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Thales Missionlink for Iridium Certus
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Thales VesseLINK Terminal - Iridium Certus Network
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Thales VesseLink Terminal
Thales VesseLINK - Iridium Certus - Complete Package
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Thales VesseLINK Maritime Terminal
Portable Internet & Phone
700 Kbps Speeds!

Complete VesseLINK System Includes:
Ruggedized terminal, phased array antenna, 25 meter (82 feet) antenna cable, AC/DC power supply with US and EU plugs, 10' (3 meter) Ethernet cable, mounting hardware and mounting templates and a quickstart guide. Contents Link
Price: $7,395 USD
With Certus Service Plan

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100% Global WiFi Hotspot
Iridium recently upgraded their global satellite network in early 2019 to enable high-speed Internet up to 700 Kbps! The Thales VesseLINK (pronounced "Tal-Les") maritime satellite terminal taps into these speeds for 100% global connectivity under the same service plan. Easy installation and easy operation means that no matter where you are crusing, Internet and phone are always available.

Phone & Internet
The Thales VesseLINK is a WiFi hotspot (802.11bg) with a 1,000' foot range (300 meters) for any wireless capable devices. It also provides up to 3 phone lines to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using standard corded or cordless phones. No matter where you are located, as long as there is a view of the sky, the VesseLINK may connect.

Iridium Certus Coverage
100% Global Coverage & Service
Iridium Certus services are 100% global even on the north and south poles at full available speeds. There is no place above ground it does not cover... an excellent advantage over other satellite service that have limited service regions or line-of-sight obstructions. The Iridium network uses 66 satellites that are moving in Low-Earth-Orbit... For more information please visit the:
Iridium Certus Coverage Map

VesseLINK Terminal
The Thales VesseLINK is composed of two main parts, the transceiver and the antenna connected by a 82 foot (25 meter) antenna cable. Below is the front panel of the VesseLINK terminal.
Thales Vesselink Front Panel
On the front panel next to the on-off button is a standard RJ-14 phone jack that will support 2 standard phone lines (with dial-tone). A phone splitter is used to break out the 2nd phone line. Note that any standard corded or cordless phone will operate with this phone jack. Also shown are three Ethernet ports which can support any connected device and VoIP phones (up to 3 VoIP phones for 3 phone lines). The WAN port is for a device connected to the Internet such as a cellular modem or satellite dish so that the end user may have least-cost routing... For example, if a vehicle travels out of the less expensive cellular coverage area, the satellite connection will automatically be there.

Vesselink Back PanelOn the back panel is the WiFi (802.11bg) antenna for up to 12 wireless devices, the SIM card slot, an IO Input-Output port for API integration (not required for normal use), a power port that can take a wide range DC voltages from 10 to 32 volts from any source. The 12VDC power port is an alternate power input port. Right of that is the antenna connector for the 10' (3 meter) antenna cable and finally a vehicle chassis grounding lug.

Vesselink Antenna Diagram
The VesseLINK antenna can transmit below the horizon up to 20° degrees, which is good for rolling seas. It is important to minimize or reduce metallic obstructions in this region for the best signal quality avoiding feedback from radiated power.

Thales VesseLINK Features
Easy connectivity. Once the unit is on... there is global Internet and phone.
High-speed Internet up to 700 Kbpsdown by 352 Kbps upload.
100% Global connectivity on the ocean, as well as on land under the same service plan.
300 meter - 1,000' feet WiFi range. Excellent for penetrating thicker walls.
Connects up to 12 wireless devices (laptops, smartphone, tablets) simultaneously.
3 phone lines... 2 on the RJ-14 phone jack, and 1-3 for VoIP phones via Ethernet.
Operates in extreme environments -30°C to +55°C / -22°F to +131°F.
WPA2 wireless security with MAC address whitelisting.
Internet domain whitelists and blacklists configurable from terminal.
Location tracking services - Send coordinates to any server with any time frequency.
Equipment manufactured in the USA.
2 year standard warranty with 3 and 5 year extended warranties available.

Thales VesseLINK Video

Iridium Certus Low-Latency
Now that Iridium satellites provide a fast Internet connection, another major benefit is latency (or ping time) is far far less than Geo-Stationary satellites since Iridium satellites orbit just under 500 miles above earth and not 23,300 miles away like Geo Sats. Iridium's network latency is 40 to 50 milliseconds! Compare that with Geo-Stationary satellites that have latency of 500 to 1000 milliseconds and there is no comparison. Applications that had issues over Geo satellites because of latency should go away, and voice calls, nobody will be the wiser that you are calling from 8,000 miles away.

Vesselink Contents

VesseLINK Complete Contents
VesseLINK terminal
VesseLINK phased-array antenna
Antenna Cable - 82' feet / 25 meters
AC/DC Power Supply. US and EU Plugs
Ethernet cable - 10' feet / 3 meters
Fixed mounting hardware
Mounting templates
Quickstart Guide
User guides are here

Questions?  800-773-7168 (U.S.)  |  +1-805-783-4600 (int) |
Thales VesseLink Brochure
VesseLINK Brochure
Thales Vesselink User Manual
User Manual

Certus VesseLink_Captain_On_Phone
VesseLink Polar Sailboat
MissionLink Ice Camp
Laptop Internet on Vessel
Polar Internet Connectivity with MissionLink
Mountain Lake - Remote Connectivity

Thales VesseLINK Documentation

  Thales VesseLink Brochure
VesseLINK Brochure
Thales Vesselink User Manual
User Manual
Thales Vesselink Quickstart Guide
QuickStart Guide

Thales Vesselink Install Guide
Installation Manual
Fact Sheet for Iridium Certus Maritime
Iridium Certus
Maritime Fact Sheet

Thales VesseLINK Photos

Top of MissionLink Terminal   SIM tray of the MissionLink  
The top view of the VesseLINK terminal. Note the 3 LED lights that show power, satellite connectivity and WiFi.
For service, the VesseLINK requires an Iridium Certus SIM card that provides the account information to the terminal when connected. Here is where the SIM is inserted (with rubber cover bent back for a better view).
Web UI for the MissionLINK   Iridium Global Coverage  
The VesseLINK web interface provides many powerful tools to configure the system to needed requirements. From any connected browser, the interface is located at URL:
  The new Iridium network is ready to use today!  
Iridium Certus SIM Card Iridium Certus Service Plans - Maritime for VesseLINK
100% Global Internet & Phone Connectivity.
Data Plans
Up to 700 Kbps Speeds
Voice Calling
To Landline or Cellphone
Usage Costs
In Megabytes
Monthly Data Fee
(U.S. Dollars)
0 MB Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
All usage billed at
$16.50 per MB
50 MB Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 50 MB billed at
$8.00 per MB
75 MB Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 50 MB billed at
8.00 per MB
100 MB Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 100 MB billed at
$6.00 per MB

Special 500 MB Monthly*
(Normally 250 MB)
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls

Double Data
Over 250 500 MB billed at
$5.00 per MB


Special 2 GB Monthly*
(Normally 1,000 MB)
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Double Data
Over 1,000 2,000 MB billed at
$2.00 per MB
5 GB Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 5,000 MB billed at
$1.50 per MB
10 GB Monthly
3 Month Minimum Term
$0.60 per minute
For outbound calls only
Free incoming calls
Over 10,000 MB billed at
$0.50 per MB
Custom Plans
Work with Ground Control to design a custom Certus
service plan that works for your organization.
Please Call - Email
  Additional Certus Services
Shared Group Plans For organizations that have 2 or more vessels. These plans share a pool of
Megabytes/Gigabytes each month. Call or email for more information.
Please Call - Email
Streaming Service Up to 256 Kbps Streaming Speeds
(Used often by live video broadcasters)
Coming Soon
Static/Public IP
Optional Global IP Address
May include your whitelist of allowed IP addresses
that may connect with this IP from the Internet.
Add A Local Number Give 1 or all of your Certus Phone lines a local phone number from
most any country making other calling you easy.
Info Link

  bullet *Special Pricing Certus Vessel Plans (250 & 1,000 MB plans) double the data for up to a maximum of 24 months from activation.
  bullet Please request maximum monthly usage cap (or no cap) for any plan. By default, most plans suspend 20% to 40% over their monthly MBs.
  bullet All monthly plans are recommend to start on the 1st of any month.
  bullet Mid-month activations on monthly plans are pro-rated. Note that mid-month activations do NOT count toward the minimum monthly terms.
  bullet Unused monthly Megabytes do not rollover to the following month.
  bullet Free Activation on all new Certus accounts.
  bullet Phone rates posted are to ANY standard landline, cellphone or other Iridium phone worldwide. Free incoming calls.
  bullet Free incoming calls (however, costs are burdened on the calling party). - Assign a Local Number
  bullet Non-Standard Iridium Phone Rates to other phones, such as voice mail, and two stage dialing.

 Thales VesseLINK Terminal Specifications
700 Kbps download x 352 Kbps upload - Firmware upgrades are available for legacy terminals as of Feb 2020.
URL: or type in portal.thaleslink from any connected browser
TX 1616 to 1626 MHz | RX 1616 to 1626.5 MHz - Lband
Operable with up to a 20° roll.
14.5 in dia. x 7.5 in h (36.8cm dia. x 19.8cm h)

Thales VesseLINK Accessories
SureLINK - Thales Handset Phone
SureLINK - Thales Handset Display Phone
The SureLINK ruggedized all-weather IP Handset display from Thales plugs into the Ethernet port of the terminal (and is powered by the Ethernet's PoE). The display quickly shows the status of the MissionLINK terminal and it's also a VoIP phone to make and receive calls from anyone. When Certus rolls out PTT (Push-To-Talk) services, these SureLINK IP phones will be able to be used to communicate instantly with other PTT phones.
Click for larger photo
SureLINK IP Phone

$925 USD

Please Call or Email
To Order
AC/DC Power Supply
AC-DC Power Supply for the Thales VesseLINK
AC/DC power supply for the Thales VesseLINK. Includes hardware to connect with your DC cable supplied with the VesseLINK. (Rated for 100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz).
Price $95 USD

Please Call or Email
To Order
Optimized Laptop
High-Performance Optimized Laptop - Windows 10 Pro
Control usage with a high-performance optimized laptop. This Windows 10 machine has been designed from the ground up to limit background data transferring unknown in the background, like Microsoft telemetry and updates. This laptop also has no bloatware and places the owner back in control of what is being transferred over their expensive and limited Internet connection.
Information on the Optimized Laptop
Price $750 USD

Info Link
Extended Warranty for the Thales MissionLINK
Extended Warranties - Thales VesseLINK
3 year (12 month extension), and 5 year (36 month extension) extended warranties on equipment are available for the Thales VesseLINK. Please call or email for more information.

3 Year $599 USD
5 Year $1,495 USD
Please Call or Email
To Order

Why Choose Ground Control?
Our world-class sales and support staff will keep your organization connected and operating with the latest Certus services and hardware from Iridium and its many partners. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the industry by knowing our products inside and out. Ground Control is a manufacturer of the Iridium MCD-VesseLINK as well as a service reseller so rest assured we know Iridium Certus inside and out.

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