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  Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT Push-To-Talk - In Stock
   Complete Package
Iridium PTT Radio-Handset Phone
Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT - Complete Package - Link
Shipping Worldwide

Price: $1,689 USD

Visa - MasterCard - Paypal
Or please email or call

Global PTT Push-To-Talk Service
Iridium PTT (Push-To-Talk) service is $67/month per Iridium Extreme 9475 PTT satellite phone for unlimited PTT usage. This includes a small or medium sized Talkgroup at no additional cost! New pricing for 2017! - more
$67/month USD
per PTT Handset

More Information

Iridium Extreme PTT Satellite Phones - PHOTOS
Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT phones are identical to standard Iridium Extreme 9575 phones, but have the added ability to act as a global push-to-talk radio with other PTT phones in its Talkgroup. Now at the touch of a button, communicate instantly with one or more PTT phones no matter their global location the touch of a button.

No towers, no dead zones, no infrastructure to build or maintain and the instant ability to modify service regions anywhere on the globe.  Iridium PTT supports unlimited number of handsets at $67/mo per phone.
Iridium Extreme PTT Brochure

Iridium PTT Rental Case Rental Case - Try the Iridium PTT Handsets
PTT Demo Case
Rent two or three Iridium PTT for testing the PTT service. This is for subscribers interested in purchasing PTT service and wish to demo the system before purchasing.
$20/day USD
$20/day for 2 handsets
$30/day for 3 handsets

Rental Information

Iridium Extreme Quick Features:
Communicate with a group of PTT radio-phones at the touch of a button
100% global coverage - more
Unlimited Push-To-Talk talk time - No per-minute costs
Can quickly switch to satellite telephone mode to make and receive phone calls

Push to talk button
Ease Of Use
Operation of the Iridium PTT is as easy as pressing the push-to-talk button and then speaking into the handset mic. All PTT phones in the same "Talkgroup" will hear your voice in under half a second.

Iridium Extreme PTT Satellite Phones

Iridium PTT (Push-To-Talk)
Any organization or private party can stay connected with other Iridium PTT handsets close by or on the other side of the planet at the touch of a button for $67 a month per handset with no additional per minute PTT costs no matter how long PTT service is used.

These Iridium PTT handsets easily handle any size group from search and rescue teams, to two hunters in a deep valley... no matter how rugged the environment or harshness of the weather. These radios are nearly indestructible and built to meet military reliability standard (US DoD 810F) with an ingress protection rating of IP65 (operates in water jets from any direction).

Iridium PTT - Two Phones   Iridium PTT - Military Use
The Iridium PTT radio-phones communicate with one or many PTT handsets by pressing the "push-to-talk" button, no matter where the PTT phones are located. There are no "dead" zones using the Iridium global technology.
Two seconds after pressing the PTT button, all phones assigned to the Talkgroup will hear the broadcast no matter their location. Since PTT communication is by satellite, there is no expensive infrastructure required such as installing radio towers.
More PTT Photos

PTT Talkgroups
A Talkgroup is a term used to describe a group of PTT handset-radios and where they operate on the planet. All new accounts normally start out with a couple of PTT radios and a single Talkgroup. The subscriber will then use the PTT Command Center portal and drag-and-drop their two PTT phones into that Talkgroup. They then define locations of operation in the portal where the radios will operate. While the PTT service is 100% global, the actual service areas are one or more bordered regions drawn on a Google map inside the portal (here is an example). All these functions are created by the subscriber and instantly implemented by the subscriber.

There are several Talkgroups based on square kilometer size... The actual square kilometers can be spread into many service regions anywhere on the planet. A Talkgroup can have any number of phones assigned to it. Bottom line to understand is that pressing the PTT button on a PTT phone will communicate to all handsets in its Talkgroup with unlimited talk-time.

To get a better visual understanding of how Talkgroups are actually used, please visit the Command Center Portal page.

In our opinion, what could be more cost effective than using a highly functional radio network (used by military organizations for years) that has no towers to maintain, operates on 100% of the globe, and can be rolled out immediately for a fraction of the cost of traditional radio systems?

Iridium PTT Range Finder & Viewing Multiple Talkgroups
Iridium PTT Displays

Command Center Portal - Service Regions and Talkgroups Control
The Command Center Portal gives administrators a powerful tool to instantly assign PTT phones to a purchased Talkgroup and draw the service regions for that Talkgroup. PTT phones in a Talkgroup may instantly communicate with other PTT phone in all service regions of that Talkgroup. Service regions can be located anywhere on the globe and are implemented immediately. Here is more information on the Iridium PTT Command Center Portal.

Iridium PTT Command Center

  Iridium Extreme PTT Features
Iridium PTT Push To Talk Features
   Communicate with anyone in your Talkgroup anywhere on the planet by pressing the PTT button.
   Unlimited PTT Usage – No per minute cost for any amount of usage.
   Command Center Portal - Control all aspects of your PTT phones from one intuitive interface - more
   PTT display will show name, direction and distance of speaker. Such as "John Smith, 38 mi NW". - more
   Create more than one Talkgroup per handset. Communicate with different teams.
   100% Global Coverage within defined smaller zones. Up to 10 zones per Talkgroup - map
   Instant updating of service zones from the Command Center web portal - more
   Unlimited number of PTT phones supported in any Talkgroup.
   Interagency - Include PTT phones from other organizations for a shared PTT talkgroup.
   Docking stations available. Corded or cordless "lapel" mics make PTT use familiar - more
   Handsets may switch to "Phone mode" to make and receive satellite calls from anyone.

Iridium Phone General Features
   Water, shock and dust proof for extreme environments MIL-STD 810F IP65 Ingress rating.
   Includes vehicle Mag-Mount antenna. Can be used for indoors external antenna as well - pic
   Operates on 100% of the globe (oceans, polar regions), all that is required is open sky.
   Online Tracking - GPS enabled location-based service.
   3.5 hours talk time, 30 hours stand-by per charged battery.
   Simple SMS and email messaging capability.
   Integrated speakerphone.
   Handsfree headset with on-wire volume control and answer button & microphone - pic
   200 character brightly illuminated graphic display.
   Pre-programmable International Access Code (00 or +).
   100 entry internal address book.
   Call history retains received, missed and dialed calls.
   Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Waiting, Call Holding.
   Optional Keypad lock (unlock with pin number).
   4x16 alphanumeric, backlit keyboard.
   Multiple languages, Clock on display (GMT),Vibracall.
   DD key, call forward, voicemail, SMS, (160 characters).

Iridium PTT Global Map
100% Global Service
Iridium PTT service is 100% global even on the North and South poles. With global coverage, PTT phones are limited to defined operational service regions defined in the Command Center Portal. Administrators can add-move-remove service regions to anywhere on the planet instantly.

Iridium PTT coverage map information

Iridium PTT Service Costs
There are three parts to any Iridium PTT account... First is the $67 per month per handset fee. Next is the Talkgroup Service Monthly Fee which is free for Small and Medium sized Talkgroups, and third is the Standard Iridium Satellite Phone Service which has discounts on the monthly fee and is only charged only when voice calls are made. All three of these services/fees are listed below.

Iridium PTT Handset Monthly Access Fee
Month-To-Month Terms - No Long Term Contracts - Free Activation
(U.S. Dollars)
Visa - Mastercard - PayPal
   Iridium PTT Standard Monthly Handset Access Fee - 12 month minimum term
       All PTT phones are billed a $67 usd monthly access fee per Iridium Extreme
       9575 handset phone.

$67 usd per month
per handset

   The minimum term for PTT service is 12 months... 3 month terms are available for an additional monthly cost.
   PTT service requires no SIM card for PTT service in the handset. If using phone service, a SIM card is required.
   Early termination fee for PTT service is $400 usd per handset (12 month term plans).

Iridium PTT Talkgroups - Important Facts
A Talkgroup is one or more PTT service regions created by the subscriber in the Command Center Portal.
A Talkgroup monthly subscription is based on total square kilometers (km2). A small Talkgroup = 100,000 km2.
A small Talkgroup may have up to 5 service regions before hitting the 100,000 km2 size limit.
Service regions may be drawn and located anywhere on the globe in the Command Center.
PTT phones (aka radios or handsets) are assigned to a Talkgroup in the Command Center.
Any number of PTT phones may be assigned to a Talkgroup.
PTT phones in a Talkgroup communicate with all PTT phones from ALL service regions of that Talkgroup.
A single PTT phone may be assigned to a maximum of 15 Talkgroups (if more than one Talkgroup is ordered).

Here are examples of sizes of small, medium and large Talkgroup sizes (total size in 1 unbroken region):
Talkgroup Size Examples

Do note that Talkgroup regions can be made up of many smaller service regions located anywhere on the planet that equal the total talkgroup size.

Iridium PTT Global Talkgroups
12 month minimum term - Free Activation
(U.S. Dollars)
Visa - Mastercard
Discover - Amex - PayPal
Small Talkgroup (up to 100,000 km2) - Unlimited Talktime - Unlimited Handsets
GLOBAL USE - (Except Middle East - info)
Unlimited PTT talk time. No PTT per minute costs.
May create up to 5 service regions with a 100,000 square kilometer limit - more
All Talkgroups support an unlimited number of assigned handsets at no additional cost.
A minimum of 3 handsets must be active for the free Talkgroup pricing.
Medium Talkgroup (up to 300,000 km2) - Unlimited Talktime - Unlimited Handsets
GLOBAL USE - (Except Middle East - info)
Unlimited PTT talk time. No PTT per minute costs.
May create multiple service regions for a total of 300,000 square kilometer limit - more
All Talkgroups support an unlimited number of assigned handsets at no additional cost.
A minimum of 3 handsets must be active for the free Talkgroup pricing.
Large Talkgroup (up to 750,000 km2) - Unlimited Talktime - Unlimited Handsets
GLOBAL USE - (Except Middle East - info)
Unlimited PTT talk time. No PTT per minute costs.
May create multiple service regions for a total of 750,000 square kilometer limit - more
All Talkgroups support an unlimited number of assigned handsets at no additional cost.
Price: $450/month
per Talkgroup

X-Large Talkgroup (up to 1,500,000 km2) - Unlimited Talktime - Unlimited Handsets
GLOBAL USE - (Except Middle East - info)
Unlimited PTT talk time. No PTT per minute costs.
May create multiple service region as for a total of 1,500,000 square kilometer limit - more
All Talkgroups support an unlimited number of assigned handsets at no additional cost.
This talkgroup does require approval by Iridium.
Price: $1050/month
per Talkgroup

Jumbo Talkgroup (up to 2,250,000 km2) - Unlimited Talktime - Unlimited Handsets
GLOBAL USE - (Except Middle East - info)
Unlimited talk time. No PTT per minute costs.
May create multiple service region as for a total of 2,250,000 square kilometer limit - more
All Talkgroups support an unlimited number of assigned handsets at no additional cost.
This talkgroup does require approval by Iridium.
Price: $2,400/month
per Talkgroup

   Iridium PTT free Talkgroups require a minimum of 3 handsets. Adding additional Talkgroups will are billed.
  arrow The Command Center portal is included free with the PTT service - more
  arrow Adding or removing members to a Talkgroup does not incur any charges. Updates are near instant using the portal.
  arrow Talkgroup coverage areas are defined with the PTT Command Center with circles, squares and rectangles on a map.
  arrow Each handset may have a maximum of 15 Talkgroups.
  arrow Each Talkgroup's coverage may be split into up to 10 different service regions located anywhere on the globe.
  arrow There are no restrictions on where the coverage may be placed on the earth (Middle East regions exception).
  arrow A handset's access to Talkgroups can be easily disabled or enabled via the PTT Command Center.
  arrow A handset's standard monthly fee will continue to be charged even when disabled in the Command Center.

Iridium Phone Service Airtime - Optional
Discounts are provided for voice phone service for subscribers of the Iridium PTT service. Voice service is completely optional however, for North American subscribers, the monthly cost is free, and global users is significantly less at $15 a month (normally $45 a month). Note that the PTT phone must switch to voice mode (from PTT mode) to make and receive calls. This is done through the handset menu options explained in the Iridium PTT User Manual.

Iridium Satellite Phone Service
Global Phone Service - No Restrictions - Free Shipping of SIM cards worldwide
(U.S. Dollars)
Visa - Mastercard
Discover - Amex - PayPal
   Iridium Phone Monthly Service - North America - Map
         For PTT Subscribers in North America
         $0 monthly fee and $1.16 USD per minute to any landline or cellphone worldwide.
         All incoming calls are *free. SMS texting is $0.37 per text.
$1.16 per voice minute
(Normally $45 per month)
Free Activation
   Iridium Phone Monthly Service - 100% Global Plans
         For Global PTT Subscribers Only
         $15 USD monthly fee and $1.16 per minute to any landline or cellphone worldwide.
         All incoming calls are *free. SMS texting is $0.37 per text.
$1.16 per voice minute
(Normally $45 per month)
Free Activation
   Other Iridium Plans
         For All Iridium Phones - All Iridium Plans
         The PTT phones may use any standard Iridium service offered by Ground Control.
         Please click on the link on the right to choose any plan offered.
Other Voice Plans
   An Iridium SIM card is required for Iridium phone services.
   * Incoming calls are free, but the caller is paying their phone provider's rates for calling a satellite phone. Local worldwide number here.

Iridium Extreme PTT Push To Talk Contents

Iridium Extreme PTT Complete Package from Ground Control Includes:
Iridium Extreme PTT Satellite Phone & li-ion battery (3.7 volt 3760 mAh, 13.91 watt)
Leather phone holster with pivoting belt clip
Hands-free retractable earpiece/microphone with PTT button and volume control
External antenna cradle
Mag-mount external antenna for vehicle roof with 5 foot cable
Charging cradle & micro USB data port
Micro USB to USB data cable
DC vehicle adapter (10-32 volts DC input)
AC power adapter (100-240 volts AC input)
International AC plug adapter kit (US, EU, UK, AU plug types)

Iridium PTT User Guide & battery install sheet

Iridium Extreme PTT Accessories
Iridium PTT Rental Case
Iridium PTT Demo-Rental Case
Our Demo-Rental case includes two Iridium PTT phones with a small global Talkgroup and access to the Command Center portal. Demo account has full portal functionality to test and modify and there is no limit to amount of PTT talktime used - Click for larger photo
$20 a day + Deposit
Please email for more information
PTT Pelican Cases

Iridium PTT Pelican Cases
Purchase the Iridium PTT radios housed inside a protective Pelican case. Includes the PTT radio equipment.

PTT Shoulder Mic/Speaker

Iridium PTT Shoulder Mic/Speaker
This body mounting system places the PTT phone on your shoulder with a push-to-talk mic and speaker. Plug-and-play easy and and works with the Iridium PTT holster.
Larger Photo

Beam Push-To-Talk Iridium PTT Docking Station
BEAM DriveDOCK for the Iridium PTT
The DriveDOCK Extreme hands-free docking solution provides a high quality transport installation using the Iridium Extreme PTT Service. Includes handheld mic and external mag-mounted antenna. Can use for base-station communication with external antenna.
DriveDOCK Brochure

Price $1120.00 USD
Beam Wireless Docking Station for Iridium PTT
BEAM DriveDOCK w/ Wireless Lapel Mic/Speaker
Up to 3 Wireless Mics per Docking Station Supported
BEAM’s DriveDock with the wireless Push-To-Talk lapel mic/speaker is a powerful communication device that can transmit and receive audio for up to 300m/1000ft away from your vehicle. No wires... simply clip the mic to shirt lapel. Can add up to 3 "PTT100" mics per dock.
DriveDOCK Brochure
Price $1695.00 USD

Extra Wireless Mics
(up to 3 may be used per docking station. Please email for pricing)
PTT Fixed Docking Station
ASE Docking Stations
The ASE PTT docking station includes a swivel mount, palm speaker/mic, AC/DC power supply, dual function external antenna (Iridium & GPS) for pole/wall mounting, and a user manual on CD.

ASE Docking Station Brochure
ASE Docking Station User Manual

No External Antenna
no antenna cable
$1050.00 USD

Vehicle Kit
Mag-Mount ext. antenna and 3 meter cable
$1153.00 USD

Building Kit
External fixed. antenna
with 12 meter cable
$1438.00 USD
Iridium PTT Bag Docking Station
ASE Bag Dock
This versatile portable Iridium PTT bag contains an internal 12 hour battery. Includes mag-mount antenna and 3 meters of antenna cable, excellent for rental vehicles. On-The-Move communication!
Price $1,050 USD
Iridium PTT Battery
Extra Li-Ion Batteries for Extreme PTT
High-Capacity batteries. Carry more than one charged battery incase power recharging is not available. Battery is rated at 3.7 volt 3760 mAh, 13.91 watt.
Price $145.00 USD

Iridium PTT Noise Cancelling Headset
Heavy Duty Noise Canceling Headset
Designed for use with the Iridium Extreme PTT handsets, these are designed for use in high noise environments.
Iridium PTT Light Headsets Headsets for use with the Iridium PTT Handset
Lightweight headsets to be used with the Iridium Extreme PTT handset.
Covert Iridium PTT Earpiece Covert Microphones and Earpieces - PTT HANDSET
Under garment low-profile radio equipment used with the Iridium Extreme PTT Handset
PTT Earpiece Simply 3.5 Tube Style Earpiece
Designed for use with Iridium Extreme PTT handset.
PTT Earpieces and Finger Controller WPSAC Earpieces and Finger PTT controllers
The WPSAC "harness" normally stays attached to the radio while personal issue earpieces can be swapped to maintain maximum hygiene and OH&S compliance. The harness can optionally be configured to allow external PTT functionality using our Velcro PTT or Ring PTT.
Cordless Handset Desk Charger Extra Cordless Handsets - PTT100
The Beam DriveDOCK PTT100 Cordless Handset may have up to 3 cordless connections with a single DriveDOCK docking station. An excellent cost saving addition for a single PTT handset.
Iridium PTT 3-Way PTT500 Distributor Multi-Unit Interface for PTT100 Cordless
This distributor gives the Wireless DriveDOCK the ability to connect with up to three PTT100 cordless handsets.
PTT Desk Charger Desktop Charger for PTT100 Cordless
Charge the PTT100 cordless handsets anywhere with this desktop charger.
Iridium PTT Dispatchcher Headset Dispatcher Headset For Iridium PTT100
Lightweight headset/mic includes desktop charger for use with the Iridium PTT100 cordless handset.
In-Line PTT Switch In-Line PTT Switch for PTT100 Cordless Handset
A larger lapel mounted button for activating the PTT100 cordless mic.
Replacement battery Replacement Battery for PTT100 Cordless
1450 mA hour replacement battery for the cordless PTT100 handset.
5 Meter Mini External Antenna
No Docking Station Required
This 16 foot (5 meters) external antenna connects directly to the Iridium Extreme PTT handset, placing it indoors. Comes in magnetic or bolt mounting versions.
Mini Antenna Brochure

Price $260.00 USD

Please Call To Order
Roof Mounted External Antenna
Ships with 50 ft (15 Meter) antenna cable
When indoors, connect the Extreme satellite phone to an externally mounted antenna on the roof. No docking station necessary. (Also 20 and 25 meter length cables available. Please call for pricing.)

Price $637.00 USD

Please Call To Order
Foldable Solar Panel
20 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
This universal 20+ watt foldable solar panels is a great way to charge your satellite phone in a no-power location. It has a standard 12V vehicle power port for use for your other electronics.

Iridium PTT Documentation
Iridium PTT Brochure
Iridium PTT Brochure
Iridium PTT User Manual
Iridium PTT User Manual
Iridium PTT Command Center User Manual
Command Center
User Manual
Iridium PTT Command Center Training
Command Center &
Other Training

Iridium PTT Best Practices
Best Practices
Tips & Tricks for Use

Making Calls with
Iridium Phones

 Iridium Extreme PTT General Specifications
PTT Standby Time
Up to 16.5 hours
PTT Talk Time
Up to 5 hours
Phone Mode Standby Time Up to 54 hours
Phone Mode Talk Time Up to 6.5 hours
Recharge Time
4 hours
AC Power
100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz; (comes with international AC adapter kit (US, EU, UK, AU)
DC Power (vehicle adapter)
Input 10 - 32V (output 6V 800 mA)
Power Consumption
0.57 Watts
Li-Ion rechargeable 3.7 volt 3760 mAh, 13.91 watt
Dimensions L x W x D
5.51" x 2.36" x 1.25" (140mm x 60mm x 32mm)
Handset Weight 0.58 lbs (268 grams)
Operating Temperature 14° F to 131° F ( -10° C to +55° C)
Military-Grade MIL-STD 810F - Ingress of IP65
9.4 oz (266g)
Country of Origin The Iridium PTT satellite phones are manufactured in Thailand
Encryption Security AES 256

North America - North American territories (for $0 Voice Service) include the below regions
(shown in green below) :

Iridium North American PTT Calling Region

Middle East
Middle East - Global PTT service that includes all of the Middle East does have
different pricing below. Above is a image of countries and regions classified as
"Middle East" (shown in green) as defined by Iridium. If you wish to have PTT
service in these regions (as well as the rest of the globe), you will need to use
the below PTT pricing.

PTT Handset monthly fee is $108 a month per handset.
Small 100,000 km2 Talkgroup -$468 a month.
Medium 300,000 km2 Talkgroup - $899 a month.
Large 750,000 km2 Talkgroup - $2,156 a month.
Extra-Large 1,500,000 km2
Talkgroup - $5,031 a month.
Jumbo 2,250,000 km2 Talkgroup - $11,500 a month.

Link to standard global Talkgroup pricing plans.

Please email for more information.

Iridium PTT Photos    
Iridium PTT - Two Phones   Iridium PTT Command Center
Here are two Iridium PTT phones... the left handset has its PTT button depressed and the right handset is receiving the voice message. Note the right handset (or group of PTT handsets) may be located an any defined region anywhere on the globe since communication is via satellite.
The Iridium PTT Command Center lets a subscriber draw one or more service regions with bounding boxes and sizable circles. These service regions are where the PTT phones in one Talkgroup will operate. You may have up to 10 service regions per Talkgroup. Service regions may be moved at any time anywhere on the globe... instantly, and all PTT phones may communicate with all PTT phone in all drawn service regions.
Hiker using Iridum PTT   Mining - Iridium PTT
Hunters - Hikers - or others outside of cellular or radio range can now instantly stay connected with their peers at the touch of a button.
Mining - Oil & Gas - and other remote operations can keep the team connected with everyone else without building out or maintaining any infrastructure. Iridium PTT is 100% global and ready to implement anywhere right now.
Corded Mic for Iridium PTT   PTT Shoulder Mic
The optional shoulder mic/speaker lets you secure the PTT handset to your belt (in it's holster) and use the system when outside.
The lightweight shoulder mic/speaker from Ground Control is available for $495 USD - Larger Photo
Corded Handset   Docking with Iridium PTT Corded MIC
The handheld mic may be mounted on a dashboard, or inside of a building. It connects directly to the docking station and operates like any handheld mic.
The optional docking station lets you place the Iridium PTT phone on a vehicle dashboard or mounted inside a building while using a standard handheld mic for communication with any team.
PTT Wireless Handset Iridium Satellite Phone   Iridium PTT Docking with Wireless Mic
Another popular option is the long-range wireless mic-speaker that keeps a user connected 300 meters (1000 feet) from the docking station, which are normally mounted inside a vehicle.
The wireless mic is an excellent hands-free solution maintaining connectivity, even while inside of a building or under dense trees.
Iridium PTT Wireless Handset   Iridium PTT clipped on belt
The wireless mic has a rotating clip on the back to clip to any section of clothing. No other wires are needed for communication with the PTT team and at 1000' range from the docking station, this radio goes anywhere.
The Iridium PTT phones come with a leather holster that allows fully operation while in the holster. The phone is able to receive PTT voice messages while in this position. The hands free ear-piece can also be used in this configuration. Includes microphone.
Iridium PTT- Switch to phone
  Iridium PTT Beltclip
The Iridium PTT phone can easily switch over to Phone Mode by selecting "Menu" and then selecting "Switch to Phone" as shown above. It takes about 10 seconds to switch over to phone mode. It takes about 20 seconds to switch back to PTT mode from Phone Mode.
The clip on the back of the holster is designed so that it won't easily slip off. The clip also swivels 90 degrees either direction from the shown position.
Iridium External Antenna PTT
  Iridium PTT - Military Use
The system ships with an external antenna that allows for on-the move PTT and phone access without the need for a docking station. However, we do recommend a docking station for more permanent solutions.
Government entities may communicate with teams located over the hill or on the other side of the planet at the touch of a button. Latency is less than half a second.
Iridium PTT Docking Station   Corded Mic with the Iridium PTT
The BEAM docking station contents. more   The optional BEAM handheld corded mic contents - more
Wireless Handset with PTT   Wireless Long Range MIC for Iridium PTT
The optional BEAM wireless mic contents - more   The main components of the wireless Mic are the Mic itself and the recharging station that connects to the docking station for power.

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