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Ready Cases - Protect Your Investment
Hardened cases are watertight, airtight, dust proof, crush proof and the foam core padding keeps equipment safe from falling shock, extreme environments or just long term storage.

Explorer 510 Ready Case   Hughes 9202 Ready Case   MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal    
Explorer 510 Case
Price - $2,479
This popular Ready-Case solution for the Explorer 510 BGAN terminal includes everything needed to make a mobile office. Comes in 3 different case sizes and many colors. Choose any accessory and add it to the case.
  Hughes 9202 Case
Price - $3,279
Our next most popular Ready Case is for the Hughes 9202 BGAN. This case includes a standard analog phone and comes in 3 case sizes as well as many colors. Add accessories for your own customized case solution.
  MCD-4800 Auto-Pointing BGAN
Price - $12,995
The MCD-4800 "The Football" is our auto-pointing satellite Internet terminal. Simply place it on any fixed or moving surface such as a vehicle or boat deck and turn it on. No Training - No Certification needed.
Iridium Extreme 9575 Ready Case   IsatPhone 2 Case   Iridium PTT Case    
Iridium 9575 Case
Price - $1,538
Protect your Iridium Extreme satellite phone in a waterproof Pelican case with customized foam for durable use.
IsatPhone 2 Case
Price - $1,099
The IsatPhone comes in a slightly larger Pelican case because it holds the many accessories that ship standard including the holster.
Iridium PTT Case
Price - Demo Rates
PTT stand for "Push To Talk" and are the latest addition from Iridium. These specialized Iridium Extreme phones have 100% global coverage.
Explorer 710 Ready Case   Hughes 9211 Ready Case   Long Range Cordless Phones    
Explorer 710 Case
Price - $5,733
The Explorer 710 comes in two case sizes.. We recommend the larger case (shown here) to include a laptop, or foldable solar panel. Includes a standard analog phone.
Hughes 9211 Case
Price - $5,180
The Hughes 9211 Ready Case also comes in two sizes and several colors. The larger case allows room for added accessories including a Laptop or two.
Long Range Cordless Phones
Price - $1,995
Extend your reach up to 2 miles (3.2 kb) with these long-range cordless phones designed to operate with BGAN terminals in the most extreme environments.

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