-Fi Hotspot
Any authorized wireless device, such as laptop, iPad or smartphone can easily connect by simply using a standard wireless router.
BGAN Wireless Access Point

You Have Our Full Support

We're not just a reseller, Ground Control's Fleetbroadband servers make your online experience the best it can be. We've been a a leader in high-speed satellite Internet connectivity since 2002 because we provide unique solutions for our clients.

 FleetBroadband Equipment Brochures and Manuals
PDF Icon Skipper FB150 Brochure - Skipper 150 Users Manual - Quickstart - FAX - Accessories
pdf icon Sailor FB150 Brochure - Sailor FB150 Users Manual - Accessories
pdf icon Sailor FB250 Brochure - Sailor FB250 Users Manual - Accessories
pdf icon Sailor FB500 Brochure - Sailor FB500 Users Manual - Accessories
pdf icon JRC FB251 Brochure - JRC FB250 Users Manual - Accessories
pdf icon JRC FB501 Brochure - JRC FB250 Users Manual - Accessories
  Free Test Call - Dial +870-776-999-999 from your FleetBroadband Phone

  Sailor FB-500 Antenna   Sailor FB500 Package Contents  
The Sailor FB500 exterior antenna measures 2' feet in diameter by 2.1' feet in height. (605mm x 630mm).
Also included with the Sailor FB500 is the transceiver, one IP handset with cradle, software & manuals, a FB Sim Card, Ethernet cable, and a short power cable. (Not shown is the 25 meter antenna cable. Please refer to the FB Installation Manual for details.)
  Fleet Broadband FB500 Tranciever Controller   FB500 Sim Card Slot  
The Sailor FB250 or FB500 transceiver ports (from right to left) are L-Band, Antenna, Phone 1 (RJ-11), Phone 2 (RJ-11), ISDN, 4 LAN Ports with POE, DC Input Port, IO Port, Power Switch, and Grounding Stud. Detailed information is in the FB Installation Manual
The Sim Card slot is just above the ISDN port. It is the Sim Card that holds the account information of the Fleet Broadband terminal. More than on Sim Card may be used to to have as a backup in case the primary card suspends.
  FB 500 LAN Port   FB500 Bottom  
There are 4 Ethernet ports on the back of the FB250 or FB500 Transceiver that are POE (Power over Ethernet) capable for connecting such items as in IP camera.
  The bottom of the Sailor 500.  
  Mast Mounting Kit   Pole Mounting Kit  
Ground Control offers a easy mounting solutions for your FleetBroadband system.
This is a pole top mounting kit $319.69 from Thrane. It fits the outer diameter of a 48.3 to 52mm pole. Fleetbroadband Accessories
  FleetBroadband IP Handset   Fleet Broadband IP Handset Dislpay  
The IP Handsets of the Sailor systems plug directly into an available Ethernet port . However you may connect ANY standard wired or wireless phone to the RJ-11 phone jack.
Shown is the full-color display of the IP Phone handset. For more information regarding the IP phone, please visit this page.
  FB250 on a sailboat   FleetBroadband Use On Board  
Fleetbroadband antennas use "L-band" which is a very long wavelength and operates very well in heavy rain compared to the Ku-band and C band satellite dish systems.
Accessing important corporate data at any time is no longer an ordeal. Broadband speeds of up to 432Kbps, and crystal clear global calling simultaneously.
  FleetBroadband Fishing Boat   FleetBroadband Crew Use  
This fishing boat uses an FB250 for accessing weather maps and sister ship data.
FleetBroadband calling is as easy as picking up the phone, hearing dial tone, and calling anyone on the planet. You may use any standard wired or wireless phone.
  Fleetbroadband Video Monitoring   FleetBroadband Passenger Use  
  This engineer controls video cameras and transfers the images to corporate for analysis.  
No complicated connectivity, and no IT specialist required. Fleetbroadband is simple, reliable, phone & Internet on the open ocean.

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