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BGAN Launchpad
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  BGAN Launchpad - link to BGAN Firmware

BGAN Launchpad
is an optional software utility that may be installed on a computer that will be connected to a BGAN terminal. Its purpose is to provide pointing information, registering with the Inmarsat network (wide beam for phone calls) and establishing a connection to the Internet (narrow beam). It also provides numerous other features such as signal strength, terminal configuration, system usage, SMS texting screen, and session usage, and many other features.

RECOMMENDATION: Ground Control recommends that instead of using Launchpad software, to use the BGAN terminal Web Interface for terminal control. Today all BGAN terminals provide all of the necessary information and controls that the BGAN Lanuchpad has done without the need for running software. However, if one wishes to use the Launchpad, instructions are below.

BGAN Launchpad

BGAN Launchpad is an optional utility, and we do recommend using it to become familiar with any BGAN terminal. You may also access the BGAN Terminal Web Interface (described next), that can do much of what the BGAN Launchpad does.

BGAN Terminal Web Interface - An Alternative/Supplement to BGAN Launchpad
All BGAN Terminals can be accessed directly by typing in its local address from any browser window. Web Interface screens provide much of the same information that the BGAN Launchpad provides, including connecting to the Internet. Below is a chart of the URL that will access the web interface:

 BGAN Terminal    Access Web Interface URL
 Portable BGAN Terminals
Wideye Sabre 1
Wideye Ranger
Explorer 100/110
Explorer 300
Explorer 500
Explorer 510
Explorer 540
Explorer 700
Explorer 710
Hughes 9201
Hughes 9202
Hughes 9211
Hughes 9502
MCD-4800 The Football
MCOM1-H Flyaway GO-Kit
 In-Motion BGAN Terminals - Vehicle Mounted
Wideye Safari
Explorer 325
Explorer 727
Hughes 9350-C10
Hughes 9350-C11
Hughes 9450

BGAN Launchpad Software and Documentation

Download BGAN Launchpad Software - Updated February 8, 2017
For the latest BGAN Launchpad software, please visit Inmarsat Launchpad Support
Operating System Version Download
Widows Logo Windows XP, Vista, 7*, 8* 5.0.10 BGAN Launchpad Download Link
Please Select "Personal Edition" When Installing
Apple Icon Mac - Intel CPU 5.05 BGAN Launchpad Download Link
Please Select "Personal Edition" When Installing
Apple Icon Mac LaunchPad 5.0.10 BGAN Launchpad Download Link
Please Select "Personal Edition" When Installing
Java JRE - Windows JRE 6u2 Required for some installs
* requires Java JRE to be installed on your machine - more

BGAN Launchpad Users Guide
Download The BGAN Launchpad Users Guide (version 1.1 & 5)
Version December 2012 - (Current as of February, 2017)
This Detailed Manual shows the full functionality and use of the BGAN Launchpad software when connected to any BGAN terminal.

Launchpad Guide Addendums
Terminal Specific Additions to the Launchpad Users Guide
Download Hughes 9201 Launchpad Addendum
Download Explorer 300 Launchpad Addendum
Download Explorer 500 Launchpad Addendum
Download Explorer 700 Launchpad Addendum
Download Wideye Saber 1 Launchpad Addendum

BGAN Terminal Firmware - Link to Firmware
All BGAN Terminals have firmware that BGAN manufacturers update from time to time. Ground Control ships all equipment with the most recent firmware. You may check to see your firmware version from the Terminal web interface - Click here to access the latest BGAN Firmware

BGAN Launchpad Connection Options
There are two stages of connection for all BGAN terminals. "Register With The Network" is the first stage and connects the BGAN to a "Wide Beam". When registered, the BGAN terminal can make and receive telephone calls. To connect to the Internet, a second connecting stage is required. On the Launchpad, choose the DATA tab, and then select "Connect Standard". This will connect the BGAN terminal to the Internet on a "Narrow Beam". Connect Standard is the shared service used for most all applications and is charged by the Megabyte transferred. Streaming Services are Unshared (CIR 1:1) data channels to the Internet that are charged by the minute. Ground Control normally turns off the streaming services for our BGAN customers, unless they request to have streaming services. BGAN Terminals can be configured to auto-connect, both with the wide beam and the narrow beam by pressing a single button on the BGAN terminal (Ground Control preconfigures the Hughes 9202 to auto-connect). Please refer to the users manual of your BGAN terminal for auto-connect options.

BGAN Launchpad Streaming Connections
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