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MCD-MissionLINK - A Portable Global Satellite Internet Hotspot   
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MCD-MissionLINK Terminal Case
MCD-MissionLINK - Shipping Worldwide
700 Kbps Speeds!
A Ground Control Product

Portable 100% Global Internet & Phone in a ruggedized case. No training or certification required for full operation.

MCD-MissionLINK Contents
MCD-MissionLINK Brochure

Price $12,995 USD
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One-Button WiFi Hotspot Case - 100% Global
Place the MCD-MissionLINK case ANYWHERE on the globe under an open sky... press the power button and close the case lid... In a minute the terminal will become a waterproof WiFi hotspot up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) from the case for high-speed Internet and phone anywhere on the globe, including the north and south poles. The MCD-MissionLINK is an easy to use 100% global office.

Internet & Phone
The MCD-MissionLINK requires no user training to operate. Like all of our MCD products, simply place the "closed" weather-tight sealed case on the ground or on a moving vehicle/platform under an open sky, rain or shine and turn it on - no pointing necessary... and with the case lid closed. The terminal connects with the Iridium Certus satellite network with speeds of 700 Kbps... and then broadcasts a WiFi hotspot (up to 300 meters - 1,000 feet) for up to 12 devices to connect to... and runs for about 5 hours on internal battery. This carry-portable case uses the new Thales MissionLINK satellite terminal integrated with our proprietary mobile electronics for a ruggedized self-contained, in-field, user-friendly worldwide communications solution.

100% Global Coverage & Service
Iridium Certus services are 100% global even on the north and south poles at full available speeds. There is no place above ground it does not cover... an excellent advantage over other satellite service that have limited service regions or line-of-sight obstructions. The Iridium network uses 66 satellites that are moving in Low-Earth-Orbit... For more information please visit:
Iridium Certus Coverage Map
Iridium Certus Coverage

MCD-MissionLINK Features

  • No pointing or aiming... Simply turn the unit on under an open sky.
  • Connects automatically with Iridium Certus network for 100% global service.
  • 100% Global connectivity on land or sea under the same service plan.
  • Internet speeds of up to 700 Kbps - Now available!
  • Does not require user interaction. No software to run. Establishes AP "Hotspot" automatically.
  • Ruggedized. Operates in extreme conditions. Case does not need to be opened to operate.
  • Operates stationary, or in-motion such as on top of a vehicle for other moving platform.
  • 1,000' (300 meter) wireless range WiFi hotspot for laptops, smartphones...any wireless device.
  • Connect up to 12 wireless devices. WiFi WPA2 Security & MAC address whitelisting.
  • Compact case size - 20.66" x 17.20" x 8.40" (52.5 x 43.7 x 21.3 cm)
  • External all weather Ethernet (RJ-45) and Phone (RJ-11) connection ports.
  • External ports allow for hard-wired waterproof Ethernet and phone connections to any device.
  • Up to 5-6 hour battery life (rechargeable) for normal use.
  • May be plugged into a vehicle 12V power port for continuous operation or charging.
  • Operates from -22°F to 131°F (-30° C to +55° C) temperatures. IP66 Rated
  • Includes standard analog phone. The RJ-14 jack has two separate phone lines.
  • No rain fade - Operates in heavy rain.
  • Internal temperature control fan - cools internal electronics during high temperatures.
  • Watertight, crushproof, dust proof reinforced plastic case.
  • Backlight 24x7 battery display shows power remaining. Can be enabled/disabled.
  • Portable - Ships UPS, FedEx, flight carry-on luggage anywhere.
  • Internal battery is not Lithium-Ion, so no flight restrictions. Carry portable.
  • Full IP compatibility - Internet, SMTP email, file transfer, IP protocols.
  • Global public / static IP addresses are available from Ground Control.
  • Remote access to connected devices with Public IPs & firewall controls-
  • Internet domain whitelists and blacklists configurable from terminal.
  • Location tracking services - Send coordinates to any server with any time frequency.
  • Custom engineering available... such as adding special equipment inside a larger case.
  • 2 Year standard warranty. 3 year and 5 year warranties available.
  • The MCD-MissionLINK is a Ground Control integrated manufactured solution, supported by us 24/7.

Extremely Ruggedized
The MCD-MissionLINK is enclosed in a watertight hardened plastic Pelican case that is time proven to take a beating and keep out the elements. Full operation of the terminal can be with the case lid closed, so it operates in heavy rain, or in sloshing water environments. External ports are inset to avoid breakage with impacts. With an IP rating of IP66, the terminal is dustproof and can take high-pressure water jets from any direction. Besides the onboard cooling fan, there are no moving parts of this system. Cold or hot weather?... the MCD-MissionLINK operates from below -22°F to 131°F (-30° C to +55° C).

Thales MissionLINK Video

MCD-MissionLINK Contents

MCD-MissionLINK Contents
MCD-MissionLINK Flyaway Portable Case
AC/DC power supply (110/240 VAC)
Standard analog phone
Mini DC inverter for running off vehicle power
AC plugs for U.S., U.K., EU, AU, China, N. Europe
Ethernet cable - 10' feet / 3 meters
USB flash drive with user manuals or here

Carry bag to hold accessories

Click for larger image

Questions?  800-773-7168 (U.S.)  |  +1-805-783-4600 (int) |

MCD-MissionLINK Documentation

  MCD-MissionLINK Brochure
Thales MissionLink User Manual
User Manual

MCD-MissionLINK Brochure
MCD-MissionLink Remote1
MissionLink Public Safety
Certus VesseLink_Captain_On_Phone
VesseLink Polar Sailboat
Thales MissionLink Desert Trek
MissionLink Offroad Connectivity
MissionLink Ice Camp
Laptop Internet on Vessel
Trucking with Remote Connectivity
Polar Internet Connectivity with MissionLink
Global Satellite Internet Trailer
Fixed Site Connectivity with MissionLink
Fixed Site Connectivity with MissionLink Tent
Mountain Lake - Remote Connectivity

MCD-MissionLINK Photos

MCD-MissionLINK on top of hill   Hearts In The Ice - MCD-MissionLINK
The MCD-MissionLINK operates on 100% of the globe. A quickstart guide attached to the lid of the case allows for untrained users to operate the terminal.
Hilde Strom and Sunniva Sorby use the MCD-MissionLINK from a location halfway between Iceland and the North Pole for a research adventure-project on climate change ( and video live stream relevant stories with schools all over the world.
MCD-MissionLINK Operates while closed   Battery Monitor
The MCD-MissionLINK case is designed to operate with the case lid closed. This allows it a waterproof rating of IP66 (powerful water jets from any direction).
On one side of the MCD-MissionLINK is a LED that shows when the unit is turned on. The battery level display stays on even if the unit is turned off (but may be turned off for stealth mode). Next to the display is the internal battery charge port that is watertight when plugged in for full time round-the-clock operation.
MCD-MissionLINK Back Panel   Interior Components of MCD-MissionLINK
The LAN panel of the MCD-MissionLINK allows a standard phone connection (or 2 with splitter), and two LAN Ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet). Next is a WAN port to connect up a primary Internet connection if one is available, such as a cellular data service.. The WAN port offers least-cost-routing. All ports may be watertight with attached cabling with the watertight connector.
Inside the case is the WiFi antenna (1000' range), the power button, the fan plate cover and a toggle switch to turn off the exterior lights (Power LED and battery display) for stealth mode.
SIM Card Tray of MissionLINK   Web UI for the MissionLINK
In the other corner is the SIM port for the terminal.
Access to the MissionLINK web user interface (web UI), is available via wireless or Ethernet.
Hearts In The Ice Wide Shot   MCD-MissionLINK on top of rock
Remote connectivity with speeds up to 700 Kbps and 3 phone lines make it the ideal portable choice for high-speed worldwide connectivity. The MCD-MissionLINK... Portable, Global Internet & Phone.

Iridium Certus SIM Card Iridium Certus Service Plans - For Land Terminals
100% Global (land and sea) Internet & Phone Connectivity.
Data Plans
Internet Connectivity
Voice Calling
To Landline or Cellphone
Usage Costs
In Megabytes
(U.S. Dollars)
0 Megabytes Monthly
Plan ENDs July 1, 2021
12 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
All usage billed at $6 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more
10 Megabytes Monthly
Plan ENDs July 1, 2021
12 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 10 MB billed at $5.25 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more
20 Megabytes Monthly
Plan BEGINS July 1, 2021
12 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 20 MB billed at $5.71 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more
30 Megabytes Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 30 MB billed at $5.45 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more

50 Megabytes Monthly
Plan BEGINS July 1, 2021
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 50 MB billed at $5.12 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more

80 Megabytes Monthly
Plan BEGINS July 1, 2021
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 80 MB billed at $4.53 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more

150 Megabytes Monthly
Plan ENDs July 1, 2021
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls

Over 150 MB billed at $3.70 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more


300 Megabytes Monthly
Plan BEGINS July 1, 2021
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls

Over 300 MB billed at $3.65 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more


1 Gigabyte Monthly
Plan BEGINS July 1, 2021
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 1,000 MB billed at $2.95 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more
2 Gigabytes Monthly
Plan BEGINS July 1, 2021
2 Month Minimum Term
$0.89 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 2,000 MB billed at $2.47 per MB
Share MBs with 5 SIMs or more
(not a typo)
Custom Plans
Work with Ground Control to design a custom Certus
service plan that works for your organization.
Please Call - Email
  Additional Certus Services
Shared Group Plans
12 month minimum term
Share the combined totals of 5 or more SIMs with the Certus Share option. Each individual SIM must have the same individual plan and the share option is just 10% more. The combined Megabytes/Gigabytes of all plans are shared by all SIMs in the pool each month.
Minimum 5 SIMs
Same Plans
Add 10%
Static/Public IP
Optional Global IP Address
May include your whitelist of allowed IP addresses
that may connect with this IP from the Internet.
Streaming Service
Up to 256 Kbps Streaming Speeds
(Used often by live video broadcasters)
Coming Soon
Certus Local Numbers
From Iridium
Ground Control can issue local numbers for your Certus Phone numbers for these countries: USA, UK, Argentine Republic, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden. more
$9.50/month + $1.99/min*
Info Link
Online Local Numbers
From Ground Control
Use our online portal to give 1 or all of your Certus Phone lines a local phone number from most any country and many cities. You're in total control with our online portal. more
$10/month + $1.49/min
Info Link

  bullet PrePaid Plans are valid 90 days from activation. PrePaid Plans may be Topped Up at any time if running low on Megabytes.
  bullet Please request maximum monthly usage cap (or no cap) for any plan. By default, most plans suspend 20% to 40% over their monthly MBs.
  bullet All monthly plans are recommend to start on the 1st of any month.
  bullet Mid-month activations on monthly plans are pro-rated. Note that mid-month activations do NOT count toward the minimum monthly terms.
  bullet Unused monthly Megabytes do not rollover to the following month.
  bullet *Some local number for countries have a different monthly rate than $9.50 a month, but the $1.99 per minute rate stays the same.
  bullet Please request maximum monthly usage cap (or no cap) for any plan. By default, most plans suspend 20% to 40% over their monthly MBs.
  bullet Free activation on all Certus accounts.
  bullet Phone rates posted are to ANY standard landline, cellphone or other Iridium phone worldwide. Free incoming calls.
  bullet SMS is currently not supported with the Certus Network.
  bullet Free incoming calls (however, costs are burdened on the calling party). - Assign a Local Number
  bullet Non-Standard Iridium Phone Rates to other phones, such as voice mail, and two stage dialing.

 MCD-MissionLINK Terminal Specifications
*Rated Max Speed 700 Kbps download x 352 Kbps upload - Firmware upgrade available as of February 25, 2020
Case Default Color Silver-Grey
Service Used Iridium Certus - Land Plans on L-band
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g frequencies (802.11n is currently not supported)
Wireless Range Tested at 300 meters (1,000 feet) with good wireless signal (-78 dBm signal) to standard laptop computer.
Wireless Security WPA2 & MAC address whitelist
Internet Security Whitelist and Blacklist of Internet domains configurable from the MissionLink interface
Concurrent Wireless Users Up to 12 wireless devices
LAN (External Port) 2 RJ-45 Ethernet Ports with PoE - Watertight connector (Power over Ethernet Class 2)
WAN (External Port) 1 RJ-45 Passthrough failover parameters set in the web interface - Watertight connector.
Phone (External Port) 1 RJ-14 phone jack for 2 phone lines - Watertight connector.
VoIP Phone may also connect via Ethernet for a total of 3 phone lines.
MissionLINK Web Interface URL:
MCD-MissionLINK Case Dimensions 20.66" x 17.20" x 8.40" (52.5 x 43.7 x 21.3 cm)
MCD-MissionLINK Weight 37 lbs (16.5 kg).
Battery Life 5 hours average
AC/DC Power Supply Input 110 to 240 Volts AC. Output 28 Volts DC @ 8 Amps. Total cable length is 12' (3.6 meters)
Internal Battery Type NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) - FAA Flight Approved
Operating Temperatures -30°C to +55°C / -22°F to +131°F
Environmental Rating IP 66 Compliant - Excellent in all kinds of weather/dust
Standard Warranty 1 year standard limited warranty - Extended warranties here
Country of Origin The MCD-MissionLINK is manufactured in the United States.

MCD-MissionLINK Accessories
SureLINK - Thales Handset Phone
SureLINK - Thales Handset Display Phone
The SureLINK ruggedized all-weather IP Handset display from Thales plugs into the Ethernet port of the terminal (and is powered by the Ethernet's PoE). The display quickly shows the status of the MissionLINK terminal and it's also a VoIP phone to make and receive calls from anyone. When Certus rolls out PTT (Push-To-Talk) services, these SureLINK IP phones will be able to be used to communicate instantly with other PTT phones.
Click for larger photo

Price $925 USD

Please Call or Email
To Order
MCD Phone Extender
Splitter Extension Cable
MissionLINK terminals support two different POTs lines (standard telephone service) on the MCD-MissionLINK phone port using this 25' foot (7.5 meters) extension cable splitter. Simply connect one or two analog phones to this extension cable for Line 1 and Line 2 connectivity.

Price $55 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Analog Phone Additional Slimline Analog Phone
Used in conjunction with the splitter above, add a second analog phone to the MCD-MissionLINK. This Slimline phone is the same as the one that is included with the MCD-MissionLINK. While any standard corded or cordless phone will work with this connection, these slimline phones do not require an external power source in order to operate which makes them ideal for the MCD-MissionLINK. This solution does require the "Splitter Extension Cable" above in order to operate for line 2 of the MissionLINK.

Price $25 USD

Please Order
by email or phone
VoIP Phone for MissionLINK
Cisco VoIP Phone
The MissionLINK has 3 different phones lines that may connect with three different phones. Two of the lines may use standard analog phones... however, the 3rd line may use a VoIP phone such as this phone from Cisco which connects with one of the MCD-MissionLINK LAN ports. These phones are pre-configured to work with line 3 of any MissionLINK terminal.

Price $77 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Long Range Cordless Phones for BGAN
Long-Range (2 mile / 3.2 km) Cordless Phones w/ Watertight Base Station
Connect the Durafon Base Station Case to the phone port of the MCD-MissionLINK POTs line and the included handset phones can travel up to 2 miles away from the base. Operates for days on internal power. If you need to have phone communication at distance from the MCD-MissionLINK, this wireless voice solution untethers the user from being physically connected to the BGAN terminal.
Price $1,995 USD

More Information
(and purchasing link)
MCD-MissionLINK Batteries
MCD-MissionLINK Extra/Replacement Batteries (Includes 2 packs)
includes two high-capacity NiMh (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery packs for quick replacement of the existing batteries. Requires allen wrench to remove screws from cover plate.

Price $349 USD

Please Call or Email
To Order
Gen 2 MCD-4800 Charger

MCD-MissionLINK Replacement AC/DC Charger
The AC/DC charger for the MCD-MissionLINK works for both fast charging (under 4 hours), and "maintenance mode" charging for long term storage to maintain battery at 100%. Total length is 12' feet (3.6 meters).

Price $233 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

Mini Inverter
400 Watt Mini-Inverter - Vehicle Power
Connects the MCD-MissionLINK AC-DC charger to any vehicle power port.

Price $55 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-4800 Solar Kit
100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel - MCD-MissionLINK Universal Charger
This lightweight, waterproof and compact 100 watt solar panel will connect directly to the MCD-MissionLINK for full power or power assist depending on available light... or for recharging the batteries when the unit is off.

Price $595 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-4800 Waterproof Ethernet Connector
RJ-45 & RJ11 Watertight Connectors for Ethernet and Phone
Make your own watertight cables with these watertight caps that connect directly to the faceplate of the MCD-MissionLINK. While standard Ethernet cables may connect to the MCD-MissionLINK front panel, these caps will make your Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet cable or RJ11 phone cable have a watertight connection to the terminal case. Requires standard RJ-45/RJ11 crimper tool to make.
Price $14 /each

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-4800 Extension Cable
25 Foot (8.6m) Waterproof Extension Cable - Ethernet & Phone
While standard Ethernet or phone cables may connect to the MCD external panel, these Extension Cables have one end with a watertight quick-connect adapter to the MCD panel and the other end with an RJ-45 Port. Connects with either an Ethernet (RJ45) and phone (RJ11) cables for a watertight seal to the MCD panel - Click for larger image
Price $75 Each

Please Order
by email or phone
RJ-45 & RJ11 Watertight Caps Replacements
Replacement caps for the watertight connectors of the MCD product.
Price $10 /each

Please Order
by email or phone

Optimized Laptop
High-Performance Optimized Laptop - Windows 10 Pro
Control usage with a high-performance optimized laptop. This Windows 10 machine has been designed from the ground up to limit background data transferring unknown in the background, like Microsoft telemetry and updates. This laptop also has no bloatware and places the owner back in control of what is being transferred over their expensive and limited Internet connection.
Information on the Optimized Laptop
Price $750 USD

Info Link
MCD Accessory Case Hardened MCD Accessory Case
This optional Pelican case for accessories included with the MCD-MissionLINK, is an upgrade from the existing fabric case that ships with the system. All colors are available (tan, OD green, yellow, orange, black, and the default color is sliver, the same color as the MCD-MissionLINK).

Price $149 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

MCD-MissionLINK Upgrade Case
MCD-MissionLINK Terminal Upgrade
Upgrade your existing Thales MissionLINK to become an MCD-MissionLINK terminal for a simple carry-portable solution.

Price $5,995 USD

Extended Warranty for the Thales MissionLINK
MCD-MissionLINK 3 Year Extended Warranty
This is a 24 month extension on the standard 12 month warranty. Standard & extended warranties include replacement parts & labor.

Price $1,942 USD

Please Order
email or phone

Extended Warranty for the Thales MissionLINK
MCD-MissionLINK 5 Year Extended Warranty
This is a 48 month extension on the standard 12 month warranty. Standard & Extended warranties include replacement parts & labor.

Price $2,950 USD

Please Order
by email or phone

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