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Dedicated SCPC Services
Ground Control's SCPC Service (Single Channel Per Carrier) offers a true unshared dedicated channel with absolutely no restrictions. Sample circuit speeds are listed below, please contact us for pricing and minimum hardware for your specific data rate requirements.

Galaxy 18 Top Left Galaxy 18 Top Right
Galaxy 18 Bottom Left Galaxy 18 Bottom Right

 Dedicated SCPC iDirect Satellite Service on Galaxy 18 or SES-2
  Dedicated Plans
  (Fixed or Mobile)
  Transfer Speeds
  Download x Upload
In-Plan Monthly Transfer
Overage Costs
Monthly Price
  iDirect SCPC   20 Kbps x 20 Kbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   80 Kbps x 80 Kbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   512 Kbps x 512 Kbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   1 Mbps x 512 Kbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   2 Mbps x 512 Kbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   3 Mbps x 512 Kbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   4 Mbps x 2 Mbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   512 Kbps x 4 Mbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   4 Mbps x 4 Mbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   1 Mbps x 7 Mbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   10 Mbps x 5 Mbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
  iDirect SCPC   20 Mbps x 7 Mbps Unlimited Usage None Please call
 bullet All dedicated plans listed are full-speed unshared data channels with no contention, or use limits.
 bullet Client sites may require a link budget analysis to determine equipment requirements (dish size, BUC...).
 bullet Dedicated SPCP plans are purchased on a minimum one year term.
 bullet Dedicated plans have no restrictions on use.

Leased-Line Provisioning
A Leased-Line is often used by our SCPC customers. It is an open unshared terrestrial channel between our satellite teleport and your organization's primary network that does not touch the public network. A Leased-Line can be used for dedicated SCPC service, standard shared Internet service, or hybrid service described below. Clients often use a Leased-Line for increased security, as well as improve reliability and performance since the channel is open with no restrictions. A leased-line cost is dependent on many factors, but a "high" cost for a 1.5 Mbps data channel would be $1000 per month to most locations in the United States.

Ground Control Satellite Dish

Other Satellite Networking Options

Standard Shared Services
Our standard shared service to the Internet uses a Star Topology TDM/MF-TDMA iDirect optimized network. Our standard services are global and have dynamic contention ratios for superior speed performance... Use our global map to locate service plans in any region.

Hybrid Satellite Connections - Shared & Dedicated
A popular networking option that can cut the costs of an expensive high-speed dedicated SCPC channel is to combine a high-speed low-cost shared service (for normal Internet traffic), with a low-speed dedicated SCPC unshared channel for high-security data. More Information

Point-to-Point Private Satellite Networking
A Point-to-Point network consists of a satellite dish at one location connecting with a satellite dish (or dishes) at other locations that communicate through our satellite teleport. This topology avoids any terrestrial link costs (such as a leased-line from an organization's network to our teleport) making it viable low-cost private satellite network. While Point-to-Point avoids touching the public network, it will double the latency because data is required to travel twice to the orbiting satellite.

VPN Over Satellite
Many organizations choose to run a VPN over our standard shared iDirect service. However, not all VPN equipment will work well with the inherent latency of satellite, and we recommend speaking with our sales engineers to determine your VPN compatibility.

Equipment Co-Location At Teleport
Many of our clients employ VPN's or specialty applications running on their hardware co-located at our several teleports throughout the world. Locating a VPN router at the teleport can increase performance since VPN traffic does not travel over the satellite leg portion of the link. All of our co-location facilities are hardened, environmentally controlled, and fully protected against fires and other disasters. Below is information on our North American teleport in Napa California.

Ground Control Teleports
Our iDirect teleports for North America are state-of-the-art and is used
by several Fortune 500 companies for their private satellite infrastructures.
Napa California Teleport
Servicing Galaxy 18 @ 123° West Longitude
      Woodbine Maryland Teleport
Servicing SES2 @ 87° West Longitude
Teleport Dishes       Teleport Dish
Powerful redundant arrays maintain connectivity on Galaxy 18.       24/7 staffing for telemetry tracking and control of SES2.
Server Rackspace       Co-Location Racks
Co-location space in the teleport is temperature and humidified controlled for optimal equipment performance.
Co-Location facilities are fully environmentally controlled with fire detection and suppression systems.
Multiple Fiber Paths       Fiber Paths
The Napa teleport is connected by two completely separate primary fiber paths to multiple backbones.
The Woodbine Teleport uses a powerful SONET Fiber ring for maintaining connectivity in case of fiber cut.
Generator Backup       Diesel Generator backup
Two diesel generators provide for weeks of electrical power for potential long term power outages.
1500 KVA emergency power provided by three 12 cylinder 18.1 liter kVA synchronized redundant diesel generators.
Battery Backup       Battery Bank
An industrial quality UPS backup battery bank will supply instant and sustained power for maintaining 100% uptime.
There are several banks of high-kVA uninterruptible power systems available for protecting against brief power outages.
HVAC Fire System       HVAC fire suppressant
An HVAC fire suppressant system eliminates oxygen in a server & co-lo rooms to douse any size fire, without damage to sensitive electronic equipment.
The fully redundant HVAC system includes two 80 ton glycol chillers and dry cooling fans for the main building.

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