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  BGAN HDR Service from Inmarsat - Now Available
The new BGAN HDR Service (High Data Rate) is designed for high performance IP streaming data transferring at 650 Kbps with the Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal for all HDR services, and the Hughes 9211 for HDR Asymmetric. These kinds of speeds have until now only been available for bulky VSAT satellite dishes. BGAN portability with the HDR service can revolutionize how live video is be streamed from anywhere on the globe.

BGAN HDR Comparison Video

Bundle Plans from Ground Control allow all BGAN services, including streaming services, to deduct from a Bundle funds at the below listed rates. A minimum of $1,500 is required to open a Bundle account and there is no maximum amount. Additional funds may be added at any time. The valid period is 1 year from activation.

  BGAN Bundle Plan - 12 month valid period - Minimum $1500 USD - SKU: BGANBWBUNDLE
   All BGAN Services - Streaming (per minute), Standard (per Megabyte), Voice, SMS Texting, ISDN.
  SKU: BGANBWBUNDLE Upload Speed Download Speed Cost
In U.S. Dollars
  BGAN HDR Full Channel Symmetric
       Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal Only
650 Kbps 650 Kbps $27.79 per minute
  BGAN HDR Full Channel Asymmetric
      Hughes 9211 or Explorer 710 BGAN Terminals Only
650 Kbps 64 Kbps $23.40 per minute
  BGAN HDR Half Channel Symmetric
      Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal Only
325 Kbps 325 Kbps $20.48 per minute
  BGAN HDR Half Channel Asymmetric
      Hughes 9211 or Explorer 710 BGAN Terminals Only
325 Kbps 64 Kbps $15.14 per minute
  Streaming 450 Kbps - BGAN X-Stream
450 Kbps 450 Kbps
$21.20 per minute
  Streaming 256 Kbps 256 Kbps 256 Kbps $15.14 per minute
  Streaming 176 Kbps 176 Kbps 176 Kbps $12.43 per minute
  Streaming 128 Kbps 128 Kbps 128 Kbps $8.78 per minute
  Streaming 64 Kbps 64 Kbps 64 Kbps $5.05 per minute
  Streaming 32 Kbps
32 Kbps 32 Kbps $2.63 per minute
  Other BGAN Services      
 bullet point Standard BGAN Service (per MB transferred)     $4.89 per Megabyte
 bullet point Voice Service to Landline (worldwide)     $0.59 per minute
 bullet point Voice Service to Cellular (worldwide)     $0.76 per minute
 bullet point Voice - BGAN to BGAN (worldwide)     $0.44 per minute
 bullet point SMS Messaging     $0.29 per text
 bullet point Public-Static IP     $25 per month
 Arrow A minimum of $1,500 USD is required to open a streaming capable Bundle plan.
 Arrow All BGAN services are available and deduct from Bundle funds at the above listed rates.
 Arrow There is no maximum amount that can be purchased, and additional funds may be added.
 Arrow A suspension alert will be issued to email address(es) when 80% of funds have been spent.
 Arrow Bundled accounts have a valid period of 1 year from activation.

Explorer 710 Connectivity Options
Below is the Explorer 710 web interface screen showing the connectivity options. There are many different types of HDR services available (HDR Half Asymmetric, HDR Half Symmetric, HDR Full Asymmetric, HDR Full Symmetric and 2X HDR Full Symmetric). For example, you can choose a fast upload channel, and a slower download channel with the Asymmetric services if you're streaming video one direction so you only pay for the data speeds you need.

Explorer 710 HDR Streaming

BGAN HDR Service Overview

Using OBS Studio Freeware For Live Broadcasts
Our users have found success streaming live video over BGAN using "OBS Studio" freeware to YouTube, Twitch, FaceBook Live and other live services. Check it out! OBS Studio recommended configuration: 480P with a max bitrate around 650 Kbps and a framerate of 30 or less.

BGAN Inmarsat Coverage Map
Global Coverage & Service
With Ground Control service, BGAN terminals may connect anywhere on the globe except for the north and south poles. If you are within one of the three colored regions, you may connect at broadband speeds, as well as make and receive phone calls from anywhere. more

BGAN Equipment
BGAN Main Page
Ground Control is an expert in all things BGAN. Here is a link to our main BGAN page for information on equipment and and support on using BGAN from anywhere in the world. more

Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider and not just a reseller. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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