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Why Choose Ground Control Satellite Service?

Vastly Fewer Users Sharing The Same Connection - This concept is called "Contention Ratio" and it is the number of users sharing the same speed channel. Consumer satellite providers (and many business level providers) have contention ratios that are in the stratosphere, sometimes as much as 400 to 1, slowing speeds to a crawl at busy times. Ground Control's uses iDirect's frequency hopping technology we call "dynamic contention", that creates a far larger spectrum of service from which to share. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is very real.

Our Upload Speeds Are Superior - A busy upload channel can severely affect the download channel because all traffic is a two-way event. A person uploading a large file can cripple everyone's connection on that local network. Smart buyers understand a quality satellite connection requires a larger and uncluttered upload path so download speeds can be realized. Consumer grade provider typical upload speeds are much slower than their advertised rates. Make sure you find out what typical upload and download speeds are before trusting advertising.

User Portal - Powerful tools allow our subscribers to monitor their usage patterns and show performance characteristics on each of iDirect site (North America Only) - more

Our Network Has Extremely Low-Latency - Low-latency (or ping time) translates into SUPERIOR application performance, such as the pauses when speaking over a VoIP phone are reduced to a point where it becomes unnoticeable to the talking parties. Low latency helps VPN and the majority of applications by speeding up the cross-talk of all communication, normally cutting the time by 50%. Our latency is about half a second (500 milliseconds), which is half the time of consumer service providers (1 second).

Our Network Is Fully Open and Net-Neutral - meaning we do not block certain kinds of traffic such as VPN, VOIP, and other applications that use various ports or destinations... ports and destinations that are often locked down other providers, especially consumer providers.

Our Network Lets You See Your Connection Real-Time
Our 24 x7 Online VSAT Portal lets any client log into their portal account to track usage, location, signal strength, signal to noise ratio, connection quality, and many other reports all available 24 x 7. More Info

Our Network Is Hardened - With automated monitoring, fully diverse fiber paths to all major PoP backbones (avoids fiber cut outages), Electrical and HVAC fire suppressant systems, manned 24 x 7 by at least two operators, two standby diesel generators, UPS battery backup system, video surveillance, and a future redundant power path to secondary grid provider. More Info

Our Network Is Secure - Our automated infrastructure ensures that all traffic is actively balanced across various carrier channels on the satellite. Not only does this increase the amount of bandwidth on the network, it also increases the security of any connection since all traffic is changing its frequency up to 8 times per second.

Our Network Is Multi-User Friendly - for simultaneous connections from multiple computers. We expect the traffic and want you to deliver high-speed connectivity to your entire team.

We Won't Cut You Off If You Exceed Your Plan Limits - Unlike consumer services, we simply place a small overage cost to any out-of-plan usage much like a cellular service. We have found that ALL organizations prefer this option over being shut off or slowed down.

Consumer Providers Are Not Unlimited Services - Every account has a download limit and if you hit that limit, the connection is throttled back to the speed slower than a dial-up modem, rendering it useless.

Grow With Ground Control - There is no need to upgrade equipment purchase from Ground Control if you wish to upgrade your services with us. All equipment we sell is designed for maximum compatibility with our maximum speed services, as well as the many add-on services we offer, such as VoIP phone, VPN, and dedicated channels.

Support is 24 x 7 and Staffed With Experts - that resolve problems normally on the first call. We don't offload our support department overseas for you to wait 30 minutes to verbally walk you through a beginners set-up document you've probably already read. We are professional grade for a reason.

We Are Manufacturers of Satellite Equipment - and we understand what goes on under the hood in the satellite industry. We are constantly improving our technology and will always pass on improvements to you, such as free lifetime software upgrades for any owned equipment.

We Use iDirect Satellite Routers - iDirect satellite routers are becoming so popular for premium satellite connectivity, that customer satisfaction is now at 97% and still rising. ...An unheard of number in the satellite industry.

We Install and Service Everywhere - If we don't have a local technician, we will find one for you at the lowest price for that area.

What We Say Is What We Do - and we've been doing this with thousands of organizations since 2002 including many emergency service personnel that rely on our connection when all others fail. A Short List of Ground Control Clients

There are numerous other reasons to consider Ground Control, such as all of the equipment we don't manufacture has been chosen to deliver on both price and performance... Or that the network services we employ are constantly upgraded and monitored... Or that we have a time proven track record with thousands of organizations for their customized communications requirements.

When all is said, our mission is to provide a service where you think less about your Internet and phone provider, and more about your business.

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