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    BGAN LINK - Unlimited Use BGAN Service - Photos - Service Plans
Explorer 710 - BGAN Link
High-Usage BGAN Service
Any one location can quickly have unlimited non-suspending Internet using BGAN Link service from Ground Control. BGAN terminals themselves are very small, can easily be used by anyone, run on very low power and provide Internet speeds of up to 492 Kbps. BGAN Link service is unlimited to any localized region in these countires. There are no limits on movements for plans in Africa and Antarctica. Use any type Internet activity such as email, browsing, ftp, and streaming video.
* Limited localized operation of BGAN Link unlimited service is approved directly by Inmarsat on a case-by-case basis. Applicants may request a limited range of use of BGAN Link service (up to 40 Kilometer radius or larger in some cases) with their class 1 or class 2 BGAN terminal. Serious applicants may apply for BGAN Link service with an active quote from Ground Control. Please email to apply.
BGAN Link is used by professionals and organizations that require Gigabytes of BGAN Internet service in a localized region. BGAN Link service is ideal for many industries where a portable, easy pointing high-speed Internet solution is required. BGAN terminals can be operated by anyone and are highly robust devices that operate well in extreme environments where a satellite dish is not easily transportable, and needs an IT expert to install.
BGAN Link for the Class 1 Hughes 9211

BGAN LINK Unlimited Internet Service

Unlimited use Internet that does not suspend for any reason for these countries-regions.
Monthly use allows up to 30 Gigabytes at full speed of the BGAN terminal's speed rating.
If over 30 Gigabytes are transferred in a month, speeds may slow up to 128 Kbps to the end of the month.
BGAN Link service is for a range around one GPS location approved by Inmarsat - Exceptions
Ideally suited to remote settings needing Internet, email, phone, ftp, video-conferencing, VPN, even Skype.
High-speed data capable with up to 492 Kbps upload/download speeds.
Little Rain Fade. Uses "L-band" frequency for superior performance, even in extreme storms.
BGAN terminals are easy to install by anyone and can be operated by anyone.
Currently only class 1 BGAN terminal (Explorer 710, the Hughes 9211) may use BGAN Link.
No certified installer required (as is required by satellite dish installations).

BGAN Link is only available in these regions/countries:
► Canada.
► Latin America - All Central and South American countries including all Caribbean Islands (only Cuba
   is excluded).
► Sub-Sahara Africa - Most African countries have GEO rates and are MOBILE CAPABLE - more
► Australia, New Zealand
► Antarctica, Antarctic lands, French Southern, & St. Helena Island are also mobile capable - more
► South Pacific Islands - Cook Islands & Tonga. Central Pacific Islands - Possible other South Pacific Islands
► Eastern Europe - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia,
   Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

BGAN Link GEO - Unlimited Internet
Available for listed countries only
Valid Period
Prepaid Cost
(In US Dollars)
  BGAN Link GEO - Unlimited Use Internet
       BGAN Link GEO allows unlimited non-suspending service for a single
       location with 30 Gigabytes of service available at full
speed and then
       slowed to 128 Kbps to end of month - more

Mobile BGAN Link
BGAN Link GEO Mobile BGAN terminals may move about anywhere in the mobile GEO region currently available in Africa, Haiti, Columbia, and Antarctica. more
3 Month Valid Period
For GEO & Mobile
$4,050 Prepaid
(less than $0.05 cents per Megabyte transferred at full speed service!)
12 Month Valid Period
For GEO & Mobile
$13,500 Prepaid
(less than $0.04 cents per Megabyte transferred at full speed service!)
   Activation costs are $0 for BGAN Link service.
   BGAN Link service is for a single localized GPS location (latitude & longitude). Terminals may not move from their
      location or subscriber will be billed at $7 per Megabyte transferred on top of the monthly fee.
   Service is pro-rated, meaning that available full speed Gigabytes is reduced by the number of days left in the plan. For example,
      if activating on the 20th of the month, there will only be 10 GBs at full speed until the end of the first month.
   3 month and 12 month PrePaid valid periods end exactly 3 months or 2 months from the activation date .
   Phone, SMS, ISDN, FAX, and Streaming services are billed separately from the monthly data charge.
   Phone calls are charged $0.99 cents per minute to any landline, or cellphone world-wide using compatible terminals.
   Incoming phone calls are free, however the cost of the call is burdened on the calling party. more
   All plans have SMS Messaging capabilities. SMS is charged $0.50 cents per message.
   To apply, please email for the BGAN Link Application Form.

  Optional BGAN LINK Services
  Static - Public IPs
       Publicly routable IP addresses are available.
       A Public IP address is required if remote access from the Internet
       is needed to access equipment attached to the BGAN terminal (unless
       using IPSec VPN services).
$25 Monthly
$75 Quarterly
$300 Annually
Info Link
  BGAN Firewall
       Limit BGAN Traffic (and expenses) to only certain destinations.
A free service offered by
Ground Control
Info Link
  Steaming Services
       An unshared data channel for video broadcasters.
Charged per minute Info Link
  BGAN Security - VPN - Private Network - Firewalls
       Ground Control offers several ways to secure your BGAN.
Multiple Options Info Link
  BGAN Portal - Terminal Management
       Show Usage - Track - Monitor - Control any BGAN Terminal.
$19 /month per terminal Info Link
  Add A Local Phone Number
       Give your BGAN satellite phones a local number for most any
       country or any area code for the United States.
$10 /month +
Info Link

Need Global Unlimited BGAN Service? Consider Standard+ From Ground Control
BGAN Sim Card
While BGAN Link Unlimited is for fixed locations in certain countries, the unlimited BGAN Standard + "Plus" plans are a Mobile Unlimited BGAN service for the entire globe. Standard+ start at $63 a month for tiered usage service. more info

While there are other BGAN resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider and not just a reseller. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration terminal pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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