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Hughes 9201 BGAN Satellite Terminal   Photos - Accessories - Manuals
Hughes 9201
 Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal - Complete Package
Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal
MPN-3500059-0001 SKU-BGANT9201
Includes WiFi
Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal includes: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, AC/DC Recharger with Universal (International) Power Adapters. USB & Ethernet (5m) cables, Manuals, BGAN Launchpad on Thumbdrive or available online here.
Product Discontinued

The Hughes 9201 portable BGAN terminal easily fits in any laptop case. The 9201's integrated wireless "b" access point enables any in-range device (up to 100') to connect to the terminal, perfect for those that wish to be indoors.
Brochure & Specs

Hughes Terminal Phone & Fax Adapter 
  MPN-9501379-0001 SKU-BGANAH009
 Price: Discontinued
The Terminal Adapter allows the Hughes 9201 to use any corded or cordless phone. The adapter includes a group 3 fax port for compatible machines. Terminal Adapter Info

The Hughes 9201 Control Panel
Hughes 9201 Display Panel

Steps for using the Hughes 9201:
1. Turn power on by pressing the power button.
2. Press the Signal Tone button to get an audible beeping of signal strength.
3. Aim the terminal face toward the sky (beeping sound will increase in speed when a signal is found).
4. Get the highest signal strength reading possible. Press the Signal Tone button for 4 seconds for registration.
5. Run the BGAN Launchpad software from a connected laptop to connect to the Internet.
Here are detailed instructions for pointing the BGAN 9201
- Auto-connect is available from Ground Control.

Hughes 9201 Features
Fastest BGAN. Delivers high-speed Internet of up to 492 Kbps in both directions. Class 1 BGAN
Integrated wi-fi access point. Connect up to 11 wireless devices up to 100', such as inside a building
Ideal for video streaming live content. Streams minimum of 384 max 450 Kbps unshared with BGAN X-Stream
Small size. Fits in a standard laptop case. (345 x 275 x 50 mm)
Outdoor Safe - Ingress rating of IP55 - Built for most any outdoor weather
Internet service can be usage based, or pre-paid using standard BGAN Service Plans.
Directly connect any standard corded or cordless phone into the RJ-11 phone jack on the optional Terminal Adapter
Calls are $0.99 cents per minute to any standard phone worldwide. Free incoming calls
SMS messages are $0.50 cents w/free incoming messages (iPhone texts are not charged)
Connect any approved Group 3 fax machine with RJ-11 jack to optional Terminal Adapter
Fully ISDN capable (64Kbps) with full UDI (Unrestricted Digital Information)
One button no-laptop auto-connect auto-activate configurations available. Please enquire with Ground Control.
Intuitive Browser Interface Screens for advanced controls
Li-Ion battery will last 36 hours in idle mode
International power compatibility with plug adapters
Complete Hughes 9201 Specifications

Hughes 9201 Complete Package Contents
Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
AC/DC Recharger with Universal (International) Power Adapters.
USB & Ethernet (5m) cables
Manuals, BGAN Launchpad on Thumbdrive or available online here.

Hughes 9201 Documentation
Hughes 9201 Brochure Hughes 9201 BGAN Users Manual Hughes 9201 Specifications Hughes Terminal Adapter Hughes 9201 Quickstart Guide
9201 Brochure & Specs 9201 Users Manual 9201 Detailed Specs Terminal Adapter
(Phone & Fax)
Getting Started

 BGAN Service Plans (global usage)
BGAN Sim Card The Hughes 9201 uses standard BGAN service from Ground Control

Hughes 9201 BGAN Photos    
  Back of Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal
The Hughes 9201 is the size of a laptop and can transmit and receive speeds up to 492Kbps globally (except for the extreme polar regions).
The back of the Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal shows 4 bolt holes for mounting on a fixed structure. There is also a small built-in magnetic compass ( top right side).
Pointing the Hughes 9201   Hughes 9201 Battery Slot
Help in locating a BGAN satellite is done by opening the BGAN Launchpad software. On the launchpad screen will be the compass direction and the elevation to set the terminal to find a BGAN satellite. Use these figures to set the terminal in place.
opening a latch on top of the 9201 reveals the Li-Ion battery compartment, and the Sim Card slot (right of the battery). The silver metal tab is pushed to the side, and the battery will self-eject.
The BGAN Sim Card, much like a cellphone Sim Card, is used to track account information and usage. You may purchase multiple Sim Cards that are easily inserted into the same terminal to keep accounts separate.
From left to right - Power Port, USB Port, RJ-45 Ethernet Port, and the RJ-45 ISDN port (used to connect a Terminal Adapter for phone and fax, or an ISDN capable device).
Hughes Terminal Adapter for the 9201 BGAN
The optional Hughes Terminal Adapter when connected to the 9201 terminal gives dial tone to attach a standard phone (TEL 1) and Fax (TEL 2) with their own unique phone numbers. Make or receive calls and faxes from anyone in the world.
The Hughes 9201 terminal has a built-in 802.11 wireless "G" system that allows for up to 11 devices to connect to the system up to 100 feet.
Even in remote regions, the BGAN terminal can easily be deployed and connected to the Internet in minutes. In this photo, the laptop is connecting directly to the terminal by Ethernet. This is not necessary if wireless is enabled in the terminal.
On top of a mountain, inside of a tent, the Hughes 9201 will operate up to 36 hours on a single Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Setup takes about 3 minutes for anyone to point the antenna and connect at broadband speeds.
Ground Control has several high security options available to organizations requiring the highest data protection possible.
  BGAN is becoming the standard for portable video streaming with broadcasters worldwide.
BGAN Ready Case  
Ground Control offers a complete ready-to-go Hughes 9201 system in a hardened plastic case. It is everything needed for creating a remote office. more
  BGAN coverage is world-wide except for the extreme poles. BGAN Coverage Map

Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal Accessories
BGAN Sim Card
   BGAN Service Sim Card
BGAN Service
All BGAN Terminals require an active account, or "Sim Card" in order to operate. Ground Control offers usage only or Pre-Paid plans with your purchased BGAN equipment.

BGAN Service
Info Link
Hughes 9201 Terminal Adapter - Phone + Fax Port
This small adapter connects directly to the Hughes 9201 ISDN port. Plug in any standard phone, or compatible Group 3 Fax into the adapter. The Phone and Fax port have their own unique phone numbers. Send or receive calls/faxes from anyone. Spec Sheet
MPN-9501379-0001 SKU-BGANAH009
Price $446 USD

Please Call To Order
2-Wire Phone
2-Wire Corded Phone Handset
While you may use any standard 2-wire phone with this terminal, this handset phone from Cobham Satcom doesn't require a cradle, and has been designed for use with any BGAN terminal. Brochure
MPN-403625B BGANAE004
Price $154 USD

Please Call To Order
Hughes 9201 Extended-Life Li-Ion Battery
We recommend having a 2nd battery if recharging is not always available. These are the Extended Life Batteries.
MPN-3500065-0002 SKU-BGANAH002
Price $202 USD

Please Call To Order
Hughes 9201 BGAN Ready Case
Complete Hughes 9201 In A Hardened Ready Case
A large sized all-weather sealed case. This is a complete mobile office package that includes, the Hughes 9201, terminal adapter, cabling, analog phone, and documentation on a thumbdrive. Great for traveling into extreme environments, or long term storage.
Price $3,925 USD

Info Link
Long Range Cordless Phone for BGAN
Long-Range Cordless Phone(s)
These rugged cordless phones stay connected up to 2 miles (3.2 km) away from the BGAN terminal. Simply plug the phone cord from the base-station/case into the BGAN phone jack and turn it on... no other configuration is required. Perfect for working indoors or anything that requires phone connectivity at distance from the BGAN terminal.

Price $1,995 USD

Info Link
DC Power Vehicle Adapter for Hughes 9201
Run and/or recharge the Hughes 9201 directly from any vehicle power port.
Price $185 USD

Please Call To Order
Hughes 9201 DC Extension Cable
Hughes 9201 DC Extension Cable - 30 Meters
This cable is useful when your 9201 needs to run off AC power, and keeps the AC-DC adapter inside (away from weather). This 30 meter cable simply extends the reach of the 9201 AC/DC charger.
MPN-3500100-0001 SKU-BGANAH004
Price $75 USD

Please Call To Order
9201/9502 Fixed Mounting Kit
Includes wall/pole mounting arm, and adjustable antenna bracket. We recommend removing Li-Ion battery for fixed mounting since the system will run off AC power. Kit does not include Ethernet cables.
Pictures of 9201/9502 Mounting Kit
MPN-3004066-0022 SKU-BGANAH0016
Price $231 USD

Please Call To Order
Hughes 9201 Fixed Mounting Kit
This kit includes a everything needed to mount the 9201 BGAN terminal on a wall or pole. The kit includes 30 Meter Extension cable from the 9201 AC/DC power supply and 2 Ethernet cables (1 for Internet, and 1 for the Terminal Adapter phone/fax). Manual
MPN-3004066-0001 SKU-BGANAH007
Price $435 USD

Please Call To Order
Hughes 9201 Enclosure
Hughes 9201 G1 Enclosure
Add an enclosure to operate the 9201 in extreme weather. Includes heating unit and the External Fixed Mounting Kit (above). Enclosures are very low profile and reduce theft since it appears as a normal junction box. Does not include conduit for the cable run. sizes. MPN-HNS-71100312-0002 SKU-BGANAH0013

$843 USD
Please Call To Order
Hughes 9201 External Antenna
Hughes 9201 External Antenna
Keep your 9201 terminal indoors with this external antenna (ships with 10 meter antenna cable). The 9201 is easily disconnected and can be used as portable system. We recommend 9201 External Antenna Fixed Mounting Kit below Manual
MPN-9501286-0001 SKU-BGANAH0008
Price $1,357 USD

Please Call To Order
BGAN Sim Card
Extra BGAN Sim Card
Carry a spare BGAN SIM Card as a backup to your primary account. Card may be be swapped with primary card in any BGAN terminal. Separate accounts, or just have in case you need to recharge your suspended primary account. More on BGAN Sim Cards
Price $50 USD

Please Call To Order
Universal Plug Kit - Replacement
Use power in most all countries with this universal power kit. This kit is included with all Hughes 9201 systems and does not need to be ordered. Click here for pictures of the adapter.
MPN-9012419-0001 SKU-BGANAH012
Price $32 USD

Please Call To Order
BGAN Optimized Laptop
BGAN Optimized Laptop
Cut online usage to a trickle with a BGAN optimized laptop. This Windows 7 computer monitors usage, reduces email and web data, as well as provide other options such as video conferencing. All the tools needed to make the BGAN experience exceptional.
Information on the BGAN Optimized Laptop
Price $699 USD

Please Call To Order
Foldable Solar Panel
26 Watt Foldable Solar Panel - Universal
This 26 watt foldable solar panels is a great way to charge your BGAN terminal in a no-power location. It has a standard 12V vehicle power port for recharging other electronics.

Info Link
62 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
62 Watt Foldable Solar Panel - Universal
This larger 62 watt foldable solar panel charges equipment more than twice as fast as the 26 watt panel. It includes a standard 12V vehicle power port for recharging other electronics.

Info Link
BGAN Explorer 300 Extended Warranty
Extended Warranties - Hughes 9201
3 year (18 month extension), and 5 year (42 month extension) extended warranties are available for the Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal. MPN-SMN-82000, MPN-SMN-26486

3 Year $587 USD
5 Year $650 USD
Please call to order
  Other Items offered for the Hughes 9201 - Please Call
9201 Sim Card Tray
Hughes 9201 Spare Parts Kit
Hughes 9201 Battery Door
Hughes 9201 Retainer Keypad
Hughes 9201 Retainer


 The Hughes 9201 BGAN Terminal Specifications
Internet, Email, Phone & Fax (with adapter), VoIP, ISDN (64Kbps), FTP, SMS Text, Video Streaming

 Other Hughes 9201 Links
      BGAN Video Streaming - The Hughes 9201 can use the performance X-Stream 450 Kbps service.
      9201 Launchpad Support - The Launchpad Can Show The Capabilities of the 9201

  Hughes 9201 device connections

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Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider and not just a reseller. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration terminal pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

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