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Ground Control provides thousands of organizations with their satellite communication needs.
Below are names of a few using our equipment and our various satellite networks worldwide.

FEMA DHS CACHE LIST - Qualifed Equipment
Aerospace Corporation
Amgen Tour of California
Amtrak Police Department
AT&T Mobility
Australian James Fisher Defence
Canadian Space Agency
California Air Resources Board
California Dept. of Transportation
California Emergency Management Agency
Chesapeake Energy
Chevron Information Technology
Department of Workforce Education
Dept. of Transportation, Washington, Wyoming, Kansas...
Disney Worldwide Shared Services
Exxon Mobile
First National of Nebraska
Ford Motors
Geomatrix Consultants
Global Geophysical
International Relief & Development
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Kaiser Foundation Hospital
Kansas Air National Guard-190
L-3 Communications
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lockheed Martin
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Marine Corps Community Services
Massachusetts Dept. of Fire Services
Mexico Spacenet Communications

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Nevada Dept. of Corrections
Ohio State University
Oregon State Fire Marshal
Pennsylvania General Energy
Pierce County Emergency Management
Precision Energy Services
Raytheon Technical Services
Rubbercraft Corporation of California
San Diego Fire Department
Sandia National Laboratory
South Florida Water Management District
Southern California Edison
Suffolk County Fire Rescue
Syblon Ried Contractors
Temple Baptist Church
Todocast TV
Tough Mudder
US Air Force - Eglin Air Base, MacDill, Shaw AFB, Scott AFB...
US Army - Camp Parks, Fort Riley, For Dix, SMDC...
US Coast Guard - San Francisco, Maine, National Strike Force...
US Department of Homeland Security
US Department of State
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Fish & Wildlife - Kootenai, Sequoya Wildlife Refuge, Shasta Lake...
US Forest Service - Arroyo Grande Helibase, Las Padres...
US Marine Corps - Camp Pendleton, Quantico, 3rd Marine Div...
US National Guard - Kansas, Hawaii, Florida, California...
US Navy China Lake, NAS North Island, Dahlgren...
Verizon Business Continuance & Emerbency Mgmt
Wyoming Bureau of Land Management
Ground Control Logo

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