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BGAN SCAP - Pooled Gigabyte Plans
For Multiple BGAN Terminals Sharing A Pool Of Gigabytes

BGAN SCAP plans are cost savers for organizations that have multiple BGAN terminals. SCAP plans work by pooling any number of Gigabytes for multiple BGAN SIM cards that can be placed in any BGAN terminal. Pooled "SCAP" plans are cost effective because Megabytes unused by one or more BGAN users can be used by more active users. The cost per Megabyte is not much different than our standard PrePaid plans, but now all purchased Megabytes/Gigabytes are pooled for many terminals, not just one SIM card.

are priced on a case-by-case basis. Please email with this information:

1. The number of SCAP BGAN SIM cards required.
2. The number of pooled Gigabytes needed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

One Price - Multiple SIMs - All Locations Globally - Any BGAN Terminal
Plan SIM Cards Pooled Gigabytes
Gigabytes may be used by any
SCAP SIM during valid period.
Service Price
U.S. Dollars
Unlimited Usage
Unlimited Quarterly - 1 SIM
Unlimited Bi-Annual - 1 SIM
Unlimited Annual - 1 SIM
$12,640 Quarterly
$23,337 Bi-Annually
$42,949 Annually
SCAP-E10 Up to 10 SIMs Minimum 1.275 Gigs Annually
Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Plans
Call or Email for quote
SCAP-E20 Up to 20 SIMs Minimum 2.55 Gigs Annually
Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Plans
Call or Email for quote
SCAP-E50 Up to 50 SIMs Minimum 6.375 Gigs Annually
Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Plans
Call or Email for quote
SCAP-E100 Up to 100 SIMs Minimum 12.75 Gigs Annually
Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Plans
Call or Email for quote
SCAP-E175 Up to 175 SIMs Minimum 22.31 Gigs Annually
Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Plans
Call or Email for quote
SCAP-E250 Up to 250 SIMs Minimum 31.87 Gigs Annually
Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Plans
Call or Email for quote
   All SCAP accounts require a minimum 3 month term. 12 month terms offer better pricing and are far more common.
   The SCAP1 plan is for unlimited Internet use for 12 calendar months beginning on the 1st of any month.
   All SCAP cards pull from the same pool of Gigabytes.
   All SCAP plans do renew monthly, quarterly or annually unless requested otherwise.
   On the monthly plan, unused Megabytes do not rollover to the following month.
   Annual plans avoid rollover loss and all Gigabyte purchased may be used at any time during the annual period.
   Activation fees are waived for all SCAP accounts.
   Outgoing calls are billed at $0.99 cents per minute to any landline or cellphone worldwide. Free incoming calls.
   SMS Messaging is billed at $0.50 cents per outgoing message. Free incoming messages.
   Phone rates for calling non-standard phones - more
   *Incoming calls are free, however the calling party will be charged for making a call to your satellite phone.
   All Plans can be upgraded, renewed, refilled, reactivated at any time.
   BGAN Firewall - BGAN VPN - Streaming - SMS - Standard & Non-standard calling.

General BGAN SCAP Features
A block Gigabytes of any size are shared between two or more BGAN SCAP SIM cards.
May use BGAN SCAP SIM cards with ANY BGAN terminal manufactured. List of BGAN terminals
Valid periods of for all purchased Gigabytes are available in 3 month, 6 month and 1 year increments.
SCAP accounts automatically renew at 1 month, 3 month2 and 1 year increments when requested.
May move SCAP SIM cards to other BGAN terminals at any time without notifying Ground Control.
No activation fees for any SCAP account.
May set max usage limits on any SIM.
Control what services may be used on SCAP SIMs (Internet only... phone, SMS messaging).
Set restrictions on what may be accessed on the Internet from each SIM via firewall rules

All BGAN services available - Streaming, HDR Streaming, Phone, SMS Messaging, Voicemail.
Optional Static/Public IP addresses for every SIM for an additional fee.

No Certification Required. SCAP service is not complicated and may be used by anyone.

  Optional BGAN SCAP Services    building
  Static - Public IPs
       Publicly routable IP addresses are available with BGAN SCAP.
$25 a month per SIM Info Link
  BGAN Firewall
       Limit BGAN Traffic (and expenses) to only certain destinations.
A free service offered
by Ground Control
Info Link
  Steaming Services
       An unshared data channel for video broadcasters.
Charged per minute Info Link
  BGAN Security - VPN - Private Network - Firewalls
       Ground Control offers several ways to secure your BGAN.
Multiple Options Info Link
  BGAN Portal - Terminal Management
       Show Usage - Track - Monitor - Control any BGAN Terminal.
$19 /month per terminal Info Link
  Add A Local Phone Number
       Give your BGAN satellite phones a local number for most any country
       or any area code for the United States.
$10 /month +
Info Link

BGAN Tracking - Monitoring - Controlling
$19 per terminal per month - No term contracts - Info
Ground Control's Terminal Management utility tracks, monitors and controls one or more BGAN terminals from a secure intuitive web interface. This highly functional tool provides BGAN GPS location, BGAN service usage totals, terminal activity, PDP context activation-deactivations, wake-up and sleep commands, and a historic log file for all activity and locations. This is a must have application for asset monitoring.
BGAN Terminal Management & Control
The BGAN Terminal Management solution is $19 per month per terminal added to the manager. There are no term requirements, and you may add and remove terminals at any time. The BGAN Terminal Management solution from Ground Control.

Questions? Please email us at

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