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About Ground Control

Ground Control Systems, Inc., is a single-source satellite communications service provider and satellite device manufacturer offering a wide line of high-speed fixed, mobile, portable, maritime, and M2M/SCADA solutions for thousands of professionals, organizations and agencies throughout the world. We specialize in satellite Internet communication for the lone professional, to global institutions that require 100's of access sites in many different countries or regions. As a single-source provider we uncomplicate the process of procuring equipment and service and are your only point of contact to provide support year to year. We are Ground Control and global satellite communication is what we specialize in.


Ground Control was founded in 2002 on the central coast of California as a reseller of mobile satellite Internet systems and services for the "then" new mobile Internet market. Our clients ranged from professionals to RVers to hundreds of government agencies, public safety organizations, oil & gas firms, and thousands of corporate & private businesses. Our goal then, as it is now, is to insure highly reliable mobile satellite communication.

Ground Control's VSAT satellite services have optimized throughout the years with a focus on terrestrial-like performance that enabled our clients to run sophisticated applications including VPNs, VoIP, Citrix & streaming video that are unreliable with many commercial satellite Internet providers.

In 2005, Ground Control became a manufacturer launching a fully motorized, auto-acquire mobile satellite system dubbed the "MSS". Our first dish was the .74 meter designed to operated with consumer VSAT service networks. Pricing of the equipment and service allowed many professionals, government entities and RVers an affordable broadband connection anywhere in North America. Later that year, we launched a .95 meter MSS and paired it with a business grade VSAT service named Galileo. The service was ideal for many critical-use applications where consumer grade VSAT service was insufficient.

In 2006, Ground Control established private VSAT networks. Clients now had access to closed highly secured network from their remote site/sites to their HQ. These "totally private networks" utilize either dedicated leased line circuits between the satellite teleport and the client data center, or point-to-point routing that avoids all terrestrial data lines altogether. We also introduced enhanced private networks for specialty VPN equipment at the teleport that was optimized for a minimum of performance loss that plague VPNs over satellite.

In 2007, Ground Control became a leading reseller of portable and in-motion BGAN portable broadband systems and services. BGAN terminals can be used almost anywhere in the world whether the client is in equatorial Africa, Papua New Guinea, or Kansas.

In 2008, Ground Control debuted the .98m TOUGHSAT, a fully ruggedized motorized, auto-acquire mobile satellite Internet system. The .98m TOUGHSAT is designed to endure harsh environments, high winds, and to deploy in about 3 minutes. This same year, Ground Control launched its iDirect premium satellite Internet service. This flexible, affordable, and robust satellite internet platform enables clients to enjoy fast, high quality VSAT internet service domestically or internationally. iDirect service, with its patented D-TDMA and MF-TDMA technologies, balances traffic across all carriers on the satellite, increasing the amount of available bandwidth and providing increased security. Payload efficiency is approximately 98%. Our iDirect open IP platform easily supports applications like video streaming, voice, VPN without connection timeouts or throttling.

In 2009, Ground Control expanded into maritime systems and services through the Inmarsat FleetBroadband network.

In 2010, Ground Control added added to our international satellite infrastructure supporting many new countries with Ku-Band and L-Band satellite equipment and service. Our networking options expanded to star, mesh, point-to-point or a hybrid of satellite topologies, and we tailored to each organization's IP requirements.

In 2011, Ground Control advanced manufacturing designs of all of our satellite systems and we created several new products such as a new lightweight satellite case solution dubbed the MCD-4800 or "The Football". We introduced the 1.2 meter Toughsat mobile satellite system and expanded our iDirect network into many new countries with specific attention to the Middle East.

In 2012, Ground Control relocated our North American network operations center to Napa California. This grand facility has redundant fiber lines to multiple backbones and provides more space for customer co-located equipment. We developed M2M (machine to machine) and SCADA solutions using portable L-band systems with the highly popular BGAN M2M service. The Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN terminal which uses the BGAN M2M service has been setting a new trends in remote equipment monitoring and control.

In 2013, We opened a 2nd VSAT teleport in Woodbine Maryland and have added a new VSAT service dubbed Dual Matrix that allows our mobile VSAT subscribers to switch between satellites at the touch of a button. Ground Control continues flourish in our four areas of specialization... Fixed, Mobile, Portable and Maritime satellite communications solutions.

In 2014, We've added several new iDirect hubs to increase our global iDirect footprint. We now have hundreds of new service offerings for our clients abroad. We're also entering several OEM relationships with our proven Toughsat mobile technologies.

In 2015, We've expanded the versatility of our T-100 trailer's to provide long-range cordless phones with our popular VoIP Phone over satellite service, and we're rolling out a new local area network "Red-Phone" that allows for all other Red-Phones to connect to each other independent of the Public Telephone Network, or the Internet. It's a phone that will work in extreme conditions where all terrestrial services are offline.

In 2016, Ground Control improved our VSAT service speeds at 20 Mbps down by 5 Mbps up in North America. We also improved our VSAT portal for our iDirect clients who wish to monitor usage and performance on each of their satellite sites. Our portable MCD-Voyager was developed and manufactured in 2016 for the Thuraya network and is currently available worldwide with many Thuraya partners. Other products such as the MCD-Pilot will be released in Q1 of 2017.

In 2017-2018, We have made significant improvements to all of our manufactured products including the MCD-4800 "Football" with these improvements. The MCD-Pilot (replaced by the new MCD-MissionLINK) has been a success and is working well for polar venturing vessels worldwide. We've expanded our VSAT footprint to cover over 98% of the populated planet, so we can go where you are.

2019, Ground Control was acquired by Wireless Innovations, a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications leader. In 2019, Ground Control introduced the MCD-MissionLINK along with the MCD-CradlePoint. The MCD-MissionLINK is a 100% portable global Internet and phone solution and the MCD-Cradlepoint offers a cellular failover path for least-cost-routing to any satellite product.


Ground Control's portfolio of satellite Internet services Include:


Ground Control is one of the first to manufacturer the .74 meter MSS mobile satellite system for use with consumer VSAT service, the .95 meter MSS mobile satellite system for use with iDirect and Galileo service, and our .98 meter and 1.2 meter Toughsat mobile satellite system for use with iDirect and Galileo, and other Ku-band satellite services. Our other manufactured products include MCD-4800 (aka The Football), the MCD-Voyager and the MCD-Pilot, all of which are auto-pointing carry-portable cases that create a global wireless hotspot by simply turning on.


Executive Team

Ground Control's executive team includes:

  • Jeff Staples, CEO
  • Mark Wright, Founder - President
  • Mike Hendricks, CTO
  • Kurt Wright, COO

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